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robert saint amour
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For immediate media release…

The endless debate over pipelines going across British Columbia has
brought me to one conclusion…

This is far too big a decision to be made by our elected officials,
this is one decision that should be made by the people of British
Columbia, for the people of British Columbia. Not under any
circumstances by Ottawa, Alberta and/or the oil industry.

As such, I have contacted Elections BC to begin the process of a
Legislative Initiative that will propose a ban on all new construction
of oil and condensate pipelines across British Columbia, forcing a
provincial referendum on this issue.

I am very familiar with this Act and feel quite comfortable in
getting the required 10% of the Province to agree that we should all
have a say in this. As the proponent in two recall attempts I’m fully
aware of the requirements.

I’m also hoping that as this develops a life of its own, the Premier
will save us the expense, time and the inevitable animosity by sending
it to a referendum herself, keeping in mind that it is fair to say,
that all this initiative will do is confirm that 10% of the province
would prefer a referendum. We already know that by looking at the
polls. As an unelected Premier she should feel the need to consult the
neglected people of B.C. first…Think HST..

I belong to no political party and have no affiliation to any. To
those of you that know me, you’ll remember that I raised my daughter
on a sailboat in the same waters that are now being threatened by the
possibility of oil tanker traffic and the inevitable spills.

I’ve been living on this coast for thirty years and the ocean is my
back yard and was never intended to have oil dumped into it. According
to statistics, it’s only a matter of time if this pipeline is
permitted. Add to that the possibility of terrorism and you have the
perfect storm for a disaster. No amount of public hearings will change
this. Passing an Initiative does.

As is my norm I will not act as my own financial or campaign manager,
a web site will be available soon and I will attempt to keep the
requesting media outlets informed of our progress including the final
wording of the Writ and the various procedures to be undertaken. Other
than this release, I will send no unsolicited emails, so please
indicate your interest if you wish to be kept up to date on our media
list or need voice communication.

Robert Saint Amour
Vancouver Island BC
nopipeline (at) mail.com  

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  6 Responses to “Ban on all new construction of oil and condensate pipelines..”

  1. The worst of it is. We are still being ripped off for the HST. Harper and his Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark Liberals, owe the BC citizens a large chunk of money, for forcing this outrageous, illegal tax on us. It only took, Campbell, Hansen and Harper days, to force the tax on us. This was planned long before the BC election, Hansen caught in a lie, had to admit it…And dearie me they are having such a hard time undoing, what only took days to do. The HST radar papers, went back to Harper, at the speed of light. Lying, deceiving and thieving, corrupt skunks, and I shouldn’t insult the skunks.

    Harper’s tough on crime, doesn’t apply to him, nor his thieving ministers. Harper is a dictator, and controls the press, courts, judges, police, and threatens everyone who would oppose him. We would win the petition, however, Canada is far too corrupt, and dishonest and, full of dirty tactics, which is not beneath Harper’s nor the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals dignity, because they don’t have any. As long as we have this sort of scum, running the country, the evil will prevail.

    Harper is no Conservative. He is a Reformer, from his very shady Northern Foundation Party, he founded in 1989. Deb Grey said, Harper is still a practicing Reformer dictator.

    The one good thing is, the world sees Harper for what he is. Harper wasn’t exactly a hit in Durban. Nor, a hit in Copenhagen. In Davos, Harper managed to anger country’s, by his arrogance. The world knows, Canada’s good stance in the recession, was because of Paul Martin. Harper was even left a $13 billion dollar surplus. Most country’s are fed up with Harper’s bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn’t get his own way.

    We could certainly try the petition. The F.N. I am sure would sign. It was said, over 80% of the BC citizens, were supporting the F.N. How do we make a dictator like Harper to honor it?

  2. I do like the wording of this referendum, had it been worded any other way I might have reason to oppose it because to have a referendum on a take it or leave it question undermines the first option namely the rights of aboriginal title.

    However a Legislative Initiative that will propose a ban on all new construction of oil and condensate pipelines across British Columbia would be a perfect solution to the attack now being poised by Harper and his Alberta Oil League.

    It is true he has managed to pull off a coup on Canada on behalf of the oil barons, and this idea may just be the best response to it.

    I would have liked to see a ban on tankers on the BC Coast as well.

  3. I read that Enbridge is now contemplating a pipeline east, so maybe they are worried about what to do with the big expensive ‘electric’ Italian made centrifugal pumps and Chinese(?) made pipe that they have sitting in their yards.

    This indicates to me at least that they are starting to realize just how untenable their presence here in BC would be.

    I still think a referendum is most desirable for no other reason than to show that it is the people of BC who speak for BC and not the present Lieberal government, nor the interfering federal Conservative (in name only)/oil consortium.

    I predict an 80 % voter turnout, with a 90 % vote opposing pipelines and tankers in BC.

  4. the wording is a problem, the initiative can only address matters under provincial jurisdiction, like the hst….the final draft will be done soon

    unfortunately tankers fall under federal rules, but, the initiative will make it impossible to deliver oil to them or send condensate east

    to some the timing prior to the enviro reports coming out is premature, in fact it is the act itself that forces the timetable and getting it started before clark pulls the plug is imperative

    when the election is called, the initiative does not go away, only delayed and it becomes front and center on the political stage, add to that the enviro reports that will by then be submitted and i think the people of bc will be in a pretty good position to make up their own mind

  5. Robert, according to Rafe Mair, I quote

    ”Premier Christy Clark is a big player in this game because she can put a ban on tankers. The fact is that Gordon Campbell sent a note to Ottawa some years ago saying that his government had no issue with tanker traffic and Premier Photo-Op no doubt thinks that takes her government off the hook. Think again, lady.”
    As former Minister of Environment my guess is that he most certainly knows what he is talking about.

    I would suggest that a “tanker ban” is within provincial jurisdiction and would be a better way of stopping this pipeline mania by Harper and his partner in China.

  6. Why do the people of British Columbia need a referendum regarding the construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline?
    First and foremost is the simple fact that this decision is far too important to be left to our elected hired help, this is about British Columbia and as such should be debated and decided by British Columbians.
    If the NDP get elected, Adrian Dix said he won’t allow the construction to proceed and that would end it…Not true, Dix can only guarantee it for as long as he’s in power and judging from the NDP’s natural ability to shoot themselves in the foot, that could be a very short time. Leaving us with no law and another party with their own objectives.
    Sending it directly to a referendum sets the matter to rest and no government would dare go against such a massive democratic process. Think HST….
    For the past thirty years I’ve been fortunate enough to live on this coast and even raise a daughter on our sailboat, the thought of these same pristine waters being tarnished by greed and stupidity is unfathomable to me.(no pun intended)
    Where would we get our oil without pipelines? A good point and I’m sure that my car is filled with gasoline that came via an oil pipeline from Alberta, but the Northern Gateway is no such pipeline, it is only meant to export oil, none is meant for Canada. The jobs are transient and the predictable environmental catastrophe is constant. It’s also fair to say that the First Nations involved have already seen through the song and dance, no amount of money will seduce them, much to Enbridge’s chagrin. This is one time when the entire native population is united in their opposition, a very rare occurrence and a sign of things to come.
    About 4800kms of pipeline carrying toxic waste one way and bitumen the other way back to the Pacific, with Enbridge, despite a horrible track record of pipeline failures, telling us that there will be no leaks. God forbid that we should include terrorism into the equation.
    Most people can’t keep their garden hoses intact, now try monitoring almost 5000kms of pipe, valves and pumps over some of the most rugged, earthquake prone terrain on the planet. It can’t be done. Enbridge may very well have an eye in the sky to tell you it leaked, but that doesn’t clean it up. It just makes for some very tragic photos from space on Google Earth and sad comments from people all over the planet wondering just how stupid we were to have allowed such devastation to the most beautiful place on earth.
    The tankers are Suezmax types, meaning they are the biggest allowed through the Suez Canal, they’re huge and hard to maneuver at the best of times. Our gorgeous coast will be in the hands of the captain, sober, drunk, on drugs or just showing off, our environment is at his/her mercy and flawed human nature dictates that an accident will occur.
    I have nothing against Alberta selling its oil, my opposition is to them defecating in my back yard on the way to the market.
    Robert Saint Amour….Vancouver Island

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