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WCB employees paid to commit fraud.

For most Canadians it would come as a big shock to find that the government(s) runs organizations like the Workers Compensation Board for the sole objective of cost reduction for big business, with itself as one of the largest employers taking full advantage of the conflict of interest.

The Federal Government instituted the Meredith Principle as law into Canada approximately 80 years ago. Today, even though the Federal Government passed on authority to manage Workers Compensation to the provinces, it remains itself one of the greatest benefactors of the new perverted version of Workers Compensation.

Today there is hardly a trace left of the principals set out by Chief Justice of Ontario, Sir William Meredith. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have taken this legislation, turned it inside out to become a one way street to ensure injured workers have no rights at all. Workers Compensations today uses its own kangaroo courts to insure every right injured worker had are decimated.

The four parts of the principles set out by Chief Justice of Ontario, Sir William Meredith are that employers bear the direct cost of compensation, receiving protection from lawsuits arising from injuries; workers give up the right to sue their employers and receive compensation benefits at no cost for work-related injuries; negligence and fault for the cause of injury are not considerations; and a system administered by a neutral agency would have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters arising out of the enabling legislation. This neutral agency became the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

Today before an injured worker even gets to where they are allowed to ask the Supreme Court for justice, every appeal in the WCB kangaroo courts must be exhausted, one thing is certain, that by the time injured workers are entitled to ask for justice, the injured worker will be either dead, or dead broke. The time that passes can easily take up to or exceed a decade of abuse, a psychological, and financial bashing that is unparallel in any other form of law today.

Nearly every lawyer today rejects claims for the following reasons, first that WCB law does not comply or need to comply with the standards of our real courts of law. The second is that it’s a complete waste of a lawyers time, and clients money, there is no chance of winning. There is however the odd exception to the rule, and that’s what is thrown if the face of every critic of the WCB.

One lawyer wrote to the BC Bar asking for someone willing to take on a case where fighting WCB was like having gone into an Alice in Wonderland form of judicial law. The complete absence of any resemblance to law whatsoever, where WCB makes up and changes the rules, ignores its own rules, and imposes a twisted versions of rules on any lawyer foolish enough to stand up for injured workers.

In a nutshell WCB does the following, in about 90% or more of all of its claims it pays in full with no complaints, these consist of everything from a sliver of wood in the hand to minor cuts and bruises. All those minor claims are WCB’s claim to fame that they are doing their job and doing it well.

Now on the other hand, injuries like Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or other debilitating injuries that last for decades, or even for life, those are the costly claims, and are also the claims WCB has no hesitation to spend a million dollars to insure a claimant will not set a president by getting what is owed to him/her.

The crux of the matter lies in long term and permanently injured workers, everything else WCB talks about is smoke shows to divert the public from the real truth.

Well if what I am about to say might offend you, too bad, we as a society need to wake up, grow up, and take some responsibility for the mess we have allowed to exist in our country. It’s your fault we are in this mess because you and your neighbor never spoke up when someone you knew got shafted by the WCB.

My fellow Canadians, you are a bunch of idiots if you think, we as a society can gain dignity abroad fighting the Muslims in Afghanistan while on the home front we treat our injured workers as bad as the Taliban treat their women.

Let me say this, do you think the same idiots who designed WCB, will actually make an exception for our permanently disabled veterans? If you do you better crawl back under the rock you have been hiding under. Do some research; they are already being tossed to skid row.

Pardon me for not doing the “heel toe dosey doe” for the Liberal in Alberta who was honest enough to tell the story about how the WCB employees get paid to screw injured workers over.

Pardon the blunt language but common courtesy in the past and present, has meant inhuman treatment for fellow injured workers to a society too busy with their own self preservation to do anything about it.

Is there not some bitter irony that this story exposed by the Liberal Party in Alberta comes hot on the heals of the Patrick Clayton story. Will someone wake up before we have to nominate Patrick Clayton as the only man willing to stand up and tell the truth about what is going on inside the Workers Compensation system, not only in Alberta, but all of Canada? Sorry make that two people in Alberta now, let’s not forget Hugh MacDonald.

Well it was good of the Alberta Liberals to expose this crime, only the Liberals should have said that Patrick Clayton indeed had little options left and the path he chose and may have been for him the only option he could find left. This admission by the Alberta Liberals also gives powerful credibility to the claims made by Patrick Clayton and that indeed all he really wanted was to find a way to expose this story, he was a first hand witness, he was a victim of crime.

Ask any injured worker who has tried to tell their story to the press, and found they were just banging their head against a brick wall. Patrick Clayton was right in regards to the fact it was the only way people would listen to what he had to say.

The second issue is, where is the call for a police investigation into this crime, and while they are at it, they can find this crime duplicated in each and every province and territory in Canada? It’s a Pandora’s box that nobody has guts enough to take on because to do so would jeopardize a relationship with big business and industry, not to mention the cost of having government employees.

Now I also have to ask what gives with the names of our political parties. Has anyone besides me noticed that when it comes to shafting injured workers, all three major party names are very big on the list of making promises to treat injured workers fairly, then in return you might well have urinated down their throats if your actions could speak for you.

Take for example in British Columbia the Liberal Party had one member in particular who really road the band wagon of justice for injured workers. Do you know what the Liberals did once elected? After all once you defeat the existing government, what else can you do to put the truth about WCB back into hiding?

The Liberals did what they all do in every province when the WCB’s looking like the criminals they really are; they had a review, and guess who represented the big business in this review?

Well it was none other than Allen Hunt, and guess who the Liberals hired to implement the findings of that review?

Well to bad you can’t have Charles Manson as head of your justice committee, using your logic it would have made very good sense.

Isn’t it amazing when you have a government that hires one of two disputing parties to write the new rules, insanity obviously is hitting new heights and to this day no one has had balls enough to do anything about it?

Look again at the words in the Meredith Principle Agreement and try find any form of neutral party in the name Allen Hunt.

Oh, by the way, check up and find out if Allen Hunt is even a Canadian, he was not at the time our governments hired him. And pray what the hell were the Liberals in British Columbia thinking when they hired an American to re-write Canadian Law?

The citizens of Canada got what we paid for, it’s called “Screwed” and corporations all across Canada were laughing all the way to the bank. Its not just Canadian corporations, the vast benefactor of these new WCB policies befit foreign investors even more, as today the vast majority of big business is majority owned outside of Canada.

So then we must ask, what the hell is a Liberal? Not that they are better or worse than the NDP or Conservatives, they are all a bunch of liars who will say anything to get elected, and then my mind asks me if Patrick Clayton, did or did not have alternative options.

There simply is not enough space here to post the crimes each party has committed against the permanently disabled injured workers. Each and every party n power has a long standing legacy of balancing its books on the backs of injured workers.

Ask yourself this, when the government and the WCB does not have to follow the law, should the citizens of Canada be required to? Would you still condemn Patrick Clayton if you understood what he was up against? It is still against the law to endorse crime so we won’t go there.

Please don’t answer that, instead lets hammer those responsible for this mess and have them tossed out of their offices, without their lucrative pensions as penalty for the crimes they committed against fellow Canadians.

Seriously just how corrupt can our WCB Boards get before someone will say enough is enough?

Why does government continue to balance its books on the backs of the disabled?

Why do those working to screw injured workers over have such mind boggling pension plans paid for with injured workers blood?

Time For a Reality Check

Injured workers are being told on a daily basis for decades now that if the adjudicator cannot see pain, there is no claim. Blatantly adjudicators have said directly to the face of injured workers, “we have unlimited resources, we don’t care if you try seek litigation”.

Nearly every injured worker has been sneered at with the following comment, “Workers Compensation is not required to pay for pain, and it pays only for lost wages”. Now we know they don’t pay for either pain or lost wages.

We have see instances where adjudicators have bragged to employers that they have a ZERO track record for anyone staying on WCB benefits, then being promoted by coincidence for their outstanding achievements.

We have thousands of cases in Canada where Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome is being denied after having been classified as fakes by people who subcontract for WCB as physical therapists. The irony is that these people were already certified as suffering from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome by licensed doctors, or in some cases expert medical doctors whom are specialists in the field.

The way injured workers with CRPS are being treated today makes a joke out of the Supreme Court ruling on that very same topic.

A history of DENIAL by compensation boards regardless of medical evidence proving injured workers were honest in regards to their medical history. Yet the Workers Compensation will spend hundreds of thousands of injured workers dollars to show the rare case of a fraud claimant.

The reality is that for every fraud claimant, there are about 1000 frauds committed against injured workers.

The WCB Boards have hired in nearly every serious injured worker claim, a spy to watch and video or document injured workers movements, regardless of the traumatic impact this type of investigation has on honest, and law abiding citizens of Canada, even if there is evidence that investigators fabricate evidence, they continue to be rehired.

WCB Boards have a history of hiring or refusing to rehire private investigators, rehab consultants, or any persons dealing with reporting on the condition of the victim if they do not end up getting cost reduction.

Nearly in every case where WCB contracts out work, the work entails a form of denial of claim, and its not a secret this business of denial is one of the most lucrative startup business today.

Hiring drop out doctors from med school to find in favor of reduction of cost of claims, period, and to heck with the real truth, they are the backbone of WCB’s medical review panels.

WCB to this day refuses injured workers the right to have a witness present when their own privately hired doctors do the assessment to determine permanent injury. They have the right to refuse not only the witness but the obligation to pay injured workers for their injury as forfeited by the injured worker for refusing to be examined if you refuse to be examined in the presence of a witness.

The very AMA Guide they use states clearly the rules for using that information, yet WCB allows these doctors to violate those very rules in order to reduce WCB costs.

The doctors they use are the same ones used to fight injury claims in auto accidents, so as a doctor, their job is to make a liar out of the injured worker, to negate the claims of injury are the objective of these doctors who defy the oath made by doctors to protect and serve their patients best interests.

The Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest binding documents in history. Written in antiquity, its principles are held sacred by doctors to this day, however these doctors are paid to slander what other doctors gave diagnosed, to refute the true extent of an injury.

Ask yourself how the actions of these doctors are not the most flagrant violation of the Meredith Agreement, and it flies in the face of everything that legitimized the Workers Compensation System in the first place. Refer to the Meredith Principal.

In British Columbia the Workers Compensation Board writes letters to injured workers doctors, demanding that in order to get paid; they must conform to rules that are withheld from the public, a form of extortion that makes doctors afraid to write anything supportive of injured workers claims.

Doctor’s behaviors after receiving these letters is 180 degree shift in attitude towards their patients, they absolutely refuse to write anything that can be used in a courtroom to prove an injured workers claim. Some specialists will only agree to see you if you agree not to use their findings in a courtroom.

Regardless of how honest injured workers are, WCB adjudicators are notorious for using the “laughing in your face” tactic to elicit a reaction out of you that could be used to terminate your benefits. Another common tactic injured workers must endure is the comments “your just too lazy to return to work” again to elicit a violent reaction they can use against the injured worker.

Instances of where adjudicators are suggesting patients (injured workers) use opiod drugs to be able to return to work, that despite the danger it poses to both injured workers and fellow workers.

Instances where adjudicators refuse to follow the advice by a patient’s doctor, to be referred to a specialist, and then the patient is also not allowed under WCB regulation to sue for the consequential injuries.

The WCB refuse to be responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of an injury. Example is when you have one leg that is unstable or a head injury that causes a loss of balance, the injury that occurs due to a fall is not recognized by WCB.

The WCB also like to use a chart to determine what they owe injured workers; however the very first statement in that chart says that the contents are not to be used to evaluate the disability of injured workers. I refer to the AMA charts that are being used (abused) systematically with only one objective in mind, ironically they never use the words to deny a claim, and they use the politically correct version of “cost reduction.”

Let me stop here, because if any investigation needs my help I can over them about 20 pages of abuse by WCB without ever having to repeat myself. Look up Workers Compensation on CBC or CTV and read the comments left by hundreds if not thousands of Canadians who have been burned by none other than their own government, because they had an accident at work. A crime they must pay for by living in poverty for the rest of their lives.

In closing I would like to thank Hugh MacDonald for having been honest enough to step forward with some truth in regards to the WCB. Canada is in need of more honest men and women with the courage to stand up for truth, even if it’s more cost effective to shut up and hide as most politicians do.

As for evidence to back up what I have said, I have a box that weighs over 80lbs of paper, video tapes, audio tapes, legal documents to back up everything said in this article and would be happy to hand it over to any lawyer with the integrity and courage to fight this abuse.

As for the common Canadian citizen, please have the courage to stand up and tell these political hacks to their face that their days of abuse need to end…..immediately or face the fury of the electorate.

Fight for people who have been treated worse that the victims of abuse overseas that we claim to be fighting to liberate. Fight to liberate our injured workers from a lifetime of poverty and verbal abuse from both WCB and the governments who allow them to abuse disabled injured workers.

The RCMP should put locks on the WCB offices until a complete investigation is done into the behavior of all WCB employees, likewise no unions should be allowed to negotiate excuses for crimes committed against WCB victims.

Dereliction of duty charges should be laid in the case of every upper level management position found to be supporting the current corrupt WCB system. Criminal charges should be brought against every person who willingly and knowingly reduced or removed injured workers benefits.

Charges of deliberate psychological abuse charges should be laid against all adjudicators who have verbally abused their position to reduce costs for the WCB.

Finally all charges against Patrick Clayton be placed on hold until the investigation into the WCB is completed, in the mean time Patrick Clayton needs to be sent to a rehabilitation center and compensated for the abuse committed against him. If in fact the WCB is found to be guilty, all charges against Patrick Clayton should be dismissed.


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  1. WCB = Worst criminal bastards;

    I hope someone puts these fuckers in their graves ; Mass Graves
    Purposely crippled by WCB with denials of doctors requests / warnings /

  2. Your article titled “WCB employees paid to commit fraud” is one of the best articles I have seen as you reflect my views on the system. I did send the article to all the Alberta MLA’s, numerous injured workers across Canada and a select number of WCB employees . The whole system is a disgrace and there is a general consensus tamongst disab led workers to simply abolish it as it servers no useful purpose other than providing employment for WCB personnel as well as contract doctors who sell their souls to WCB to ensure continued contractual agreements with WCB.

    Gerry Miller

  3. I read your article, and found it to be a very good read. When I read the article about Hugh MacDonald I e-mailed him with my particulars and story. He contacted me within the hour , saying he could not do anything for individuals , but he might use my story when he brings up this WCB bonus bull____ in the Alberta Legislature.
    I agreed immediately and for this reason I do not want WCB to have time to create lies and cover up what they have done to me , so I am not saying anymore about my story here.
    If I may give you some constructive criticism, please use spell check and have a few friends read your editorial/column for spelling errors before posting it.
    A column of this quality should have all I’s dotted and T’s crossed. People that have not had any dealings with such a corrupt corporation as WCB will just write you off as uneducated ranting, and this is so far from the truth.
    Excellent article you have posted, and unfortunately so very true.
    Thank You

  4. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
    You are like a freedom fighter for suppressed , tormented, abused, defrauded, disrespected second class citizens / injured workers right across Canada!!!
    Thank you very much for your posting of PHENOMENAL article “WCB employees paid to commit fraud”.
    Best Regards,

  5. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are like a freedom fighter for suppressed , tormented, abused, defrauded, disrespected,TORTURED second class citizens / injured workers right across Canada!!!
    Thank you very much for your posting of PHENOMENAL article “WCB employees paid to commit fraud”.

    Best Regards,

  6. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are like a freedom fighter for suppressed , tormented, abused, defrauded, disrespected,TORTURED second class citizens / injured workers right across Canada!!!
    Thank you very much for your posting of PHENOMENAL article “WCB employees paid to commit fraud”.

    Best Regards,

  7. Thankyou for standing up and being counted in the plight of every working stiff out there in our society, all across this country, and not giving them the control. As we’ve seen so far, they stink and so does every politician that takes blood money from them. We seem to forget that they work for us” and that if they don’t do a good job, they get fired. Everything in and on and within this world needs balance. And when the balance is disrupted, look out workin stiffs. I am a hurt worker and can no longer work, so be it, it is what it is, but worse off people than myself have no recourse, no choice, survival is the only option, well i say, Let competition come in, now W.C.B. has to put up or shut up and go broke. Let’s get off the couch after six o’clock and fire their asses”. Make them accountable for their actions, like we have to when we get hurt!!!

  8. yes it is about time everyone knows about this,l have been suffering very bad with my injury,but wcb tells me im ready to go back to work,what the hell does he know,l have to wear sandels on my feet because of my foot and when winter comes around here l am with sandels and people look at me like im nuts,well guys l know now im not nuts.put it this way it dont matter how l look at it l know im screwed because wcb will win no matter what,im so tired of trying to tell my worker that im not ready for work yet because wcb will win again

  9. You are bang on with these facts, i have heard insite information about these money grabbers bragging about how much they’ve saved their departments , and i had to ask myself , on the backs of how many injured workers? There definetly is a major , serious
    unlawfullness going on here. I think your story showed be mailed to every politician and every WCB worker on a monthly or at least a pre-Christmas mailing date, or just as they are about to go on there WELL DESERVED VACATION, ha , to remind them of the Dirty Deeds They are Responsible for. What a Shame and Discrace. Our country is going to the dogs, because of these dogs. Keep up the good work, and let the rest of us Decent , Law Abiding Tax Payers of this country know if you ever want to raise money to somehow hire a lawyer who has the guts to take on these criminals who are just wolves in sheeps clothing. Thanks , Again for the insite.

    • we should be able to get a class action suit going … would require ferocious lawyers to equal the WCB lawyers…. would take a long time … but truth is truth .. no one can deny us our truth because we live it every day…. we just have to shout it loud enough, it is time to gather ourselves together , anyone know of movements started and any class action suits underway ? let’s get the ball rolling …. and we will need fundraising or to set up some sort of advocacy or foundation , any ideas ?

  10. You are just telling it like it is. The TRUTH, my box weighs about the same as your and I too have recorded and video taped everything. I just had a medical panel review we will see how that goes. We should write a book togeather all factual info. Thanks nice to see I am not alone

  11. you know what, because of all of this thats going on with me, l have tried so hard to keep out of this depression but its not working so well,my life has now been stuck in the hands of wcb,l have no life left,l have nothing left,all and everything l do its fow wcb,after that my foots to sore for me to even take a walk with my grandbabies,like l said l have no life left its all for wcb thanks wcb thanks

  12. hi everyone, D l hope all went good with ur wcb review, since the last time l got on l have had a mini stroke on sept 18th 2010 l am still going for tests to see what caused it,the dr took me out of school that wcb has been sending me to get my GED well now WCB if fighting this hes getting the wcb dr to call my dr to see why l have been removed from school,my wcb worker thinks l should still be in school l tried to explain to my worker that its my health thats at stake but he would not listen to me,like l said this is all about wcb the hell with the workers health, this is so so sad

  13. There needs to be organization and a lot of it.
    WCB, from my 6 years of experience, has a very clever way of suppressing reality. They will provide 110% coverage, care and communication to ‘short-term’ claims. These must account for around 80% of their claims. The other 20% make up ‘long-term’ claims: those who have their rights thrown out the window, after a certain period.

    In doing such, you will convince the public that everything the 20% say are pure fabrications, or exaggerations.

    This creates a problem: how do you change public perspective, when the public ear is not open to listen (they have already made their mind up)?

    The answer? Awareness. When I go outside, I should know something is wrong.
    Feel free to email me: [email protected]

  14. I need to add that of the 20% ‘long-term’ claims, around 10% might receive acknowledgement; the other 10% are denied.

    If this is not how a billion dollar PE remains strategic, then I will find another profession.

  15. [...] the hell they please, and the public be damned. A good example of this is the government run Workers Compensation Boards who have their own independent courts, judge, jury and hangman, all imposed on Canadian citizens [...]

  16. I just read the JLS Report and I can Identify with everything in it. Today is Nov.12, 2010 I am at 13yrs and 2 days since my injury, I have chronic pain was diagnosed at the Chronic Pain Centre in Calgary by a Chronic Pain Specialist and I will have it for life. My life has truly been screwed by these BASTARDS. I was injured a little over a month after my 40th birthday and chose to not marry or bring children into his hell and I am glad cause I hope for death every day. I would like to talk with you Mr. Seagull, and help to get these pricks all of them. I want a life back. Would also like to talk with Charles.
    [email protected]

  17. I was wondering if anyone knew a good lawyer in Vancouver, B.C. who could help me fight a case with WCB. Please send me an email.

    Thank You,
    Randy D
    [email protected]

  18. [email protected] is my correct email address sorry for the typo.

  19. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a good lawyer in Vancouver, B.C to help me fight a case against WCB. Please send me an email to [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Randy D

  20. help i need to fight with these ppl .i am going through deep depression i got no energy in my body to fight wcb.i need a good lawyer to fight with these people any one know a good lawyer please let me know i will be realy thankful to you.e mail me at [email protected].

  21. I to would like justice if we could all stick together and talk to the media asking for help maybe some law firm would help? I have taped conversations with my worker and it is dehumanizing to say the lease what ever happened to human rights? people get so irate when they hear of animals being abused what about us? don’t get me wrong i love animals if it wasn’t for my dog during my darkest hours things could be different. Please someone help us!

  22. Injured Oct.24/74
    Things just don’t change. This is a statement made by another injured worker which sums up my life dealing with WCB.
    ( A serious injury changed my life forever.WCB destroyed it.)
    The only people who can change this are the people, who can change the laws. It is my near 40 years of WCB hell, that the people we elect to protect us, don’t give a dam about
    about injured workers and never will. People with decency and backbone do not enter the corrupt world of politics and the ones that do are quickly turned or ignored.

  23. Is there enough injured workers to rally up in each province at WCB HQ’s and shut the streets down until something is done I do not mean an hour or two rally I am talking shutting the streets down, anyone see what wonderful things just happened in Egypt…Get what I am saying, I have had enough.

    email me anytime
    [email protected]
    Hubby injured May 15th 2006

    I was injured April 5th 2001 Both have permanent injury status

    • injured March 2006, i feel the same way… enough is enough, it is TIME FOR CHANGE. if any of the suffering any of us has gone through and will continue to go through can make any small or large part of change, then it will be worth it for me… but if no change can occur then our suffering is senseless.

  24. Join class action suit in Alberta, Lets stop the abuse.
    Posted by Donna skygoggins on October 25, 2011 at 4:00pm
    View Blog
    . If you have documented evidence that WCB has hired independent medical examinations doctors that favor WCB and reports are untrue, inaccurate ,misleading, negligent or biased continue reading. If your doctors opinions and treatment go unheeded by WCB employees, help stop the pattern of abuse.
    Join injured workers all across Canada (IWAAC) and this lawsuit
    Thanks Donna [email protected]

    There is a similar law in Canada

    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2008
    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2008
    Injured Workers’ RICO Claim to Proceed Against Employer and Insurance Company

    contact [email protected]

  25. What is sad is that these doctors know that they need to do whatever it takes so that te injured doesn’t get coverage and whatever the doctors final answer is then that is the one that counts. If you broke your leg but the doctor says that it is not broken then your sorry ass will need to suck it up and go to work with your “phsychologically” broken leg syndrome… Stupid system made so no one can fight their rights… You can get actually killed at work but WCB has so many cover ups that you’ll fall into one of them and your employer can laugh at your death… I don’t blame the employers but the government that control us on everything…. True we have what many countries could not wish for but on this path we will end up in a totalitarian regime where you and me must obey or die alone. Plus not to mention that Canada is the junky country where no one protest for their rights.
    I’m ashame of the government and how things work here but I guess I must suck it up as you do too.

    [email protected]

  26. very validating …thank for putting words to the reality i have been experiencing.
    i didn’t grow up to have my adult life stolen from me by disability, pain, corruption, greed and inhumanity
    where do i live again ? i thought i grew up in Canada?
    how can this really be happening to me?
    my own death, would be a much kinder option, than enduring this suffering for my lifetime.
    injury requires a lifetime of manual therapy , which poverty prevents
    why live ? what for ? if this is all there is ….
    our government should be ashamed…. and to all those who say “that’s just how it is”…double shame…
    personally i voice my dismay of this reality everywhere i go… but what change comes of that ?
    will my life ever make a difference… will it somehow ever be worth this suffering ?
    only time will tell.

  27. Back injury; all the records and prof, I needed , Doctors agreed’ WCB said I had to see one more. Orthopedic surgeon, five days in hospital being druged up before doctor shows up, doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, it was the final say, nothing else mattered, all the prof I had wrong,even the other doctors. I found out later the doctor had a temporary licence, who had fail his medical exams, stripped of his medical licence, was charged for assitting in murders with another doctor. After losing his medical licence, sold his house,and went who knows. Revenue Canada has launched legal action, claiming the doctor owes $100,000 in unpaid taxes. Still in pain and having problems, things are haveing a big tow on live,WCB said they are not responsable for what happened. This is my story, Question who can help, what do you do.CBCs National Magazine has a article on the doctor.

  28. I live in BC,but worked in Edmonton,Alberta.I injured my shoulder and saw my Doctor at home .He ordered X-rays which were allright showing no Arthritis but that does not show Soft-tissue injuries,so he ordered Ultra-sound,which took a couple of months to get an appointment.When the results came in it showed a Tendon Tear,requiring an operation.I had been taking Physio but stopped that as it was doing no good,it might make things worse.that;s when I applied for WCB.Neither my Doctor or my Therapist were aware it was Torn,altough they knew it was a Tendon problem,all the time we talked about my work and all of them knew it was work related.When I phoned the Company;s Safety Officer that I worked for,he said I should tell our Bookeeper also,even though that sounded funny,I did,and that was when it all got stupid.She flipped on me,,told me it would heal,I told her I needed an Operation,she said I didn;t,,as if she would Know what a Bricklayer does and,Why did it take so long??Then back to ” It;ll Heal”.,,and I finally gave up talking to her,too stupid a conversation for me,I had Doctors Notes,Physio Notes,Ultra-Sound images and no use of my left arm,and it hurt like Hell,I could not sleep,and I have not been able to still,that was 14 months ago.When the Adjudicater finally phone me,all she did was blather about Reports and kept making sighing noises every time I answered her questions.I finally got a Consultant through the Union,who has helped a lot,but in the Report the Adjudicater Lies,and says my Doctor claimed he never knew it was work -related.I saw my Doctors Notes,he showed me and it clearly says work-related and I was self helping by taking Physio,which any normal person would try to do,until otherwise told not to.Outright Lies,No Help and this was an obvious Injury.At 62 I have done everything,..Operation and Physio,, all without WCB help.
    .Lookout Older Workers”,, WCB doesn;t think we;re worth helping,She told me to Retire,as if that was an Option with the Measly CPP System before 65,you would starve.This while they collect,,50,60,70,, Thousand a Year in their own Civil Service Pensions.I did a Survey the other day and one question was,Would I be in favor of a Tax Increase to pay for the Shortfall in the Civil Service Pension Plan??
    I said No,They can pay their Enormous Pensions themselves.
    They are truly Evil at WCB Edmonton,probably the same everywhere as they E-mail each other constantly at Work to spread their Evil even morer.

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