Hiding behind a chief’s name – Adam Gagnon

Created to be a promo Adam Gagnon shows the violent and vicious side of his persona, in the past he liked to sell himself as a gentle, loving and peaceful, now we are seeing a much angrier side become public.

This is one of the issues in the past we have talked about, the chiefs defending the right to masculine control and authority.

Adam says “This is how we are treated in our own community by CGL” after his extremely rude and violent entrance, but wait till you read the rest, the untold story.

Sometimes these stories appear stranger than fiction, as they defy all logic. It’s hard to invent stuff like this, so here we go again in the community of Witset, where they (the band office) were asked by CGL if they could come to give an update presentation in a completely civilized manner. Likewise in turn they also requested to be allowed security to protect their people from violent protestors.

So CGL security at the door was previously agreed to.

It’s not like the Office of Wet’suwet’en were not informed, or posed a legal challenge that would disallow the community to hold a meeting by the elected village council or here known as the band counsel. It appears the Office of Wet’suwet’en stayed away from this one and did not interfere with citizens’ rights to hear from CGL first hand. In fact to their credit Adam appears to be acting on his own without their encouragement.

Adam Gagnon shows up on the scene with camera rolling in preparation for what?

He was going there to create some footage he could use for more fundraising via GoFundMe so he had to shake things ups to make a newsworthy story.

Adam should have known about the meeting, after all the wife of his head chief; yes you read that correct, the wife of his head chief, Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon) is one of the primary negotiators for the band with CGL. So in simple English his chief’s wife is working with CGL and he is trying to stand in their way. You cannot get anything more embarrassing than that can you?

Let me quote from the Prince George News
Tuesday, Mar. 5th, 2019

One of the communities supporting the Coastal Gas Links (CGL) pipeline say it is creating jobs and reducing the number of people on social assistance. Executive Director for Witset First Nation, Lucy Gagnon said the band is partnered with companies Kyah Resources to create jobs for the project. “We still have quite a large client list on social assistance, and we are doing training right now as we speak in first aid and security.” There are 10 people from Witset employed in the initial startup construction with more job opportunities expected as the project progresses. “If we can reduce our social assistance clientele that’s good for our community as well,” said Gagnon. The community received $1.5 million to sign onto the project and an additional $1.5 million after it started. Gagnon said until they decided how to invest the money it is remaining in a savings account.


The cameras are rolling because Adam intended to grandstand intended to disrupt this meeting. He has had every opportunity in the past to call for meetings to tell his side of the story, but here we have a single individual whose only intention was to disrupt a meeting complain, because the organizers were one step ahead and were ready for his arrival.

Then as his own camera shows, Adam uses brute force to enter and without invitation makes speeches that nobody came to hear. Adam does so hiding behind the aboriginal blanket he was given as a wing chief, Adam was not there supporting his chief, he declared himself as “Let everyone know a high Chief Dsta’hyl is here” Adam is a wing chief (sub-chief) of the Laksamshu clan, a wing chief and a subordinate to his brother Chief Kloum Khun (Alphonse Gagnon).

The meeting in fact is held on Laksilyu territory at the community hall in Witset.

CGL security was given permission to control the doors in the event of protestors trying to interfere with a civilized lawful and legal meeting.

The truth is if this happened in any other community the RCMP would have showed up and either removed the individual or arrested him for causing a public disturbance.

Adam demonstrates that he has no respect for the people’s choice, the last election showed clearly that those who chose to campaign on their anti-industrial platform, all failed to get elected.

The very same anti-Canada, anti-society and very racist aboriginal individuals run for the very same office they condemn when they lose in the elections, then referring to them as government institutions designed to divide them.

What they fail to say is they do not work for a living, and expect to live as a wealthy Canadian, simply because they have some aboriginal blood in them. Its time Chiefs stopped thinking of their own dynasties and submitted themselves to serve their people as opposed to expecting to be served as Adam did in his holier than thou entrance speech.

Everything Adam had to say about the reasons not to choose LNG is redundant, because of all experts, he has no expertise in the field whatsoever, had he brought such a speaker it might have been a different story.

Even in traditional law, Adam had no right to barge in and speak on behalf of a clan (who voted in favour of CGL) He had NO authority to be speaking on behalf of his chief, or the two houses of the Laksamshu clan. Gloria George remains head of the Sun House as does Adam’s brother as head of the Owl house.
Adam has overstepped his title yet once again and continues to be an embarrassment to his people.

One must never forget that the authority of the Wet’suwet’ten people lies with the people (the voters) and not the hereditary chiefs who are only symbolic heads of the clans.

See the Delgamuukw v. British Columbia.where the justice ruled,

“Aboriginal title is sui generis, and so distinguished from other proprietary interests, and characterized by several dimensions. It is inalienable and cannot be transferred, sold or surrendered to anyone other than the Crown.  Another dimension of aboriginal title is its sources:  its recognition by the Royal Proclamation, 1763 and the relationship between the common law which recognizes occupation as proof of possession and systems of aboriginal law pre‑existing assertion of British sovereignty.  Finally, aboriginal title is held communally.”



Addendum; I have been asked by a number of people if Adam was on drugs during this video, I cannot say yes or no, I can say I have never seen him behave like this before, so only Adam can answer that question.

As for the event itself, this kind of tolerance to this behavior needs to end, disruptive behaviors should be met with full force of the law.


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