Outright Lies told to UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

They call this “POLICE HARASSMENT”

It goes beyond imagination when you use the bodies of the dead and missing indigenous women to stop a pipeline from being built, I hardly can think of anything more insulting to these women who lost their lives to criminals, and have Delee Nikal insult not only the RCMP, but insult the families who spent thousands of hours with RCMP and Search and Rescue who put in thousands of hours with feet on the ground searches for these women, and you have the brazen audacity  to claim none of that ever occurred.

Seriously you must be going senile, or your already there.

Delee Nikal born to a caucasian woman, who was adopted recently into Gitdumden clan,
starts off saying the rights of the sovereign Wet’suwet’en people continue to be violated, then comes how its being done. “Facing consistent police harassment” An allegation that’s never been proven but they consider doing this perfectly ok. The question really should be who is harnessing whom?

Next outrageous lie by Delee Nikal “On January 7th the Gitumden Camp of primarily women” Let me quote from the news MSN

“Five women from the camp were standing on a mound on the bridge overlooking the police with their arms linked, singing.

According to the release from RCMP, the 14 people arrested are currently being processed.

“During the arrests, the RCMP observed a number of fires being lit along the roadway by unknown persons, and large trees felled across the roadway,” the statement read in part.”

Remember this scene behind the roadblock and the police raid, where the men were running back to block the roads to the other camp? Oh they were so brave to allow the mostly women to man the barricade.
The men were busy setting fires blocking the road to the Morice camp.

Not forget in the news is that one of the caucasian men, Anton Bueckert a professional protestor from Ontario was charged with assaulting a police officer, and that charge was not dropped.

Then Delee Nikal says they were faced by a militarized attack by police, when in fact there were only 3 tactical officers there, as insurance in case of a possible shootout, its no secret that the camp contains arms on the premise of hunting meat for sustenance. Given the potential for the use of firearms this is normal procedure all across Canada and is never labeled militarized, that term was created for the sole purpose of sensationalizing the story to the press.

The only reason they were there was to insure the safety of everyone there. These are the only 3 tactical officers who were there.

Delee Nikal’s next lie is “They are currently not only denying our people access to our territory” When in fact they have close to 100% access to all crown land, except in an active construction zone. Its no different in downtown Toronto, active construction zones must be off limits to protect them from getting injured. It does not matter if your black, white, yellow or red skinned the rule is the same for all.

What Delee Nikal’s referring to in filming ceremonies is the use of body camera’s to witness any issues regarding breaking the law, on the side of both the RCMP and the people its sworn to protect.

The ceremonies are a joke, they are roadside staged harassment, and yes they will be filmed.

Then she again fabricates that Armed Forces are being used to stop people, her words “Armed Forces stopping and demanding ID” utter total rubbish, there are no Armed Forces out there period. If Delee Nikal has seen them there they I would suggest she take blood test to find out what kinds of hallucinogenics she has been taking.

She might not be the only one on hallucinogenics, Rob also reported on his Facebook page sighting what looked like US Military Drones hovering near the camp at Morice lake.

Police are out there due to the large volume of traffic by 2 very conflicting parties, its their job to check and insure no more known radicals or even criminals go there to hide out. There are plenty of fugitive criminals who would be more than happy to join ranks with the protestors up there.

Just look up how many wanted criminals of FN blood there are in the wanted posters of the RCMP, so they are there for your protection as well as everyone else’s. Obviously its not only known FN radicals, or we would not be seeing the charges of assaulting a police officer by a Caucasian male from Toronto Ontario.

Delee Nikal claims they are clearing massive tracts of land, there you go the next picture is the massive tracts of land. That’s it not even the size of most logging landings.

This is the location of what will be the camp, this is the vast tracts of land Delee is complaining about. Another one of her hallucinations.

Delee says they do this to put in a man camp, its about as accurate as calling (her home community) the community of Witset, a man reservation. Its 100% false to assume its going to be men only, in actual fact its an First Nations contractor that will be in charge of the camp.

Delee goes on to say that studies show violence against women increase in areas where they have man-camp, however she neither cites any study, nor has she proven that it will be a man camp.

We contacted CGL and they told us that hiring has not yet started so they do not know exact numbers yet, but affirmed that a lot of women will be working there in a wide range of jobs. So that’s another lie. Delee wrongfully attributed mancamps for women getting murdered or going missing, in a reference to the highway of tears. None of these women are connected to work camps, and none of them are connected to gas line instillation’s.  Delee would have been more accurate if she requested they close all highways and roads, as that is where all of the indigenous missing women were taken from while apparently hitchhiking.

But the twist is everything Delee says is targeting the CGL pipeline.

Delee Nikal cites 3 women who went missing and were never looked for, the last one Romona Wilson strikes a nerve, as Delee claims she was never looked for. I have personally talked with Romona’s mother for hours and hours helping her grieve, and listening to her talk about how the RCMP investigations are going.

She insults the death of Romana by turning Romana into a tool to stop CGL.

Read Missing & Murdered: The Unsolved Cases of Indigenous Women and Girls
Let me quote CBC

“Ramona Wilson was 16 years old when her family last saw her at home in Smithers, British Columbia, on June 11, 1994. A missing persons investigation was launched two days later when Ramona’s mother called the Smithers RCMP. On April 9, 1995, a local found the teenager’s body in a wooded area west of the Smithers airport. Ramona’s case is now under Project E-PANA, a task force dedicated to unsolved murders with links to Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert, otherwise known as The Highway of Tears, in British Columbia”

Yet here we have Delee Nikal, insulting Canada, insulting British Columbia, insulting the police, insulting the families of the deceased by claiming nobody did anything!

Then another one that hits home, was the search for Franicis Brown, how despicable that you devalue the thousands on man hours and equipment brought in to search for Frances who was believed to have been mushroom picking at the time of her disappearance. Why would anyone in the Bulkley Valley go out of their way to search again for our aboriginal brothers and sisters when you devalue their efforts in an effort to stop a pipeline. On a side-note, a pipeline the people of your community support.

I have known Frances Brown for many years/decades and considered her one of my personal friends.

“The search for Frances Brown of New Hazelton was concluded at nightfall Saturday evening by the Smithers RCMP. Brown was last seen on Saturday, Oct. 14 when she was mushroom picking in the Smithers area.

Search & Rescue (SAR) and the RCMP deployed extensive resources to locate Brown over a seven-day period. Bulkley Valley SAR was assisted by 21 other SAR teams scattered across B.C. An SAR helicopter, dog handler and trackers were utilized in the extensive search. The RCMP assisted with Air 3 (Prince George based helicopter), Terrace Detachment Dog Section member, a Smithers detachment member on site daily and a victim services manager to offer support during the final search days.” That was October 21st 2017.

The truth was simple, it was too dangerous to keep searching given that winter was setting in, she went missing prior to the snow falls, and the accumulated snows were too deep to find anyone.

November 14th 2017 Witset Search and Rescue  called off the search let me quote “It is felt that it is too dangerous for us to continue walking in the rugged backcountry with all the snow on the ground.”

Delee Nikal told the UN, that the authorities searched maybe 5 days, the truth was they searched for 7 in deteriorating conditions, and then Delee says the Witset Search and Rescue continued for a month and a half, her words, The truth was they searched an additional 3 weeks, not the 6 weeks Delee is claiming, and a lot of the people were from Smithers Search and Rescue as well, she was a local and the support came from both local communities.

Delee intentionally leads the UN to believe she is another victim of the Highway of Tears, when in fact she was an avid mushroom picker who was more than capable of looking after herself, I personally knew her.

Then Delee goes on to say that Jessica Patrick was not searched for by police was found murdered a month later. Did you read that FOUND MURDERED. Delee must know something the rest of us do not know, or is intentionally misleading the UN.

No answers on death of Jessica Patrick two months later.

“Two months after the death of 18 year-old mother Jessica Patrick (Balczer) the RCMP still can’t provide any updates in the case.

“It is an active and ongoing investigation,” RCMP media relations officer Madonna Saunderson said.

RCMP have been tight lipped with information regarding this case.

Patrick’s body was found on Sept. 15 at Hudson Bay Mountain but the RCMP did not confirm her identity to the public until Sept. 21, five days after a vigil was held in her honour and a day after her body was returned to her family.

Saunderson could not state whether Patrick’s death has been deemed a homicide.

The RCMP and B.C. Coroner’s office has still not stated a cause of death. The Coroner’s office said it will not reveal any information regarding her death.

A spokesperson for the Coroner’s office said the investigation is “well within expected timelines for death investigations.”

It is unclear what crime the RCMP is investigating.”

I have no idea why to this date we have not had a reply from the RCMP as to where the investigation stands now. I am sure that most of us care about what happened and share condolences with her family and would like some answers “hint hint”

Then in order to cap the issue of murdered women, forgive me it took a while to write this down I was laughing so hard at what she said next.  “These women deserve more , in order to stop this we need more…. harder regulations on industry and no man camp.”

Go figure, using the dead victims to take an anti CGL stand.

Want to see the bullshit from the horse mouth?






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