Nov 302012
What would happen if nobody voted? Food for thought. Let’s have a look at a British Columbia reality, in the last BC Election in 2009 nearly three million British Columbians or 91% of all eligible voters were registered to vote in the May election. According to Elections Canada, we also saw the largest numbers of people wanting to get on the voters list in BC history, making it appear as though we could see a ver
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Nov 022011
Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and After reading Tom’s rant in the Interior News, a division of BC Local News entitled “Zalm joins Hydro conspiracy club” it would not be fair to either the readers or to those Tom attacks, including the very paper who signs his paycheck, for supporting the two most controversial impositions the Liberal Government tried to imp
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Jul 122011
Christy Clark should never have entered the political field if she cannot stand for the will of the people of British Columbia. When Christy took over the province in a “let the Cat vote” election campaign within the Liberal Party, she knew full well that the Conservatives in this party were calling all the shots.   “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.�
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Jun 272011
I do hope the people of British Columbia were wide awake when the news broke regarding the appointment of Gordon Campbell as high commissioner to London. First is should not come as a surprise when Gordon Campbell has been selling out the citizens of this province since he was first elected into office. However as most people know the biggest reward was for bringing in the most hates sales tax to ever hit Canada t
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Jun 182011
Let’s do an assessment of events since the issue of HST came to British Columbia, literally out of the blue. HST has its roots that go back to GST and its founder was Brian Mulroney. The GST came into effect January 1, 1991 however under very peculiar circumstances, namely Mulroney had to pull the first of many frauds that would take place to get to where we are today. To ensure the federal government’s bill (G
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Jun 112011
Historians might call HST the Historical Stupid Treaty that officially ended the sovereignty of British Columbia. The greatest hypocrisy that will remain forever as a reminder of what a group of corporate thieves pulled off in Canadian history, barring the revolt by way of our referendum is our British Columbia Coat of Arms. Our Coat of Arms reads, Splendor sine occasu (“Splendor without Diminishment”)
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Jun 012011
I am sure a lot of people are wondering if this is a bit extreme. Yes and No it is, or isn’t depending on how you look at it. First of all, be sure if you decide to follow my lead you do not include any business that opposes the HST, double check this first, or even ask if you need to. The one thing about social media is that it can get a message out to everyone in British Columbia, and it can do so very quickly.
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Jun 012011
  One has to wonder just how much control the government has over muzzling the media when it cannot even tell the truth about what goes on inside the Public Debates in order to protect the HST. To date most readers will find it extremely difficult to find a play by play of what goes on inside those meetings. We are seeing outrages lies about what each party is saying, and it’s all to smear the No to HST camp
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May 302011
Today we are facing a reality second to none when it comes to the equality of the campaigns for and against HST as the Liberal government today would like you to believe. This campaign really is what they do not want to call it, a campaign between business and the public. Consider that those who want HST will use in excess of 3 Million Dollars or more that will feature the richest and glossiest advertisements to te
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May 282011
Note: The following letter is being published with the permission of the writer, and shared with you the reader for obvious reasons. _____________________________________ Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Electoral Operations Anton Boegman Having heard that the BC Liberals are going to offer a rebate to citizens, and considering this rebate was not in place prior to the official start of the referendum, would it no
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May 262011
How many of you got the impression from watching the Townhall meetings that the Smart Tax Alliance is there to protect British Columbia citizens from liars as they claimed in their HST Townhall Meeting in Dawson Creek? How many of you  believed they are there to protect your best interests as they claimed in the townhall meeting in Dawson Creek? Even in the summer the Smart Tax Alliance is trying to pull the bigge
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May 262011
The following are quotes made by British Columbia’s citizens in reaction to Christy Clarks attempt to sway and buy the vote in a desperation move to save the HST. The following are only a few, out of over 1000 people who, it might not be a stretch to say “mad as hell.” I could have posted many more but want to tell you that you need to get out there and talk to people, share the links with friends; if they ge
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May 252011
Below is a list of the best articles online in regards to those who want to learn more about HST, this list is updated daily and justifies why British Columbia said no so loud it resulted in the Liberal switch and bait game from Gordon Campbell. The switch was to be able to bait the public into changing their minds. If you see any good articles I missed, please use the comments section to add them or any other comm
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May 242011
The following are people’s opinion as opposed to those who have their hands on the cookie jar, namely the experts who have everything to gain from HST. This is what the people of British Columbia said in regards to the Town Hall Meetings.   “We were called and listened to the BS for about ten minutes and hung up. All propaganda.”     “Bell said without the half-a-billion in HST revenue, the government wi
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May 242011
Definition: Liars that are associated by actively lying to the people of British Columbia. New sugested logo for the Liberal Party of British Columbia. A very appropriate name for the Liberals who are trying hard to find a more appropriate name as they all agree they are not Liberals, but like the preverbal wolf in sheep’s clothing they are wearing Liberal jackets. Who can forget Gordon Campbell who will always b
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May 232011
In a rare act of desperation one of the major advocates of HST namely David Douglas Robertson pretends he is a simple citizen, and pleading his case inside the Face Book forums of Bill Vander Zalm. David Douglas Robertson Let me give you a backgrounder on who David Douglas Robertson really is. In September 2005 in preparation for the upcoming Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants’ 25th Annual Canadi
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May 212011
Christy Clark has barely had enough time to warm her seat in legislature, and dirty deals are already the order of the day. Everyone is aware of the excuse Christy used to try change the minds of the populace by bringing back HST under the guise of democratic discussion. Part of those discussions involves spending tax payer’s money to make people “aware” theoretically from an unbiased perspective. The Governm
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May 032011
From its conception like its predicator HST was created by fraud, even before it came to British Columbia. Both GST and HST are products by people who care little about democracy and care only about the rich paying less and the poor paying even more. When you have to stack the Canadian Senate in order to pass a bill, yes both the GST under Mulroney and HST under Harper were created by stacking the vote or neither
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Apr 162011
Hated Sales Tax Before I begin I have to say that a lot of thoughts crossed my mind before writing this article. My thoughts pondered about how Julius Caesar felt when he got stabbed in the back by Brutus who was supposed to be a friend, or how Jesus felt when he was sold for a handful of silver coins by one of his own disciples. There is a striking similarity of betrayal by our elected leaders of the people of Bri
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Feb 172011
Listen up folks; is the BC Chamber of Commerce about to do the proverbial “looking the gift horse in the mouth”? I was personally staggered to read “HST decision looms over B.C. budget “B.C. Chamber of Commerce President John Winter is now showing his true colors, and now intends to canvas in favor of the HST if there is a referendum. You might want to ask why on God’s earth would anyone want to
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