Brutal abuse of Salmon during a time when they are in crisis

The following is footage shot in Moricetown, where the Hereditary chiefs (Office of Wet’suwet’en) and the self policing rangers make sure salmon are respected. Really? This is clear evidence that the hereditary chiefs have no control at all over what they claim as their resource. The person in these videos is believed to be Bernard Gellenbeck, son of Violet Gellenbeck who lives in Witset, formerly known as Moricetown.

Over the years I and many other witnesses complete disrespect for salmon, proving that no nationality is above abusing our resources. Let me say that again, using OUR resources, not THEIR resources. In every way they are our EQUALS and should be treated as such.

So quickly they point fingers at the people who came SECOND to Canada, and accuse them of destroying our salmon resources. You hear their protestors cry about how immigrants building pipelines (even if aboriginals are part of it) are destroying our environment.

From a tourist who passed through Moricetown comes the following footage show just how much they disrespect the resource WE are supposed to be sharing. This is called rights for ceremonial purposes? How appalling and disgusting!


This while BC Residents who paid for the right to fish salmon are being denied to fish for them, so the aboriginals can have 100% of the fish. Was that an endangered sockeye salmon that he is keeping?



Is this why the citizens of BC are giving up our rights to fish salmon? Or is the DFO trying to gain Liberal votes in the next election? The person in these videos is believed to be Bernard Gellenbeck, son of Violet Gellenbeck.


This is what we call protecting the last of our salmon? Must have been too many sales on food in the grocery stores.

Last year was not much different, have a look at the following, also also gleaned from Facebook.

All of this while blaming settlers for destroying a resource, that now the DFO is not allowing people who paid for the right to catch them.


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2 thoughts on “Brutal abuse of Salmon during a time when they are in crisis

  • August 7, 2019 at 6:22 am

    Is logic determined by what race your part of? If not, would you rate “support for CGL” as warranting the stripping of blankets (hereditary title) that requires a “shaming feast” as being more serious that shaming the entire Wet’suwet’en Nation for abusing aboriginal fishing rights?

    Or is this a defining moment where we have to admit there should not be any race based fishing rights?

  • Avatar
    August 23, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    This makes me so mad…. I have seen almost every community from PG - Burns Lake close fishing for this year as a result of the crisis that we are in. Why are other nations being true to our ways and they who are the loudest taking it for granted. Most are limiting fish to our most vulnerable elders and those with low income…. So many of our people are going to suffer this winter and he goes and does this and gets away with it…. SHAME FEAST he needs to apologize to the elders in my community who will be going with the bare minimum this year if that.


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