Mar 242012
I will share with you a letter I received from a human being, a Canadian citizen at that, but most importantly, a man who served this country and today has to fight with the lunatics in Ottawa who take our soldiers for granted. It looks like our Department of Veterans Affairs, is really a department to dispose of our injured soldiers. Steven Harper gets to play war games with men and women, who are supposed to be s
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Feb 062012
Karen Elizabeth Lee   This is a letter I have sent to some newspapers - so far, no one has printed it  To the editor:  A report by David Hughes, one of Canada’s foremost energy analysts, was recently quoted in an article by Andrew Nikiforuk about the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  I was interested in this because Mr. Harper has been accusing “environmentalists and other radical groups” who may be funde
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Feb 012012
From: robert saint amour nopipeline (at) Message: For immediate media release… The endless debate over pipelines going across British Columbia has brought me to one conclusion… This is far too big a decision to be made by our elected officials, this is one decision that should be made by the people of British Columbia, for the people of British Columbia. Not under any circumstances by Ottawa, A
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