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NOTE: This article was originally posted on our old website back on 2014-08-05 It still strongly reflects how I feel and am bringing it back due to the issue of Kinder Morgan, Rachel Notley and that kid we call our Prime Minister.  I have always preferred to have leaders that are old enough and afraid enough of meeting their maker, that it instills a desire to do what is best for people, vs best for political advancement.

This year marks the year when I join the ranks of those who are 60 and plus, also known as senior citizens, so today is a day of reflection. Too bad instead of feeling like congratulations, our government has moved that up to 67 because they want more of us to die before we hit retirement age.

Most of my life, when the daily hustle and bustle of life drags me down, I go for a walk with my dogs in the forest. It gives me some quiet time where I can in an uninterrupted sort of way have my private moments of reflection.

I recall growing up, especially now that its summer, there was always the chirp of swallows, robins, sparrows, crows, but never silence. There is something tranquil about how the birds were always so happy to greet the new day, like they were all calling out to each other in a friendly fashion.

We grew up in an area of town next to the railway tracks, where I recall the old steam clock that hooted out every hour of the day. Those were the good old days when our bikes were our horses and we barely knew the meaning of responsibility. All we knew for certain was if the steam whistle blew 5 times in the afternoon we better have out backsides home really fast or we would be raked over the coals for being tardy.

The diesel locomotives engines growled like mighty Hercules, and belched black diesel smoke so thick it would blacken the skies and from a distance looked like a raging house fire.

Later in life we discover almost everyone living adjacent to the CNR tracks in those days all died of cancer, both my mother, father and older brother included, our neighbors, and by golly in those days we knew everyone living on Railway Avenue, and since that date know most of them died of cancer.


We never saw the connection, but with the advancement of modern science we now know there is a close link, and once again, while one group of people got very rich, a much larger population lost their lives, even they did not know any better at that time. Oil was a means to an end back in those days, very little was known and no one really concerned themselves with environmental issues, because it was still in some ways the wild wild west, and we believed we had an invincible mother nature looking after itself.

As a kid I recall the swallows on the old planner mills, millions of them (exaggerated) but there were in fact hundreds of nests (thousands if you count all across our town) that made target practice for kids who tried to knock down these mud nests, everyone back people said they were bad, they claimed that the swallows would bring diseases, and crap all over your walls. Back in those day you would see hydro lines with 500 ft. or more in multiple locations were swallows were sitting shoulder to shoulder.

Last year I paid close attention to the swallow populations in the same locations, a few dozen would have been an exaggeration.

Every time I meet with people my age, or older we talk about how few birds there are now compared to the past, how few salmon in our rivers compared to the past, how few moose there are now compared to our past, the decline in numbers is not just as expected due to progress, the numbers are actually in such a state of decline we could revisit the days where we almost wiped out the buffalo, the only difference now is we are at the brink of wiping out every species of life, from insects, to giant mammals.

Every day you hear idiots talking about not being able to stop progress that everything has to make way for jobs.

Modern science has been a great help in protecting our wildlife and our eco systems, so much so that it actually stood in the way of INSTANT progress. That was a good thing until Harper came along and deleted science in favor of progress.

Something else changed as well over the years, we used to elect politicians who served their citizens, with advanced knowledge as compared to the working Joe who had no time to learn economics or science. Now THINK TANKS which is another word for brain washing organizations, have the corporations telling our government what rules need to be in place, and our government in spite of public demands obey corporations.

We have the science, and we shut it down, we closed the doors we fired the experts, and now Canada is somewhere down the list with Iraq and Afghanistan with our ability to use science to lead us into the future.

In my life I always thought that mankind progressed in his/her methods of thinking that we went from primate to intelligent, yet we see every day greed still rules the mentality of people in power. Instead of writing laws to protect our environment, were writing laws to destroy them!

Our First Nations are helping lead a fight to protect our environment, yet are they really?

The Gitxsan Nation may be the first to show its true colors. For years elders warned the Gitxsan Fisheries in regards to drifting nets down the Skeen River to harvest salmon. Still in spite of the warning that they were wiping out extremely endangered stocks on the Kitwanga River they continue to this day drifting nets in front of the salmon trying to head up into the spawning beds there.

The insanity of the DFO closing it to sport fisherman most years two per day, while the First Nations in Kitwanga run drift nets wiping out thousand per day. Yet still bragging they are the ones looking after that river with counters and fences all paid for by the DFO.

For years we witnessed how much trash was tossed alongside the river while dope smoking (traditional fisherman) were using jet boats and drift nets to catch sockeye to sell to commercial companies.

This year the Gitxsan there banned all white people from fishing on what they call their land, so it begs the question are First Nations protecting our environment, or are they being capitalists and using environmentalist to take possession of the land and keep it for themselves?

There has always been a racist faction in Kitwanga, now it looks like they have control of their village council.

For 40 years that I have fished there and likely for a hundred years before me, Kitwanga Gitxsan shared the river with everyone, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, now it’s purely race based decision making.

“First Nations culture has always been based around protecting communities who shared resources, not taking them away from each other as is done in the capitalist culture.”

Enough about First Nations, in this instance were talking only one nation, but it’s been a wakeup call, I think they better declare their intentions before asking environmentalists for their continued support.

The primary question is are you trying to protect out environment, or are you using environmental groups to obtain a significant materialistic advantage?

On Birds

Most of our forests are somewhat silent, due to the extinguishment of more than half of all North American songbirds, the idiot we call a Prime Minister intends on to wipe out what’s left.

The single greatest threat to global climate change is the Alberta Tar Sands, or let me more accurately say that the single greatest threat to our global environment is Steven Harper and the Conservative Party followed by Justin Trudeau who intends to pump it all to Vancouver instead of Kitimat.

The single greatest threat to the health of Canadians and our environment is Steven Harper and the Conservative Party.

The single greatest threat to the marine life of the west coast of North America is Steven Harper and the Conservative Party.

It was Steven Harper and the Conservative Party that decimated the Kyoto Accord.


So it begs the question as to why? It’s all about the Tarsands and the instant gratification of money. You don’t make Canada a richer country by providing other nations with the cheap energy they need to compete with us, especially if those countries use unfair labor practices.

But the hidden intent is there, to do exactly that, break the workers in Canada, take way the standard of living and forward that money to the rich. Anyone who does not understand that the Temporary Foreign Workers Program is designed to insure employers will not have to pay more to get employees need to have their heads examined.

Consider that if it was not bad enough to flood Canada with cheap goods from China, to break the backs of our trade unions by making Canadian industries un competitive, to add insult to injury Steven Harper and the Conservative Party bring in a program to flood our labor market with desperate people from third world nations.

I don’t think I need to convince Canadians about what they are on the brink of losing, the real question now is will the real people of Canada stand up and say we will put ourselves in front of your tanks and armored cars, because we simply will not allow you to build that pipeline.

The question now is will the Canadian Armed Forces stand with their brothers, sister, mothers and fathers, or will they stand with Harper?

The question now is will the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stand with their brothers, sister, mothers and fathers, or will they stand with Harper?


Steven Harper and the Conservative Party have declared war on British Columbia, they have declared war on the public, and they have declared war on our environment. It now our turn, do we surrender or do we fight back?

Steven Harper and the Conservative Party spit in the faces of the thousands of Canadians who participated in the NEB hearing, people who in good faith believed government would listen to the people.

Steven Harper and the Conservative Party spit in the faces of all First Nations people in Canada, in particular those in British Columbia because he put a few people ahead of the interests of all Canadians.


There is so much more on my mind, but that’s for another day.

The question now is, are you the reader willing to break the law to restore order to Canada?

Conveniently for them the law says that those who advocate breaking the law can be arrested for doing so. It’s somewhat amusing how they used the laws to protect us, to protect themselves from us.

I still agree with Martin Luther King who said “”One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws, but conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”




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