A militarized invasion force attacked the Gitumden community on January 7th 2019




Claim; A militarized invasion force attacked the Gitumden community on January 7th 2019

In the days leading up to the enforcement of the court injunction at the Morice River bridge, as a matter of strategy Molly thought that by adding another blockade on her clans territory, it could delay or stop the pipeline from being built. It was a makeshift camp quickly assembled with people willing to man the camp. Both Molly and her husband moved from the Morice protest camp to this new one. After bragging online that this would be another Olka Standoff, police arrive ready for what they had bragged about, only to see it end in a very peaceful non violent ending, 14 were arrested.

It must have been embarrassing that it took less than 1 minute and thirty seconds to have everyone arrested, after bragging about how the RCMP were now on their territory, having trouble even walking.  There were only 3 tactical RCMP officers deployed at that location, to insure every ones safety. It would only take one person angry enough to be a sniper to make that happen. In social media there were and even to day still lots of death threats by camp supporters.


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