Oct 162016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

The longer I stay in the Philippines, the more disturbing it is to watch the massive numbers of grandfathers/greatgrandfathers lusting after girls who could be their granddaughter.

Now I have long believed age does not matter when it comes to love, and it should not, however there is a big difference between love and lust, and exploiting vs caring about those young women.

Recently I was reading an obituary written by a fellow expat, of a man who was so painfully aware that he was old (somewhere in his upper 70’s) he described it with impeccable accuracy about how his body was deteriorating, and ends it with pride saying,  “but my 25 year old wife thinks I am good looking”.

The guy who wrote about this old man, did so in near holy reverence.

This is actually a website dedicated to taking advantage of women.

All one needs to do is join one or a number of Philippine Expat groups on Facebook and listen to what is being said.

By God don’t ever tell a sexpat that he is exploiting women, they will tell you to “Fk off” as it’s their God given right to use anyone who is willing to be abused. All of this while spouting off about being used by all the crooked untrustworthy Filipino men and women in the Philippines.

You tube is a haven for these racist rants.

Sometimes I am tempted to suggest that the Philippine Immigration should plant personnel into these groups to locate all the undesirable sexpat/pedopats and boot them out of the country. It’s not hard to find them, just look at where all the bargirls and white folks hang out, and if you think it’s a few, think again, there are literally thousands of them across the Philippines.

OK “pedopats” yes a new  word, they are not to my knowledge pedophiles, because I have no proof that they are, but when great grandfather is having sex with someone else’s great granddaughter it’s one thing, when he brags about it to other pedopats in Facebook Expat groups its quite another.

Another very disturbing trend is finding old men hiding behind charity by day, and looking for young women at night. Most of the “pedopat” Facebook groups are hidden, the only way you see them is if someone asks to be your friend, then his “hidden groups” appear in your Facebook suggested groups.

Just the other day I was reading comments by an angry sexpat on how Canada should go after a Filipina for the murder of her expat husband, suggesting she must be guilty because she knew what he was bragging about his exploits of young innocent and maybe not so innocent women. These same expats who call him a friend, they said because who else knew what he was saying in a foreign language (not English) the wife is close to 40 years younger so she must have been using him. Seriously guys?

Grand dad is in bed with someone who is the age of your granddaughter, and she is the one exploiting?

Many of these pedopats, run websites and lament, why it’s bad if a expat takes advantage of granddaughter sex when locals do it all the time?

I am going to tag this to Duterte, so when he runs out of drug addicts to chase, maybe he can clean the scum that come here to exploit, he might order all of them booted out of the Philippines.

A great place to start is every bar where these white scum hang out. This white guy is sick to the gut watching these perverts get away with it.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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  2 Responses to “Sexpats and Pedopats of the Philippines”

  1. Hi..

    No disrespect intended but no one in these relationships is being coerced into anything. In any relationship people run the risk of being taken advantage of and I have seen men be very foolish and very generous around young, beautiful women. Everyone knows the dangers and still chooses to participate.

    As far as I can tell the women in the Phillipines seek out foreign men just as much as the men seek out women. If a beautiful woman can reel in a wealthy older man he could support her entire family. And a little extra help to start a business could help them escape the grinding poverty that is their lives. They know what works for them. It is how things work there.
    And who is to say it couldn’t be love? It may all be distasteful to you but those are the choices consenting adults willingly make.

    And old farts are people too. Are older men somehow lesser human beings no longer worthy of being around young and beautiful women?

    And no. I have never been to south east asia.

    • You have just destroyed your own credibility in the matter with how you ended your reply. If you’ve never been to south east Asia then what actual point of reference are you speaking from? You shouldn’t even be saying anything.

      The problem is that you go on about all these beautiful liberal ideas about “love” and “equality for old people”(hilarious). I mean thats nice and all but lets be real here you completely ignored the consequences and any issue of life after marriage of these couples, the condition of living for the young women, the real financial issue, the cultural barrier, the age gap itself, or the well being of their children if they even going to have any. Just because an old dude is “nice” to a woman doesn’t mean he is able to actually take care of them and raise their children, you can’t eat “niceness”. This is very irresponsible and incredibly short sighted of you and it shows that you really don’t care about the women who has to take care of an ageing and dying dudes who can’t work anymore in most cases.

      This is a legitimate concern for the people of Philippines but you are dismissing them with nothing but virtue signalling and more identity politics? Haven’t you had enough of that back in the west, did you see how that worked out for you? People like you are directly responsible for waking up the Neo Nazi movements across the west because you went too far with your pretty farts just like this one here.

      How can you ever know that the relationship is set on equal standing between the old man and the lady since clearly one of the party involved may be financially desperate, mislead, or undereducated on this matter, or simply watched too much Hollywood, did you forget to add these to your equation?

      It is simply unnatural for a women that young to be with men that old no matter which way you slice it so you shouldn’t be surprise that you can never dismiss this problem because its so obvious that everyone from every culture can relate to (except liberals apparently).


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