Nov 012013
Not so long ago I had a Wow moment when I saw a sign at A&W that made it look like they care about our health;  I saw their new signs bragging no GMO’s or steroids. But I was curious, why was it devoid of bragging that they used all Canadian beef? Now normally I really don’t get hung up on any fast food chain, but I wanted an answer, to that nagging question of why the Canadian beef were missing from their
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May 312013
I am not sure who posted this one online, but thank you to the author, it really does say it all. One more for the road, as a dedicated Flickr user (was) I just have to post one more article before we leave for the summer. Flickr cannot deny that with dedicated photographers it would never have become a photography dynasty in terms of websites for photography. 29,536 photographers (actually more than that) posted t
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Feb 052013
How often have you heard of someone who lost their password in email, social media or the many other accounts that use a password? Lost, well that’s not really the problem were dealing with here, stolen passwords however are a significant problem for many people, so lets deal with it.     We all do our best to keep people away from our passwords but that’s not always possible. Case in point, this
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Jan 282013
I am sure you all have heard about the great Canadian diamonds, many of you today proudly wear a De Beers diamond on your wedding finger right? Think about it, where do diamonds come from? Most people would mentally connect diamonds with Africa, and with a bit more thought visualize black men, women and children working as slaves for whom? [i] Think about the contrast, rich white men in suits and ties in plush con
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Jan 232013
Smokers know it, non-smokers know it, people who care know it, and people who don’t care know it. Know what? People know that the government is collecting massive truckloads of cash from those citizens who are addicts. They are taking advantage of people’s addiction, for profit. You would think that people who cry out for cash for the Canadian Cancer Society would have suggested that the taxes collected on cig
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Jan 222013
OK its tax time again, and Revenue Canada thinks that everyone old enough to vote has also been gifted with the knowhow of a certified accountant. They expect everyone in Canada to be capable of understanding exactly what they can or cannot do in regards to income tax. They keep saying over and over again, it’s simple, horse shit it’s not simple, and every year its gets more and more complicated so your forcin
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Dec 062012
(with the consent of your federal government) Have you ever wondered why stupid pet stories get more coverage than the death and destruction of our natural habitat? Have you ever wondered why a trivial news item gets more minutes of air time than the death of thousands of people outside of your back yard? Have you ever wondered why when only 2,996 people were killed in the 9/11 attack, it continues to get more co
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Oct 252012
We, the people of Canada will not honor nor do we condone the Canada-China Investment Treaty, nor do we appreciate how China has treated Canadians and obviously China is becoming the single greatest threat to Canada since WWII and most sadly so with the help of an insider who cheated to become the Prime Minister of Canada. We the people do not appreciate how you are buying up all our resources and shipping them out
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Oct 192012
It blows my mind when you see a company like EBay work as the doorway for illicit fakes which are illegal in Canada and the USA. Reporting them to EBay is an absolute waste of time, because based on all the items I have seen where people report the items as counterfeit, EBay simply ignores the complaints. Does Ebay know about these counterfeit goods? Sure they do, they even have pages on their website that talk abo
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Sep 292012
It seems like there is a lot of noise about pot these days, it must mean there is an election around the corner in British Columbia and there are lots of people out there who want the pot smokers vote. Between elections, well you don’t hear very much, but hey that’s politics. Before we jump on the bandwagon to allow our dear teenagers to smoke pot without risking a criminal conviction for having a joint in the
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Jul 082012
Now that we are in the middle of summer, some might want to call it the dead of summer due to the heat wave killing not only the grass we walk on but a large part of our food supply as well. But then again global warming is a hoax by socialist’s right? If ever there was something money could buy, and did, it was and remains the perpetuating myth that we have two choices, Liberal of Conservative, because everythin
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Jun 142012
  Parliament Hill has never been short of controversy, but nothing compares to the heist being pulled off today by a government that could neither get elected by the rules, or win without the assistance of a criminal act against democracy. Most rational people would have agreed when you win control of the Canadian Parliament in this manner, the least you could do is show a little humility and respect to the p
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May 272012
Today Facebook has taken censorship to a whole new level; it is silencing those who wish to share an article, an opinion piece, backed with lots of facts. Hello world, why is it so important that no one is allowed to know just what you’re eating when you eat Mainstream Canada’s fish? The question is, have they crossed the line? Are they violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Is Facebook now join
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Apr 152012
In the world of politics I have yet to come across a better written constitution than the one drafted by the Social Credit Party in British Columbia a decade or two ago. What I like about it was that you did not have to be a right winger to be able to support it; you did not have to be left leaning or a leftist to support it. It was simply a great set of rules for you and me, and my neighbor and the guy across the
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Mar 282012
“Industry apologist gone amok”  by Robert Corlett   As a person who considers himself a friend of Odd Grydeland, I feel compelled to respond to his piece titled “Environmentalism gone amok”.   Industry apologist gone amok Canada: salmon farming activist in British Columbia sets off a heated response that results in Rob wanting to put his hands on Odd’s throat and giving his head a s
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Mar 222012
Updated: May 23, 2013 First I would like to thank all those people and organizations whom we did not give credit to for the information we are using in order to help people understand as well as to be able to provide them with quick reference material when debating the issues surrounding the Northern Gateway Project. If you find the information on this page valuable, then bookmark it before you forget. Don’t
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Mar 212012
Many of you are like me; we get up each day, grab a coffee and read the news. I am sure that many of you would agree with me when I say that during our quite moments of peaceful reading we read things that made us so angry we would want to rip up the paper and fire it the trash can. Well today is one of those kinds of days. Why on God’s green earth, would we replace anything we get for free, namely free healthy f
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Mar 142012
There is an old but wise saying, “If you’re going to do it, then do it right.” If people were looking for solutions rather than taking the position of 100% for, or 100% against, environmentally threatening projects we could find acceptable solutions in many cases, while for obvious reasons others would be abandoned. Be sure I am biting my tongue very hard when I say this, because prior to the Enbridge pipelin
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Mar 032012
I am sure it got the attention of almost every newspaper in both North American as well as in Europe. The concept of let’s “green” our image has taken on new meaning by a very rich group of people. First we have its newly appointed CEO Dan Wicklum, how would you ever claim to have an independent voice when this man’s job used to be working for the now almost dead Environment Canada. Get this Harper who ever
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Feb 252012
UPDATED FEB 29th 2012 Without a doubt there is an all-out war to kill off what remains of our traditional and natural salmon and other species of fish that inhabit the rivers and coastline of British Columbia. Primarily in the headlines today is the deadly poisonous snake called “Northern Gateway” that starts in Alberta plans are set to have it pump its toxins into Supertankers and any subsequent disaster is wo
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