Dec 292015

I have been a fan of Sony for decades, today I am losing faith faster than a sinking Titanic.

Sony listen up, unless you want people to buy from your competition, you will have to try harder to make it less impossible for those who buy from you, to be able to ask questions, even dumb questions.

You have to have a customer service that is designed for the computer geeks and Sony fanatics that have thousands of hours on their hands to sift through the thousands of pages of information you have.

99.9 % of those who pay for … Read the rest

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Dec 262015

drunk-bumYears ago I wrote an article about how society, or some within it feel this obsession to be kind, sweet and generous to those among us who live in the streets, better known off the record as a drunken bums, and on the record as our homeless people.

Now forgive me if it sounds a bit arrogant to say this, but part of the reason for this behavior by those seasonal do-gooders is probably guilt. The second is they themselves have never really experienced genuine abject poverty. They have never experienced what many refugees have experienced, but remember the refugees … Read the rest

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Dec 252015

The following article is from our old archives, it was originally posted in 2011-02-03 it became our most read article of all time. Considering what is happening today, how the family (the owners of this corporation) are fighting, if not for the love of money, fighting over power and control. I even got death threats from some of their members for writing it.

This is a perfect example of how one man became a multi billionaire plagiarizing other religions, getting people to worship God for his own personal profit.

If ever there was a sign of how dangerous an out … Read the rest

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Dec 232015

Good news folks, I have received so many private messages overr the past year in regards to the role the JLS Report played in today’s crazy world, we decided to bring the JLS Report back because you said you wanted it back, we tried working with a new concept but the lack of privacy stood it its way, too much risk for family and friends, so this website was the obvious solution.

We shut it down for personal reasons, but as they say, life never stops, nor does the evil in this world, and they win when we stop.

 … Read the rest

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