I am sure there will be those who will be asking just who we are?

To answer that or not was an issue we also had to deal with. There are a lot of good reasons for a writer to share their name, its a good way to earn a living if you get numbers high enough that advertising or other writer contracts will afford you additional income.

We have decided to follow the lead of our predecessor who once told me that missing from the press is the ability to speak the truth and earn an income at the same time. The truth can often result in a withdrawal of advertising revenue, and or lawsuits if they see that you have money they can bleed off. Another good reason to remain anonymous is safety, when you expose the truth, you end up with angry people, and that also can result in some nasty consequences. Another good reason is your children, or as is in my case even grand children, who become the targets of unscrupulous people.

Even death threats like “People like you get outlined in chalk.”


In summery, in our case its a bit of all of the above, and in retirement, maybe its due to not being rich, it gives me more time to reflect on growing up here, neither rich or poor, but content and willing to share information, fight for our community as a whole as opposed to propping up one group over another.

it does help if your poor and make nothing from writing, it keeps litigation at bay as they will end up paying their own bills if they cannot bleed your wallet.

That said, we will leave it there.

BC North