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JLS is temporarily on an altered course from its origins, we used to be a blog covering mostly Canadian stories, until the day came when we had to focus on protecting our back yard from outside intrusion.

Its staggering how other peoples hate for oil can so badly destroy truth and fracture a First Nation, exploiting those who hate this country.

We love our country and we will take our community back

JLS – Dec 31st 2018



“Comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable” is the hallmark of every humanitarian who is genuinely interested in improving human civilization.”  JLS

“For what its worth”


“While its still legal, lets do our best to get the truth out there, because if we keep going in the direction we are now going, the day will come when it will be impossible to tell the truth, because corporations will have passed laws allowing the rich to sue the poor every time they open their mouth.” JLS

Our banner “Shedding light on stormy situations.’ Or “hope vs.  fear”

For those of you who watched the movie or read the book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, you will know that the gist of the story was all about not being an echo, but finding one’s own way, and finding one’s own self through conscious deliberation. In words and deeds Jonathan lived a life few dare to follow, setting aside scorn and criticism to expose the truth regardless of the price. The rest is as they say is history.

Politically Correct, is something we tossed out of the window; likewise we have tossed out perfection of the written word, because too many script writers are using the art of writing to sell you on outrages lies, deceit and self-serving political jargon. If you come here looking for perfect English you’re in the wrong place, if you understood what I meant, that’s all that mattered.

With injustice so prevalent in every direction you turn, finding the balance between what to expose as a priority is extremely difficult, likewise finding the truth is a powerful exercise of one’s ability to find truth, in a world so filled with lies and deceit. The best any of us can do is to open our minds to examine all evidence one can find, not just evidence thrown your way to mislead you.

The following quote by Noam Chomsky applies not only to the USA but Canada as well.

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.” Noam Chomsky

What I have written was in no way an attempt to mislead you, it is in fact an attempt to open your thoughts to consider what I have said, and compare it to other facts available, and from there you might find you either agree or disagree with me, meanwhile having kept an open mind, something we are today being denied by mainstream media who only tell you what they are paid to tell you.

As a child one Christmas I was given a germanium crystal radio one with an earphone and no battery. It gave me my first glimpse of the corruption in the world we live in. I quickly became an addict in listening to CBC “Radio As it Happens” and it was always accompanied by the theme song “For What Its Worth” by Buffalo Springfield.

Oddly at such a young age the impressions to fight injustice became more than just a

One Christmas morning, this was the gift that changed my life.

wistful dream; unknowingly it became a way of life. Thus the theme for my blog “For What It’s Worth” is a tribute to my past and those who influenced my direction in life.

Each and every person experiences life differently, so I cannot say you will necessarily agree with me, I am merely enacting my individual right to free speech and free thought before it is taken away from me.

My articles will be controversial, daring to speak where most play it safe and hold their tongue, I will speak regardless of the powers that wish to shut me up. A dear friend told me that maybe after 50 years of holding my tongue part of a silent majority I now have joined those who refuse to be silent any longer.

With that thought in mind I am putting the mainstream press on notice that you have had your say, now I am having mine.

I might not have a degree in literature or in English, but I sure as hell know the difference between right and wrong, and be damned I will speak up even if you don’t. So if my grammar is not perfect, it only matters if you did not understand the message. My wish is that by reading what I have to say, that you will stand up and speak, defend not only your right to your opinion, but stand up and defend everyone else s right to differ in their opinions.

My wish is that each and everyone, regardless of how insignificant they think they might be that they also need too need to speak out against injustice, even if the only people that will hear you are your friends. Your opinion will make a difference to those who love you, and if everyone does this we can make for a better and more just world.

Always fight for those weaker than yourself, help those who need it more than you do, and you will find life will reward you in ways you never dared to dream. The solution government feeds us today is that society is best protected if everyone’s rights and freedoms were taken away. This is an outrage; we must fight for freedom of speech, because without it, you will become someone else’s slave.

Observe how the government of the day dealt with opposing views on the Olympics, they claimed they were protecting you by containing opposing views, and limiting those persons to share them only in designated areas. That’s not democracy, that’s dictatorship.

When the government goes this far, how far will they go if we allow them to get away with it? How long before they decide what you can or cannot say. How long before they decide who will or who will not be allowed to live in this overpopulated world.

When will it be your turn, when will they come for you, and who will be there to fight to protect you from them?

I would like to answer one question tossed at me, namely the absence of a real name. My reply is this, who is Jonathan Livingston Seagull? He could be any one of us, who he is, is not of essence, what is of essence is what he stands for, what he has to share. This is not about persona; this is about the issues themselves.

Too often we get hung up on “who” said it, as opposed to what was said.
Like most readers I do not have the skill of manipulating minds, like most of you I had to work for a living, not in an office either, but good old fashioned physical labor, the type that built this country as opposed to the pencil pusher who lives thanks to hard working people.

Please feel free to express yourself, your opinion counts too, I have had my say, now it’s your turn.

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