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Set aside everything that was said in court and only deal with one issue, do we respect the court of law or do we not? Never mind picking sides, either the court is in disrepute or it is a decision based on evidence or lack thereof.

We have a strongly worded message from the RCMP just before the verdict “Sask. RCMP say online comments about Colten Boushie shooting could be criminal” almost as if they knew what the outcome would be.

Ask yourself another question, if some hooligan kids were robbing your house, and they were not aboriginals, would there have been the fuss we are seeing today?

The RCMP and the courts are trying to bring calm, to de-escalate the tensions created by those not in the jury, or even participating in the hearings, there is a provocative crowd out there that are demanding Gerald Stanley be found guilty, regardless of what the jury of this court decides.

Too many people are using hate as a means to promote themselves. They have a bad case of hate on the brain.

Lynch mob mentality has set in already, forget courts, forget evidence, because the ONLY truth belongs to the arm chair referees, the racial hate is so thick its become pure poison, an aboriginal is dead, justified or not is not even an issue anymore, when you read what many aboriginals and their sympathizers are now saying. Clearly its time for cooler heads to prevail, and the burden is on the accusers to show some respect, or show evidence that will stand up in a courtroom.

Next you have one of the most stupid acts in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau fans the flames of hate by legitimizing the actions of a thief who accidentally got shot, how else can you interpret his version of the trial outcome when Justin says “Indigenous people across this country are angry, they’re heartbroken, and I know Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians alike know that we have to do better.” CBC

Justin Trudeau


Just spoke with @Puglaas. I can’t imagine the grief and sorrow the Boushie family is feeling tonight. Sending love to them from the US.

8:07 PM - Feb 9, 2018

then this

Jody Wilson-Raybould


Thank you PM @JustinTrudeau. My thoughts are with the family of Colton Boushie tonight. I truly feel your pain and I hear all of your voices. As a country we can and must do better - I am committed to working everyday to ensure justice for all Canadians. https://twitter.com/justintrudeau/status/962176071201247232 …

Better means what Jody? Are you implying the judge and jury did not do their job?

Then you have respected members of the First Nations showing absolute disrespect for our judicial system,
“ Kimberly Jonathan, vice-chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, said the verdict is a continuation of the atrocities Indigenous people have faced in Canada, citing the residential school system and the Sixties Scoop.” CBC

Seriously? they were robbing a house, they were not entirely innocent victims here.


and Bobby Cameron, the chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

“In this day and age, when someone can get away with killing somebody, when someone can get away with saying, ‘I accidentally walked to the storage shed, I accidentally grabbed a gun out of the storage box and I accidentally walked back to the car and then I accidentally raised my arm in level with the late Colten Boushie’s head, then my finger accidentally pushed the trigger’ – what a bunch of garbage,” said Cameron before tightly-packed crowd.CBC

Now what kind of leadership is that? A total disrespect of the same law they cry out to when they are the victims of their own brothers and sisters.

If the verdict was wrong then it is up to Senior Crown Prosecutor to file an appeal, but he will need grounds to do so, and as of this writing that has not happened.

We need to end this race-based hatred, and it will not happen if First Nations are allowed to fans the flames of race-based hate, even if it illegal for the rest of Canadians to do so publicly.

Turning this case into Indian vs white man, will solve nothing, but it will fan the flames of hate based on peoples DNA. The worst offenders seems to be the leadership on all sides, from the Prime Minister so hell bent on getting aboriginal votes, to his justice minister as well as those aboriginals milking this incident for their own re-elections.

Ask yourself, if they had an all aboriginal jury, however the jury would not be allowed to know the race of the victim or the accused, do you think a different outcome of the trial would have resulted? I doubt it, this is all about a white jury finding a white man innocent of killing an aboriginal, regardless of what let up to this point.


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