Our History

How things changed, for almost 20 years we ran stories of all sorts pertaining to British Columbia and Canada, some were political others were your typical what bugs you rants, we even sort of hid the fact we hailed out of the Beautiful Bulkley Valley, simply put it was not about us alone.

“Today we the people of the Bulkley Valley are Ground Zero and we have had enough, we will fight back.”

Not long after we retired from writing I start getting mail from locals who knew where to find me, saying we did great at telling the world about our nation, but now our nation is sinking our community. Who would have dreamed a hand full of hooligans could start a balling rolling to the magnitude of holding an entire nation hostage to their demands.

I am an aging senior citizen, where are all the kids with the guts to defend our Beautiful Bulkley Valley? We need a visible movement, we do not matter until people hear noise, what a crazy world we live in.

“Here is the deal, if the hooligans shut down and dismantle the buildings at the Morice River Bridge, and go home, and end the protesting, I will in turn close this website, that’s the thorn of my motivation.  If not, I will hammer it out as long as they give me reason to do so.” JLS

“In the immortal words of BTO “You ain’t seen nothing yet”
“If you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones.”

“I would rather not tell all, it does not make us better people, however sometimes its the only way people will except what they have become.”

The most frightening aspect of this story is that it went uncontested, everyone is afraid of being a DNA labelled racist. The victims I felt the most sorry for were my former readers who were First Nations, who loved our community, they were anti-racist, they have long been part of the backbone of the society who grew up and stayed in the valley we lovingly know as our home.

Even the press was spineless for the longest time, now I finally starting to see some courage in local papers, please be sure to encourage them, let them know they are not alone, but we will back them up.

We never dreamed that when you say we support our environment, it meant having to support radical elements within two major communities, the first being rude arrogant anarchist aboriginals, and the other being American funded societies under the disguise of caring about the Bulkley Valley.

Any society in the Bulkley Valley or in the Skeena or Nass watershed, that gets outside funding from American environment groups, is a society we should boycott, having membership is a sign you are a traitor to our rivers and lakes, by being a member you betray us all.

Membership in those organizations, tells us you have no respect, and you deserve no respect.

Like most local residents, we did not see this coming, yes there has always been two sides here, one pushing growth at all costs, the other trying hard to keep a balance with nature. I have always been part of the side that fought to retain nature, but none of us were that radical that we could not still love and respect our neighbors.

Imagine neighbors setting up a blockade to deny neighbors access to lands we have always shared, worse yet they were not even neighbors, they were a dozen hooligans who came out of Witset who wanted to hold the world hostage and get paid to do it. Witset is probably better off with them gone. (Three from Witset and Cody from Victoria)

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever expect 4 people could so divisively divide First Nations all across Canada, its staggering, if there is such thing as karma, I want to be a hundred miles away from them when it hits.

Four people who can be proud to say their heritage is the destruction of the community of the Bulkley Valley.

OK Enough

We are not that easy to push over, we will united, stand our ground, and take back our community spirit, our love for our neighbors, but we have now defined the poison that exists, and we will root it out.

WE will stand strong, we are the residents of the Bulkley Valley.

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