Feb 142016

OIL and Gold do mix in Canada

I am not often in the position of making predictions, unless a birdie told me something in my ear, and when it comes to issues like this I wish I was wrong, but know I won’t be.

Once again we are being scammed out of billions of Loonies by high rolling thieves that never did an honest day’s work in their lives.

What Canadians are missing is that due to our low dollar, Canada Oil production is I a unique position and is able to continue competing in the market, it’s not bad for the industry, they are silently cheering how they can make massive profits while you and I take the hit, the get away with massive tax reductions as well.

Don’t forget when crude is selling at 29.44 per barrel, that’s USD so Canada the industry is in reality getting 40.70 per barrel! The cost of production in Canada falls with our dollar, but the opposite is true for the competition with a high valued dollar.

If you think the prices are too high, don’t pay the extortion prices, if they want your money they will drop the price, especially the Americans as they have to compete with China.

The prices will bounce back, yes we will let the world crash in an environmental disaster, because we taught society to be greedy, and forget the children of our future. Yes we hit rock bottom in prices but don’t expect that those people who have run the world with OIL are about ready to give up that control.


By 2016 I predict they will have flipped one more time.


I would hazard to guess that within 2 years the prices will be back to where they were in 2014, why, easy.
They are going ahead with the LNG projects, so they are robbing us first to pay for them in advance.

Will the OIL pipelines go through? Probably because opposition to them will have lost its drivers and will catch everyone off-guard.

Ok that’s too simple you say, no way that’s possible.
Yes it’s a lot more complicated, and way to long a story to tell.

In 2 years I will be back to remind you,

“I told you so”

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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