Feb 112018

Canadians are good at pointing out the hate-based politics of our neighbor to the south of us, but not so quick to see we have plenty of home grown hate, or more accurately put, those who exploit hate.

Its so easy to stand up and be the hero of the day, standing behind every cause in the name of fighting hate, but are you really fighting hate or exploiting hate?

Take for instance the latest headlines in the news Colten Boushie, who died by way of getting shot, while part of a group of hooligans who were guilty of a home invasion and robbery.

“Late that afternoon, five people — Boushie, Cassidy Cross-Whitstone, Belinda Jackson, Eric Meechance and Kiora Wuttunee — got into a grey Ford Escape SUV and drove from Red Pheasant First Nation to a swimming spot by the river. All were consuming alcohol.

After the group left the river, they got a flat tire and then drove onto a farm 15 kilometres northeast of Stanley’s farm, where at least one person attempted to steal a truck by hitting the truck window with a .22-calibre rifle that was in the back of the SUV.

The SUV was eventually driven onto Stanley’s farm. In the ensuing moments, an occupant of the SUV attempted to start a quad on Stanley’s property and the grey SUV collided with a parked vehicle on Stanley’s property, court heard.” StarPhoenix

Also see - Exploiting Racism – in the Colten Boushie shooting

Now look at how so many Canadians from the Prime Minister and his Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada exploit the race-based hate by many aboriginals who have turn this verdict into a white vs Indian rehash of the past.

Next let’s look at the #metoo wave of hysteria spreading out across Canada, and once again look at how feminists are using their hate for the other have of the human race, they are not after equality, they are out for supremacy, and so many or leaders are either falling or cashing in on this hate campaign.
See The #MeToo Virus Infects Feminists World Wide

Then we have the issue of the hijab See While women in Canada fight to wear the hijab – Women in Iran go to jail for removing them and before that we had Islamophobia and once again look at how many people exploited the hate for their own personal political gains.

Then we have the abortion hate wars, those for it and those against it, and once again we have the Prime Minister exploiting this hate like the perfect opportunist that he is. See Justin Trudeau and Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion

I could go on and on, but there is a big difference between trying to heal issues that divide Canada compared to those who are grand standing and exploiting the hate based issues for their own political gain.

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