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Lets say goodbye to Smuckers, and keep our local grown foods.

Lets say goodbye to Smuckers, and keep our local grown foods.

This is just a short rant about a memory of precious days gone by, I recall getting a gift pack of a very great set of homemade jams, wow were they ever delicious, then along came Mr. Corporate Takeover and riding a great reputation, ran it into the dirt of junk jams.

Can you imagine they used to make apple butter that came from trees that Johnny Appleseed. Like all good things the J. M. Smucker Company got too big for its boots, and became more focused on making money than making jam.

In fact the more they made money the more the jam turned into generic junk in fancy labeled bottles.

Their list of conquests would have made Hugh Hefner look bad, 1963 - Mary Ellen (jams and jellies) 1979 - Dickinson’s (gourmet preserves and jellies) 1984 - Knudsen & Sons (fruit and vegetable juices) 1988 - Good Morning (marmalade) (Canada) - Shirriff (dessert toppings and marmalades) (Canada) 1989 - Henry Jones Foods (jams and jellies) (Australia) sold in 2004 to SPC Ardmona.(Australia) 1994 - Laura Scudder (peanut butter) - After the Fall (juices) 1998 - Adams (peanut butter) 2002 - Jif (peanut butter) - Crisco (oils) 2004 International Multifoods Corporation - Pillsbury (flour products and frosting) - Hungry Jack (pancake mixes, syrup, and potato side dishes) - Pet (milk products) - Martha White (baking mixes and ingredients) - Robin Hood Flour (Canada) - Red River Cereal (Canada) - Bick’s (pickles and condiments) (Canada) - Golden Temple (Indian foods) (Canada) 2006 - White Lily Brand (flour products) 2007 - Eagle Family Foods - Eagle Brand/Borden (milk products) - None Such (mincemeat) - Kava (acid-neutralized coffee)- King Kelly Orange Marmalade - 2008 - Knott’s Berry Farm (jams, jellies, and preserves - Europe’s Best (frozen fruit and vegetables) (Canada) - Carnation - Canadian brand (milk products) (Canada) - Folgers Coffee Company (coffee products) 2010 - Millstone Coffee Company (coffee products) - Rowland Coffee Roasters (coffee products) 2011 - Sara Lee North American foodservice coffee and tea operations (coffee products) 2015 - Big Heart Pet Brands

OK you get the picture, a bit like the PIMP in the food industry.

Thus we get to the point of this article, pickles, you messing with Canadian pickles

Before you go too far with our Canadian made pickles, a word of advice, remember Heinz Ketchup?

Same great taste, just a more Canadian able.
Bye Bye Hienz

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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