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But get arrested by men and jailed for taking them off.

What gives Canada?

Justin Trudeau brags he is a champion of women’s rights, and at the same time he defends wearing the hijab despite knowing it’s a symbol of male dominance.

Unveiled acts of defiance in Iran

“Police in Tehran have arrested 29 more women for protesting against a law that requires them to wear hijabs. For weeks now, Iranian women have been engaging in small acts of defiance

against the Islamic Republic’s theocrats, removing their headscarves in the streets and hoisting them on sticks. Photos and videos of the brief demonstrations have been widely shared on social media and sites like MyStealthyFreedom. A number of women have been jailed.”

Odd how in Canada Trudeau is so quick to defend the rituals of Islamic nations on one hand, and on the other hand supports the attacks against the Christian religion. Is this Justin’s revenge towards his dad for his father religious convictions?

“Thousands of undercover agents and “morality police” patrol the streets in Iran to check for violations of the compulsory hijab rule. In one video posted to the Facebook page of My Stealthy Freedom, a movement run by activist Masih Alinejad, a man is heard threatening to slap a woman if she does not cover-up.” UK Independent

“From her cell inside Tehran’s Evin prison, Nasrin Sotoudeh took a small stand against the Iranian regime that jailed her: she refused to wear a hijab.” The Telegraph

“While some women might choose not to wear the hijab, most Muslim women agree that it is a woman’s choice whether or not she wears the hijab. Many Muslim and Arab women who have chosen not to wear the hijab are often staunch advocates of a woman’s right to choose to veil.” Arabs in America

“Many secular Muslims and former Muslims, the hijab is not a symbol of freedom. It is a symbol of the fact that women in Islam are second class citizens and that this status is encoded in both sacred text and tradition, enforced by culture and law. The hijab lies at one end of a continuum with the burka, a portable fabric wall that prevents subject women from engaging fully with the world, and vice versa. It is a reminder that for millennia women have been chattel — literally property of men — and that this is the case in all of the Abrahamic sacred texts including the Bible and the Koran. This is why, in the Bible a rapist can be forced to buy and keep the damaged property. It is why, just last month in Dubai, a raped Austrian woman was told to marry her rapist.” Huffpost

So where does this leave Justin and his quest for women’s rights?

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