Feb 142018

Its hard not to way in on the raging debate when we see our parliamentarians stand up in parliament and show such disrespect for both the court and the jury.

Even though the jury is prohibited by law for speaking to their decision, they are being accused of being racist by our parliamentarians, as well as all the aboriginals and others who are grandstanding in an attempt to make themselves look good at the expense of others.

They make Colten Boushie look like some poor kid who is an innocent victim being murdered at the hands of yet another white man. Making it look like Colten Boushie did nothing wrong.

The facts are not even entering the conversation, the kid was not a kid, but a young aboriginal juvenile delinquent, who was drunk or partially drunk, with some of his peers, driving in a stolen vehicle, obviously they were doing damage to the property of a local farmer.

Clearly the friction that exists between local farmers is the criminal elements they face, based on what is published in the press, appear to be coming from a local Indian reserve.

Now if only the Government of Canada would open up their books, you will see there is a similar pattern all across Canada. In fact, the government’s own published information shows that aboriginals have a very serious issue in regards to breaking this countries laws. Unless your going to say that like Colten Boushie they too are all innocent victims.

In every likelihood, these juvenile delinquents would most likely will all end up in jail sooner or later, based on their actions prior to one of their deaths.

If there is a need for Canada to look into the issue of jury selection, then it should have come completely unattached to this case.

The innocent victims here, is the jury, the judge and the court itself, all being attacked with the encouragement by the Prime Minister and his ministers and also the leader of the NDP and many of their MP’s as well, all wanting to bask in self righteous indignity.

What true leadership is, is taking responsibility for what seems to be a much larger problem, that being the level of crime committed by those of our aboriginal brothers and sisters. If we are truly a multicultural nation, then we are all one big family, lets stop trying to make a race-based elite in Canada because that will result in never ending racism.

Now before there is a furor over a white man writing this, I want to disclose I married a woman who has a status card, and have 2 children that are also status indians.

If we as a nation are going to heal, let’s do so by addressing the crime problem, as opposed to the consequences of criminal behavior.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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