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We will be taking a break from our normal coverage in the Bulkley Valley, stay tuned to local news stations, stay informed. Food for thought comes from a doctor in Prince Rupert, its a letter we should all read and share, and take to heart, until this plague passes, God Bless all of you, may you all do a pass on this horrible virus.

My Only Coronavirus post:

I would like to speak my mind as an individual and as a physician and put things in perspective for Prince Rupert - the town I call home.

I would like to make it known that I am concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, but specifically in our community and I would like to explain why:

Extrapolating data from China it is known that
80% of people who contract the Coronavirus will recover at home without any treatment. Yes I agree , that is great. The odds are totally in our favour as individuals.
I see lots of friends post this statistic and calling this horrible illness nothing worse than the flu.

I would like to share the other side of the coin that has me as Physician , privileged with the task of being responsible for the lives of so many people I care about in this community, extremely worried.

The same data set shows around 60% of the population will contract this illness in a community where it is spreading.

Of those 20% will need admission to hospital for their care - the other 80% are referenced above will recover at home.
5% of the hospitalized patients will require ventilation.

So for Prince Rupert:
Based on a population of 12000 people 7200 will contract this virus if allowed to spread

Of those - 20% which equals 1440 people - will need to be admitted in hospital, we have 26 beds in our hospital!

Of those admitted 5% would need intubation which equals 72 people, we have 2 ventilators!

Now as I see it you can still call it just a flu , or you can help me and my colleagues help you by:
- practicing social distancing
- if you are asked to isolate please isolate this is not the time for a quick trip somewhere
- wash your hands
- don’t touch your face
- educate others on these very important things

At this time I pray for the health of our world and our community.

Dr Gillaume Coetzee

Thanks for having taken the time to visit and read our articles. I had my say, feel free to post your thoughts as well, be part of making a difference.

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