Mar 252016


If it look s like I have been quite for a while its due to some major shifts in what’s going on ibn my life, and a case of writers block because of other priorities. I will be going on a possible 3 year hiatus or vacation, but will post the occasional article from abroad.

So bear with me if there is no new content for a while.

Hopefully I will get a chance down the road to write some articles from abroad, if not then I was having way to much fun to be online.

Thanks for having taken Read the rest

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Mar 062016

This is just a short rant about a memory of precious days gone by, I recall getting a gift pack of a very great set of homemade jams, wow were they ever delicious, then along came Mr. Corporate Takeover and riding a great reputation, ran it into the dirt of junk jams.

Can you imagine they used to make apple butter that came from trees that Johnny Appleseed. Like all good things the J. M. Smucker Company got too big for its boots, and became more focused on making money than making jam.

In fact the more they made money … Read the rest

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