Jan 282013
I am sure you all have heard about the great Canadian diamonds, many of you today proudly wear a De Beers diamond on your wedding finger right? Think about it, where do diamonds come from? Most people would mentally connect diamonds with Africa, and with a bit more thought visualize black men, women and children working as slaves for whom? [i] Think about the contrast, rich white men in suits and ties in plush con
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Jan 072013
Every now and then you read an article and you think, wow, this applies here in Canada as well, that’s what happened to me when I read the article written by Michael Moore titled Those Who Say “I Support the Troops” Should Just Stop, Out of Respect for the Troops. So please forgive me Michael for putting a Canadian twist on an all too familiar problem. Like Michael I am sick of hearing people claim th
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Jan 062013
Like many of you out there I have a lot of concerns about the way Harper pretends he is the sole owner of Canada, and his disgraceful attitude that we are at his loyal subjects, as though he earned the right to be the King of the Hill, when reality shows that in the history of Canada, there is no record of any party that cheated and deceived the public as badly as Harper’s Conservatives. Far more disgraceful is
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Jul 082012
Now that we are in the middle of summer, some might want to call it the dead of summer due to the heat wave killing not only the grass we walk on but a large part of our food supply as well. But then again global warming is a hoax by socialist’s right? If ever there was something money could buy, and did, it was and remains the perpetuating myth that we have two choices, Liberal of Conservative, because everythin
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Apr 152012
In the world of politics I have yet to come across a better written constitution than the one drafted by the Social Credit Party in British Columbia a decade or two ago. What I like about it was that you did not have to be a right winger to be able to support it; you did not have to be left leaning or a leftist to support it. It was simply a great set of rules for you and me, and my neighbor and the guy across the
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Jan 092012
Let me begin by quoting from Wikipedia “Rebranding is the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design, or a combination of them for an established brand with the intention of developing a differentiated (new) position in the mind of stakeholders and competitors” British Columbia has seen some of the most insane or bizarre political rebranding over the past few decades. During the 1940s, the government was co
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Oct 292011
Love him, like him, hate him, everyone has their own view of  Dr David Suzuki, but few could ever challenge that the following speech was not David Suzuki’s best ever, it was and is the most relevant speech we have ever heard in this decade by a Canadian. As far as good speakers in Canada, we have a lot of them, but none can top this speech, directly from the heart of Dr David Suzuki, who came forward, as a simp
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Oct 112011
For those of you world wide, not just those living in New York, CBC did an excellent documentary on the role stock exchanges have on our individual lives and countries. Yes with every movement that demands change you get radicals who have no clue as to why they are there other than to protest, regardless the problems stock exchanges created have touched every family in the world, and not in a positive way. More ac
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May 182011
Many of you will find this article one that either strikes a familiar chord or one that rubs you the wrong way, either way its food for thought. Realistically there are more children today who know the phrase “War on Terrorism” than those who know the phrase “Mac Attack” and it is not because one is more important than the other but rather the sheer volume of times each and every persons brain has to endure
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Mar 042011
It is hard for most people to understand what insane notion would have concluded that Obama was deserving of a nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize. Hindsight really is 20/20 and the nomination should be withdrawn. Obama has come a long ways since the love affair that got him elected on the specific issue of getting away from the abusive manner his predecessor ran the United States of America. Society was sick to de
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Mar 012011
Canada is world renowned for mining and mineral exploration; however what is less known is the extremely abusive nature of mining companies. For years the mining industry has focused major resources into cleaning up its image, however not its behavior. At the heart of the matter is stock manipulation, takeovers, profit taking and every term related to greed and the absolute absence of caring about fellow Canadian c
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Feb 222011
More and more Canadians are waking up to another horrid reality only this time the media will not help you discovery the truth. Recently it was impossible not to notice a war on internet metering; however there is more to the story than what the media wants us to know. Little is said about media mergers and acquisitions; below is an exceptional quote by Noam Chomsky on this matter. “He who controls the media cont
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Feb 202011
When I first started this blog I promised readers I would not mince words, nor would I beat around the bush, what I did promise is that I would call it as I see it, that said let’s get on with it. Let’s start from the beginning, the other day I wrote about Gordon Campbell attending the Bilderberg Conference. Imagine if for just a moment all those so called “conspiracy theories” were true. Then the BC’s Co
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Nov 182010
Report from the Philippines. Looking back at the incident where police officers in Manila were so severely condemned worldwide by the press, its time to lighten up and be a little less self righteous and a whole lot more honest. In my humble opinion it was the media overkill of the decade. On the topic of the Manila hostage taking I will take the liberty of having a closing word on the topic to set the record strai
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Nov 052010
Spending time in the Philippines for some great R&R is always something I have looked forward to. Despite the ups and downs that accompany vacationing in a third world nation, there is still a feeling of being a few steps closer to humanity compared to the cold world of capital greed. So why do I write a report from out of the Philippines? Well out of curiosity one cannot but help but look at the news, and won
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Oct 162010
Omar Khadr and every immigrant have something in common. Today the United States is at war with many countries, oddly none of them attacked United States of America, and oddly there was no evidence that any of them ever would. 911 cannot be counted because United States would have had to attack Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, and did not, they attacked Afghanistan because they wanted to build a pipeline from the Caspia
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Jul 172010
As always with both G8 and G20 summits there is enough controversy to cloud over any issues that might have been either good or bad. The G20 summit was no exception when you have all those wonderful Canadians who as long as the hockey game is not interrupted will defend any and everything our government does. Why? Well simply put, the last 5 generations before them did it too and now it’s a tradition that God for
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Jun 222010
  If ever there was a man who did more to decimate everything we know as meaning Canadian, then Brian Mulroney should win the award for “Best Traitor”. First we must define the word “Traitor”, from Wikipedia. “In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of one’s sovereign or nation. Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social super
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Jun 202010
It’s not easy to ignore, when you hear stories about the blatant human rights abuse doled out by countries that the U.S. brags to be its allies and friends. Often I get very choked up when you have these idiots with more guns than brains declare that those Muslims, who do not support the United States, lost their rights when they abused their own society. In almost every instance such references are to justify
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Jun 052010
Havana. June 4, 2010 Reflections of Fidel The empire and lies (Taken from CubaDebate) I was left with no alternative other than to write two “Reflections” on Iran and Korea, which explain the imminent danger of war with the use of nuclear weapons. I have also expressed the opinion that one of them could be overcome if China decided to veto the resolution that the United States is promoting in the United
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