May 172013
Am I mad? Damn rights I am, and I bet a lot of you are too! I have had a couple of days to brew over what happened and here is my take on the results. How many of you woke up the day after the election was over with an election hangover, which took all the wind out of your sails and left you wondering just how our environment lost to corporate greed? I cannot stress in words that are too strong just how stupid the
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Feb 022013
There are times when an image speaks for itself better than any long drawn out commentary. So we created a special section for them called the Speaking Images Library.     From Small Pox to Isa Virus, it’s amazing what First Nations have had to endure, and it’s still far from over.     JLS ……For What It’s Worth
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Jul 082012
Now that we are in the middle of summer, some might want to call it the dead of summer due to the heat wave killing not only the grass we walk on but a large part of our food supply as well. But then again global warming is a hoax by socialist’s right? If ever there was something money could buy, and did, it was and remains the perpetuating myth that we have two choices, Liberal of Conservative, because everythin
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May 272012
Today Facebook has taken censorship to a whole new level; it is silencing those who wish to share an article, an opinion piece, backed with lots of facts. Hello world, why is it so important that no one is allowed to know just what you’re eating when you eat Mainstream Canada’s fish? The question is, have they crossed the line? Are they violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Is Facebook now join
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May 242012
One must almost have to suspect that these money hungry predators are counting on people not watching, not listening or reading the news, and bank on them not knowing what is going on. Now I am not an accountant, so bear with me while I try to do a little math here in regards to what we already have vs. what they have to offer. Let’s start with Enbridge, based on their own numbers will earn let me quote, “When
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Apr 152012
In the world of politics I have yet to come across a better written constitution than the one drafted by the Social Credit Party in British Columbia a decade or two ago. What I like about it was that you did not have to be a right winger to be able to support it; you did not have to be left leaning or a leftist to support it. It was simply a great set of rules for you and me, and my neighbor and the guy across the
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Mar 282012
“Industry apologist gone amok”  by Robert Corlett   As a person who considers himself a friend of Odd Grydeland, I feel compelled to respond to his piece titled “Environmentalism gone amok”.   Industry apologist gone amok Canada: salmon farming activist in British Columbia sets off a heated response that results in Rob wanting to put his hands on Odd’s throat and giving his head a s
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Mar 232012
This is not going to be a long article, but rather a short heads up, a warning about what is about to happen to our sport fishing, commercial and aboriginal fishing in British Columbia. I am starting to get a gut feeling and an understanding of both why, and the timing of recent announcements to gut the fisheries act, in particular in regards to stripping fish habitat protection. We all know just how angry Harper a
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Mar 222012
Updated: May 23, 2013 First I would like to thank all those people and organizations whom we did not give credit to for the information we are using in order to help people understand as well as to be able to provide them with quick reference material when debating the issues surrounding the Northern Gateway Project. If you find the information on this page valuable, then bookmark it before you forget. Don’t
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Mar 212012
Many of you are like me; we get up each day, grab a coffee and read the news. I am sure that many of you would agree with me when I say that during our quite moments of peaceful reading we read things that made us so angry we would want to rip up the paper and fire it the trash can. Well today is one of those kinds of days. Why on God’s green earth, would we replace anything we get for free, namely free healthy f
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Feb 252012
UPDATED FEB 29th 2012 Without a doubt there is an all-out war to kill off what remains of our traditional and natural salmon and other species of fish that inhabit the rivers and coastline of British Columbia. Primarily in the headlines today is the deadly poisonous snake called “Northern Gateway” that starts in Alberta plans are set to have it pump its toxins into Supertankers and any subsequent disaster is wo
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