Jan 062013
Like many of you out there I have a lot of concerns about the way Harper pretends he is the sole owner of Canada, and his disgraceful attitude that we are at his loyal subjects, as though he earned the right to be the King of the Hill, when reality shows that in the history of Canada, there is no record of any party that cheated and deceived the public as badly as Harper’s Conservatives. Far more disgraceful is
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Mar 122012
Editor’s Note: This is part one hundred eleven of a series of testimonies given by our aboriginal neighbors. We are posting these in an attempt to allow everyone to better understand just how badly Canada has neglected the first nations of Canada. These are the words submitted to the JRP Hearings, to Enbridge and to the Government of Canada. ORAL PRESENTATION BY MS. MARGARET REECE MS. MARGARET REECE: My name is T
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