Connecting the dots…. The modern art of Deception

I could have titled it, “Killing Canada, one job at a time.”

Or how one user-group wants the rest of us to hand over the entire Skeena watershed for their business programs? Playgrounds for the rich, squeeze everyone else out by destroying the resource sector. Cutting deals with aboriginals and have them do the dirty work for them. Maybe I could have used the title “Aboriginals lured by dollars, fall victim the being used by environmentalists.” But then again are they even environmentalists or just smart aboriginal manipulators who need industry out for their own profits?

Closer to the truth is they are targeting specific influential aboriginals,  helping them achieve their “mostly selfish” goals, in a I will scratch your back if you scratch mine deal. Not deals for aboriginals as a group, but individual gains, as we will see a bit further down in this article.

Wow, imagine if you could kill West Frazer Mills in Smithers and remove the user groups presently using the Skeena watershed. look at how Smithers would have downsize without industry support.

Perfect for them, not so much for the rest of us.

. A reality that may just happen if we allow them to deceive us all.

A great reason to get mining and forestry out of Northern British Columbia. this is the Skeena Heli skiing lodge. An very lucrative investment that would do well with industry gone. Now connect the dots to Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition.

This will be anything but a normal article, it’s a series of musing thoughts for people to consider. We have what appears to be a group of people, who pretend to love and care about the Skeena watershed inclusive of the Bulkley Valley, but would really like to strip it down to exclusive users groups, not for all of us, but for themselves.

The other day we were gifted with a scientific study or was it really based on fiction as opposed to facts? A “kill the forest industry bill” the report was prepared for SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Terrace, BC, and its alternate name Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, Hazelton, and they got what they paid for, anyone surprised?

Blueprint to shut down the forest industry, written by a man who earned all his income from the industry.

This group of anti-establishment environmentalists needed to prove points to justify the massacre of industry, logging and sawmills included. Written by an extraordinary man who calls himself Dr. Jim Pojar and the study was called Forestry and Carbon in B.C. with credits going to people like Richard Overstall, Shannon McPhail, and Bachrach Communications.

Is this the clever art of deceit?

Oh wait, was it not Bachrach telling us he is part of 21 Northern majors to get the federal goverment to support workers hit by closures, not to help get the industry to get back on its feet, but to help people find alternatives to expecting jobs or a career in the forest industry. He wants financial help, to make us feel better about losing our jobs!

Never forget the connection, Taylor Bacharach and the Sierra Club, and the Tides Foundation, dedicated to stopping industry.

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, Terrace, BC, Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, Hazelton, BC. Both with connections to the American Tides Foundation, and both are fighting to kill the LNG lines as well. For a second forget the names of the society and start paying attention to the names of the people its a front for.

When you create a study, produced by people who want a desired end result, is it that hard to believe they got the findings they (or the Tides Foundation) paid for? Here we have a man who earned his entire living from the forest industry, now trying to build the tombstone for it.

Credible or incredible, you decide, Dr. Jim Pojar and a two other men also produced a book, “Plants of Northern British Columbia with funding coming from none other than the tax payers, not to print the book, but almost all of the research was paid for by the tax payers, however I do not see that the government owns the book or any rights to it. It’s a good book, do not get me wrong, but it blows my mind that his pay check was being signed by taxpayers but the end product belongs to Jim, his wife and a few of their friends. (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

It’s not hard to connect the dots, or people behind, “Save the Bulkley” or aka “Kill the coal deal” in Telkwa, and Skeena Wild, or Northern Confluence better known as Nikki Skuce, who is also connected to West Coast Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre, Skeena Wild , Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, Salmon Beyond Borders, Mining Watch Canada,  International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW), First Nations Women Advocating for Responsible Mining, First Nations Energy and Mining Council, Fair Mining Collaborative.

To keep the public thinking that everyone is against industry they create a multitude of organizations or groups, one after another, almost always with the same people who walk the street with protest signs over every imaginable excuse to shut down jobs. Its almost always the same group of faces starting these groups to lure people who care about or lakes rivers and lands into their fold where they indoctrinate them.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, you need not look further than our environmental groups,  the major of Smithers, and his allies at the Sierra Club, working hard to kill resource jobs, and now we have that same guy who just lost the battle against CGL, you know him as Mike Sawyer, running for the Green Party.

Just look at his platform, he wants Horgan to shut down industry, he is for PR (because without it the Greens will never hold power) He is anti every industrial project ever proposed in British Columbia but still expects free medicare, and maybe a welfare check to cover his time between paid protests.

I could go on and on, but I won’t I want to share some comments Facebook users wrote, it most likely will not win a literature award, but in its own way reflects what lot of people in the Bulkley Valley are saying privately to each other. I will post it verbatim, mistakes and all, I am sure so many of you can relate to it.

The frustration we all deal with, in dealing with the biggest pack of hypocrites who do their best to destroy any hope for our future or our children’s future under the disguise of protecting the environment.

Playground for the rich. Now connect the dots to the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

Almost everyone working in oil, gas, logging, sawmills or mining, or drilling for mines keep this valley and every job in it afloat, and they love this area, they love the environment but rather than rob us of our jobs, they pay the bills to keep us here.

So here it is in raw Facebook language.

“If skeena wild paid Bacharach to produce this he took money from the U.S. to create a bad name for forestry in bc

Now he says he and other mayors support forestry

Pojar a retired forest service employee on nice pension.

Changes his tune on fire on Forest. He was always one who said healthy forest require fire. Date Creek research area has burned 2-3 times in past 400 years.

But Pojar followed the money coming from activism to form his new company and now spews environmental crap.


He’s on full pension PEA union.

My pet peeve is again hypocrisy.

Make a living on forestry helping I’m sure Chief forester set AAC ( sustainable harvest rates)

Then retires and I’m sure gets recruited by Shannon McPhail. Shannon Gene Allen daughter. Runs Skeena Wild I’m thinking funded by US.

Her dad logged out Kispiox Valley. Owns operates bear claw lodge. Skeena heli skiing.

Bringing in oil execs from US and others all flying into Smithers. Then the clients are bused 68km to lodge to jump in 4 helicopters flying all day.

They biggest hypocrites and have agreement w chief Lattie Gitxsan. They pay her well as you can imagine to run operate fish guiding heli skiing trail riding Quads horses etc.”

Don’t quit here, take the time to visit    Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and read just how riddled this organization is with self interest promotions, a dead opposite to caring about the citizens of the Skeena watershed’s future, or the futures of our children.

Thanks for having taken the time to visit and read our articles. I had my say, feel free to post your thoughts as well, be part of making a difference.

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