Feb 182013
We are only too aware of how Jesus was exploited and continues to be exploited every Christmas so that some people get rich, while others struggle to buy gifts their children expect because the media has set them up with these expectations. We are also bitterly aware of how religion is being exploited for financial gain, for sexual favor, for power and to hide abuse against others. Does that make Jesus or God bad
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Dec 042012
As a rule, I try to stay off the topic of religion here, but people are so desperately trying to push other peoples buttons it’s time to speak up in self-defense. It’s time to call a spade a spade.     One of the many hurtful things people do to each other is to try their best to stick it to those who do not subscribe to the same ideology or beliefs that they do, and based on what I see daily in soci
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Jan 302012
Editor’s Note: This is part forty-nine of a series of testimonies given by our aboriginal neighbors. We are posting these in an attempt to allow everyone to better understand just how badly Canada has neglected the first nations of Canada. These are the words submitted to the JRP Hearings, to Enbridge and to the Government of Canada. ORAL PRESENTATION BY CHIEF ROY FABIAN Due to the nature of the following exchang
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Apr 232011
Sex Tax Revisited. Canadians better wake up fast when it comes to getting married in Canada; your government has it in for you if you get married, right in your wallet. I cannot say if provinces other than British Columbia and the Government of Canada also use a misleading method of cheating the working class and poor in the calculations of their income. Both the governments of British Columbia and Canada are wagin
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Feb 032011
Billion Dollar Castles (click to enlarge) As a rule I rarely will enter into the domain of debating religion simply because its one of those topics that are so divisive that discussing it often does more harm than good, my hopes are that this will be an exception to that rule. So why am I going through the motions of discussing this particular church? Well in a nutshell it is because it’s in your face when you tr
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May 072010
Oh I know there will be howls of anger at me for daring to say what I am sure millions of people are also thinking. Namely are we being had, and by whom? But then again, its not about victims is it? Recently in the news there was a story about “another” teacher from ‘another” public school who is accused of molesting children. How many is that now? I lost count! Wow, where are all those people who were scre
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May 032010
In reaction to the news on a story blown out of per portion, I for one do not believe it was by accident, but a story with an underhanded goal in mind. This was a setup by a gay person with personal issues. The Story: “Lesbian teacher’s allegations ignite debate” posted on CTV News as well other media outlets who also took a crack at this story. More specifically there are gay websites, anti religious web
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