Reader Contributions

We keep getting letters from people who also have a story to tell. In the past we have had some well worth posting, but it never occurred to us to try this.

There will be criteria, no swearing, at least not worse than what we post, nothing racist, or sexually explicit, will will not post on the same topic over and over, with the exception of consumer complaints.

We have to know you are real, or that we believe you are and not using fake names and or stories. Be prepared that nothing personal is intended if we do not post your story, it needs to be written in a way that attracts readers as opposed to driving them away. We don’t intend to be sued for your benefit, so what you say matters. We will give you full confidentiality meaning we will not print your name if you ask us not too.

If we get an avalanche of stories, we will only pick the best ones, the ones where you were able to make me feel your story needs to be told. We will post them under Letters to Editor

Send your story to the address in the image below (we need to do this to block spam)

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