May 252011

Below is a list of the best articles online in regards to those who want to learn more about HST, this list is updated daily and justifies why British Columbia said no so loud it resulted in the Liberal switch and bait game from Gordon Campbell.

The switch was to be able to bait the public into changing their minds.

If you see any good articles I missed, please use the comments section to add them or any other comments you may have concerning HST.

Due to the high value of watching these videos, and sharing them with as many people as you can we are moving videos to the top. I appears that they are not posting any more oh the HST debates, so looks like the one in Dawson Creek is the one that will be most shared in British Columbia.

I would highly recommend you watch the live debates, all of them if you can, they will really help you in talking to others about this critical issue.

NOTE: We stopped doing updates as we feel there is more than enough material here for everyone to use. Almost all new articles are repetitive information, we hope you have been able to make use of this collection.

Now just Vote, get at least 3 other people to vote, and if we all do that it will be an easy win, but only if you all actually VOTE.

The official HST contract between British Columbia and the federal Government


YouTube - Fight-HST Promotional Video (new)

HST Debate in Dawson Creek - May 24, 2011

HST Debate in Prince George - May 26, 2011

HST Debate in Kamloops - May 27, 2011

HST Debate in Kelowna - May 28, 2011

HST Debate in Cranbrook - May 31, 2011

HST Debate in Surrey - June 2, 2011 This one is by far the funniest of all Debates, worth watching indeed.

HST Debate in Abbotsford - June 3, 2011

HST Forum from UBC in Vancouver June 4th 2011

In The News

Premier Clark plays politics of the fearful


HST eating into wallet


HST hurts seniors


Senior digging in heels against HST


Burnaby-Lougheed MLA’s office to be site of anti-HST conference


Complaint charges pro-HST ads ‘false, deceitful’


Crusaders continue to rail against the HST


Extra costs created by the HST are clear


B.C.’s tax scheme is adding to the gap between rich and poor


HST: protect your money


HST referendum full of mystery


BC gets final HST payment from federal Conservative government - appointment of ex-Premier Gordon Campbell to High Commissioner to UK job!




News1130 HST Quiz - Answers - News1130


The HST and the politics of fear - The Globe and Mail


The Tyee – Secrets of the HST Referendum


Vernon Morning Star - HST referendum


HST: How dumb do they think we are?

HST - To Tell The Truth

Voting against HST a matter of principle

Vote call should have frozen HST rebate

Vernon Morning Star - Anti-HST rally hits streets of Vernon

The HST will not help businesses create jobs

Reliance on sales tax hurts us all

NDP Says Big Business Spewing False Propaganda In HST Ads | Link Newspaper

Province’s approach to HST question still one of deceit | The Boundary Sentinel

Laws and taxes killing local pubs

HST shifts burden off rich, onto rest

CTV British Columbia - Poor pay higher tax rate than rich in B.C.: study - CTV News A must see article and video.

Badge of dishonour

Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal - HST hurts everyday people

The Tyee – Battle of the Stickmen over HST Tax

Vernon Morning Star - HST spells higher prices for cycling sales

Shame on you, Mr. Harper, shame… | I’m Laila Yuile, And This Is How I See It

Scare tactics to come in B.C. government’s push for HST

HST is good for business, but at whose expense? | Vancouver, Canada |

Exactly who’s fooling whom over the HST?

CTV British Columbia - Does the HST cost you more or less? - CTV News

The Facts on the HST | Vote YES

We Have a Spending Problem

Certified General Accountants Association spreads the love of the HST… but is this conflict for members who promote the HST to clients? | I’m Laila Yuile, And This Is How I See It

Scrapping the HST

Restaurant owners claim the HST is hurting business

HST factions spin their versions of the ‘truth’

Fight HST gets hundreds of highway signs up

Chris Delaney: The politics of HST economics | Vancouver, Canada | - HST OP-ED: Consumers hurt by extra taxes

Adrian Dix set to make the choice for voters clear by distinguishing NDP from Liberals

 Why doesn’t U.S. dollar parity and HST lower prices?

Terrace Standard - HST fiasco is a warning to all politicians

Seniors weigh pros and cons of HST

Objective HST information not so objective

No more ‘zeros,’ vows B.C. public sector union president

Much to question as Victoria gets crafty in bid to sell HST

Libs not the first to play with tax

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead. | I’m Laila Yuile, And This Is How I See It

HST forces ‘little guys’ to bail out B.C. business

HST battle will be down to the wire

HST ads go from a little persuasion to a lot - Public Eye Online

HST: Accountants sell tax with voodoo economics

Get rid of the Liberals along with the HST

Extinguish tax on principle

Clark’s HST vote overshadowed by Canucks

Clark continues Campbell’s HST deception - Business community split on HST

24 Hours: HST referendum meant to confuse

Fight HST Video Contest

Independent MLA protests misleading voters guide. - View from the Ledge

The Tyee – HST Vote Is About Your Money

Seniors weigh pros and cons of HST

Premier Clark misdirects blame for ‘confusing’ HST question :: The Hook

HST forces ‘little guys’ to bail out B.C. business - Pitt Meadows takes down anti-HST signs

Anti-HST campaign violated city bylaw

Back in the saddle…and gunning for the good fight : Vote Yes to Say No HST rally in Surrey Thursday June 16th. | I’m Laila Yuile, And This Is How I See It - Simply a bad tax - Keeping HST means living with it forever

B.C.’s HST stickmen – from information to persuasion - The Globe and Mail

Liberals are misleading us with 10 per cent HST claim

TV ads misleading

New and increased taxes are taking their toll - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA

Rafe Mair: HST Taxable Items Should Go On Every Fridge In BC | Pitt Meadows Today – the Other Side of the News

Provincial Politics: Falcon, Liberals Won’t Guarantee HST Rate Reduction Will Be Permanent | Pitt Meadows Today – the Other Side of the News

HST spins past bad deal for small business

HST rewards multinational control over Canada

Government facing uphill HST battle

Dermod Travis: Suppressing HST vote no way to regain trust of B.C. voters | Vancouver, Canada |

CTV British Columbia - Yes means no; HST referendum confusion could change outcome - CTV News

Consider who’s promoting the harmonized sales tax - Public Eye Online

Black: vote ‘yes’ to get rid of HST

BC Liberals HST History |

B.C. HST ‘fix’ not enough to save tax in referendum: poll - The Globe and Mail

Liberal Tactics: Bamboozle and Bore HST Voters

HST will hand over our province’s destiny

Anti-HST crusaders want to make referendum clear

Pro-HST ‘spin’ from business leaders

HST numbers | Letters | Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Cranbrook, BC

Bill Tieleman: Bill Tieleman & Bill Vander Zalm & Chris Delaney - Fight HST - take on Smart Tax Alliance - Vancouver tonight - Wosk Centre 7:30 p.m.


Alex G. Tsakumis » The Clark Government’s Gamble on the HST: Misleading the Public–JOB ONE Comments Feed

Dix focuses on families at anti-HST launch

HST the biggest scam in BC

No closure for hypocrisy in choking off debate

B.C. government risks backlash from HST ads

BC Liberals, NDP hit the road for HST campaign - The Globe and Mail - Democracy finally getting a wake-up call - Send a message by voting against HST

Dix would wait for election to detail return to PST | Local News | Merritt News, Merritt, BC

How will you vote on the HST? Our MLA will vote to scrap it… | Revelstoke Current

NDP Accuses Christy Clark Liberals Of Continuing Pattern Of Deceit On HST | Link Newspaper

No closure for hypocrisy in choking off debate

The Straight Goods: What If the BC Liberals Win the HST Referendum?

Clark’s changes won’t change HST vote


David Schreck on Politics in BC

 Dix Says BC Liberals Running And Hiding From Debate Comments Feed

HST debate takes different tacks in Ontario and B.C. | Canada Politics - Yahoo! News

HST, smart meters will determine future of democracy | Editorial | Merritt News, Merritt, BC

Kudos to the anti-HST warrior | Editorial | Squamish Chief, Squamish, BC

NDP Accuses Christy Clark Liberals Of Continuing Pattern Of Deceit On HST | Link Newspaper

NDP to launch anti-HST campaign next week - Public Eye Online

Clerk’s appointment a telling sign

Renovations are up, but HST dampens Ontario market

B.C. Liberals Try to Bribe Electorate into Voting For HST | Canadian Lemon

B.C.’s HST is difficult to understand and defend - Don’t let politicians off the hook on HST - Taxpayers in the dark on HST questions - Trust issues with BC Liberals eclipse merits of HST

Christy’s HST ‘fix’: Politics trumps good policy |

Corporate Income Tax You need to see this, it will happen in BC too.

HST heaven

HST: The BIGGEST Lie | Keeping it Real…

Northern Insights / Perceptivity: Planks in their own eyes

Proposed HST changes please some, not others - Columbia Valley Pioneer

RoadKill Radio » The Great HST War Update!

The Straight Goods: BC Legislature, House of Horrors

The Straight Goods: What If the BC Liberals Win the HST Referendum?

B.C. unconvinced by Clark’s HST changes - The Globe and Mail - Debate limited during HST public forums - FOULDS: Curiously, the Conservatives have escaped anti-HST wrath

Cranbrook HST forum: Never the twain shall meet | Local News | Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Cranbrook, BC

Is our government bribing the taxpayers? |

HST Foes Firm

Michael Sather Discusses Ongoing HST Debacle, May 30, 2011 | Michael Sather

No HST questions lobbed at Clark at legislature

Readers respond to Victoria’s changes to the HST


Bruce Ralston on the New and Improved HST |

Irresponsible! | Talk Digital Network - Desperate, expensive gamble to save HST

Bribery covers blunders

Does Clark need a $175 rebate?

E-Street: How do you feel about Premier Christy Clark’s HST “fix”?

Gabriel Yiu: The bankrupt promises of the B.C. Liberals’ HST | Vancouver, Canada |

Happy to vote

HST campaign rolls into the Okanagan

HST changes offer crumbs to voters

HST cuts take too long for this senior couple

If only we could trust them on the HST

LETTER: HST hits when you least expect it | The Boundary Sentinel

Political pandering

Ready, aim, fire: Sparks to fly in Dix-Clark showdown

Terrace Standard - MLA doubts fix will help tax plan

The Northern View - City food industry not convinced by HST changes

Top of Mind - May 30, 2011 - Public Eye Online

Trying a new tax

B.C. electoral officer Craig James uses Arizona shooting in an attempt to discredit FightHST. Pathetic | - Singing the HST blues - HST debate gets ugly

Bribery is smoke

Clark’s HST “solution”: We’ll Return Less Than Half of What We’ve Stolen From You | Keeping it Real…

Fake neutrality: Selling the HST | The Real Story (This one is very good)

HST rebates ‘probably illegal,’ Vander Zalm tells TRU forum | City & Region | Kamloops Daily News

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.” ~ Ernest Benn

Leyne column: Zalm’s wacky campaign rolls on

Paul Willcocks: HST salvage bid leaves big budget questions

Record shows Liberals can’t be trusted on tax

The Straight Goods: Christy Clark Promises to Shift $2 Billion Dollars in Taxes Back to Corporations(when pigs fly)

The Straight Goods: HST Jobs Cost BCer`s $600,000.00 each

VernonBlog: Anti HST Town Hall Meeting

Why I’m voting against keeping the HST. | Resolving Timeline Issues

WRITER EAGER FOR END OF HST | Osoyoos Times - Straw men and the HST

Blog nuggets: Christy Clark steals three bad ideas to ‘save’ the HST | Full Comment | National Post

Bribery covers blunders

Editorial: Clark’s HST ‘rebalance’ has stench of politics

HST fix promoted using taxpayer-funded info campaign - Public Eye Online (watch this video, because in the next election his own words here can be used to hang Kevin Falcon.

HST gets trimmed, voters get cheques Fight HST camp claims the province’s move to reduce the harmonized sales tax is an admission of failure.

HST Heckled in Prince George - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada

Penticton Western News - HST reduction fails to sway opponents

People with disabilities left out of revised HST

Poll shows women more opposed to B.C.’s HST than men

Residents hear anti side to HST |

The HST: Just vote with your feet and move to Medicine Hat - The Globe and Mail

The Tyee – Clark’s HST Plan Could Crumple Her Credibility

The Smart Tax Alliance. Non-Partisan? Really? | CCPA Policy Note (A must read article if you want to know who is fighting the Liberals Pro-HST campaign.

Tax changes add fuel to looming election fire

Paying attention: Desperate, expensive gamble to save HST

NDP sees cut as desperate attempt to buy votes for botched initiative

BC Liberals attempt to bring the HST back from the dead is another deceptive move to pull the wool over British Columbians’ eyes. | Gary Coons

Dump HST for damage it will do to the majority

Bad milk and the HST - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada

CANADIAN RESTAURANT AND FOODSERVICES ASSOCIATION | HST changes “very little, very late” for province’s restaurant industry


The Tyee – Problems with BC Business Council’s Pro-HST Study

The Tyee – Biggest Tax Shift in BC History: Why Did Campbell Do It?

The HST: should it stay or should it go now?

HST Panel Report Full of Errors (The second article on this page)

Issues: Anti HST Tax Represents The Biggest Tax Shift In BC History | Abbotsford Today

Why Manitoba Rejected HST (PDF by the government of Manitoba)

The Truth about HST (PDF)

HST and the Double Barrel Shotgun - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada

Clark has missed the opportunity to put a fresh face on the government of Gordon Campbell | Gordon F D Wilson - Pro-HST arguments tax patience

Anti-HST Kamloops - (CFJC News)

Rebuttal to the “Letter to Bill Vander Zalm” video by a UBC Student (note this one proves the video made by the UBC student is a con job)

Dump HST for damage it will do to the majority

Seth Klein: Why I’m voting against the HST: It fails the fairness test | Vancouver, Canada |

HST Tax Shift Founded on One Flawed Study

Why I’m voting against the HST

B.C. to spend $5 million on HST advertising campaign - In Your Corner: Communities will put end to HST

Palmer: Clark’s HST ‘fix’ better be good

Bill Tieleman: What the HST will cost us - and why BC should vote “YES” to extinguish the HST in June referendum

The Tyee – Exposing HST Myths

Post-HST future uncertain

Abolishing HST is your chance to say “enough” | Muskeg News

The Straight Goods: HST Shell Game Continues! UPDATED March/10

HST: Business Gets It Up Front; Consumers Get It in the End | Keeping it Real…


How Bad is The Record: Christy Thinks She Can Solve The HST Mess

David Schreck on Politics in BC

Keeping it Real… » HST: So Where ARE Those Lower Prices? Comments Feed

Liberals Lying Again on HST Restaurant Meals | - British Columbians are not going to be fooled

Fight HST Town Hall Debate Tour | Fight HST - Join Bill Vander Zalm in Fighting back against HST. Volunteer Today.

Some tips to help keep restaurants open

Liberals pile on fees then top them off with the HST

Premier’s HST pledge an ‘act of desperation’ | City & Region | Kamloops Daily News

Why I’m voting against the HST

Guest column: Christy Clark simply needs to cut the HST - British Columbians are not going to be fooled - Is the HST illegal?

The Tyee – Another $5 Million for HST Ad Campaign

HST has been vastly oversold in B.C., report finds - The Globe and Mail

BC Liberals Want BC Poor & Stupid | Diane Babcock

Anti-HST petition tops 300,000 signatures | Say No To HST In British Columbia

Want To Beat The HST , No More Tim’s - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada

Abolishing HST is your chance to say “enough” | Muskeg News

Why I’m voting against the HST

Premier eyes projected windfall for political purposes

Older Videos

HST Town Hall - Burnaby Edmonds 1

HST Town Hall - Burnaby Edmonds 2

HST Town Hall - Burnaby Edmonds 3  

  JLS ……For What It’s Worth

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