Our History

We have become one of the most internationally read investigative journalism blogs hailing out of British Columbia, Canada.

We have been online for almost 18 years now, telling it as it is, and because we refused to take sides both sides hate us now. That means we must be doing something right. If you are wondering why our page-views do not match with today’s page counts, we kept our flag counter to prove we can make a difference. It should be noted that this flag counter only represents visits since Jan 3rd 2016, so its a relatively new addition.

The current page counter was installed in December 2018 when we rebuilt our website, so the count at the bottom of all pages reflects how often the page was read since December 2018, and does not match with the Flag Counter that was here since 2016.

We tried to retire twice before, but our readers complained that we filled a gap, that zone others feared to tread. Unlike most mainstream media, we do not take sides, its why all sides hate us, we follow our nose, and we report what we find.

Back in 2010 we decided we would report on the BC Government (Liberals) because we felt it was wrong that they use corporate money to buy election after election. If you can spend enough on advertising you could elect a gorilla to office, it was wrong and we were not going to remain silent on the issue.

Then came HST and we housed the largest library of links to articles about that subject, getting the truth out was why we won that war, it was all about getting the information out there.

Over the coming years we fought both racism and those who felt that being a victim gave them a sense of entitlement to dish it back.

Our next major battle was with the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, we once again housed the largest library of information once again to open the eyes of the world to the truth, because they plus government had billions to spend on brainwashing people.

We then housed the largest, and only complete library transcripts by First Nations people, the transcripts are what was recorded during the hearings into the Northern Gateway, to serve as evidence that the NEB had deaf ears on the project.

The next highlight was to publish the largest library of links to information on the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and we kept those published until the Supreme Court quashed the NEB approval.

Over the last 18 years we have penned well over 300 articles on a great number of topics, if you recall any and feel they are relevant today, please let us know, if we get enough interest in any of our old articles we will include them here as well.

I want to make an important point here, we always worked withing the confines of our laws, no other nations laws supersede those of the Government of Canada in Canada.

We don’t only do politics, we cover a wide range of topics, it sort of depends on what is stirring my pen into action.

On Dec 11th 2018 we fired up our website one more time, with a clean slate, we left all that was in the past, in the past, with the exception of those that are requests for reprints.

We did run into a major obstacle in restoring the last original website, namely the theme we used was no longer compatible with today’s WordPress, and much of what you would have seen on the page would be missing, due to text colors. So we opted to start from scratch, but we do have PDF copies of all our old articles.

If you feel any of our old articles are still valid today, send us a request and we will consider reposting it.

This brings us where we are today, so starting with a clean slate was not a bad idea, and we remain committed to telling it like it is, no matter who we might anger.