The truth about the arrest of Carmen Nikal

UPDATED: 02/04/2020
No long explanation needed, just read the story on the
Interior News here. Carmen Nikal was arrested following refusal to provide identification to RCMP at the checkpoint.

Here is their own footage, telling their side of the story, but better yet, for the most part shows our RCMP doing a commendable job in the face of all the harassment these hoodlums of all ages are throwing at them. Carmen is the mother of the driver Delee Nikal, the young lady who played drama queen and told many lies at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. There is a provision that allows food supplies through for humanitarian reasons, look at the food Carmen is bringing to people who want to live natural and off the land.

Be aware that Carmen Nikal is 100% a caucasian woman, regardless of what blockaders have bestowed on her, in the eyes of the law she is not aboriginal. Of note she was guilty of obstructing police from executing a Supreme Court injuction at the 44km blockade just over a year ago, they released her after the arrest without charges. That was more than generous on the part of the RCMP.

Video is much more accurate than opinions. (Disregard the captions as their propaganda.) Also note they could not have posted this video without police giving them the camera back, then they spliced on another piece of footage from another camera near the end. Unfortunately they edited out what the police reply was at the end.

We have two versions of this incident.



From the RCMP website
Two individuals turned away while attempting to cross RCMP access control checkpoint


2020-02-03 16:46 PST

On the evening of January 31, 2020 two individuals were turned away by RCMP for attempting to cross the access control checkpoint along the Morice West Forest Service Road in Houston, BC.

A driver and two passengers drove to the RCMP checkpoint at the 27 kilometre mark, stating they were attending the Gidumt’en camp to drop off supplies. The driver provided officers her identification, however the female and male passengers refused to do so.

Both passengers in the vehicle were refused entry and remained on the roadway while access was granted to the driver to drop off supplies.

As the driver went through the checkpoint, she stopped on the other side. Both the male and female passengers attempted to cross through the checkpoint on foot. They were warned that they would be arrested for obstruction if they attempted to cross.

The male immediately stopped however the female passenger proceeded and a police officer advised her that she was being detained. At this point she did not continue to push her way through and turned to walk the other way. The detention immediately ended at that point and the driver returned to take both passengers to the sheltered area at the 27 kilometre mark.

There will be no further action taken by police in this matter.

The access control checkpoint remains in place as a measured response to managing access as dialogue continues toward resolving the current breach of the BC Supreme Court Injunction.

Released by

S/Sgt. Janelle Shoihet

Senior Media Relations Officer
BC RCMP Communication Services (English only)
14200 Green Timbers Way, Surrey, BC V3T 6P3 – Mailstop #1608
Office: 778-290-4134
Cell: 604-657-5730
Fax: 778-290-6114



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