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How many of you signed up for this nonsense program that forces those telemarketers to stop phoning you if you put your name on a do not call list?

How many of you feel you received even more calls after putting your name on this list?

How many of you wished the CRTC would do something more useful with the time you are paying them, than trying to help big monopolies get even bigger with that internet scam called “Metering the Internet?”

Well if you thought the CRTC was in the back pocket of the big phone companies you might want to read this article on how you can take action and there is little if nothing they can do to stop you.

Understanding the problem.

The big phone companies would never kill phone spam, because they are the ones who get paid for every call that is made. Second the laws put in place that are supposed to protect you have holes big enough to allow freight trains through your phone.

If the CRTC had any backbone at all they would pass a ruling that would force all those who call for self profit reasons to adhere to a do not call me list.

Why has neither the Federal nor Provincial government taken action to protect the phone you are paying for?

In one word, it’s called the Workers Compensation Board.

Even when the Supreme Court of Appeals rules that an injured worker is fully disabled from working, even in a part time capacity, the Workers Compensation Board ends up overruling the courts by declaring that very same person is capable of working for a telemarketing agency.

The government even subsidizes the training of injured workers through the Workers Compensation Board where the WCB actually pays for the wages of the prospective telemarketer during training.

Who is the number one employer in Canada?

  1. The Canadian Government
  2. The Provincial Government.


Who stands to lose the most if telemarketing is disallowed by the choice of the people? That is very obvious if you understand how both the Federal and Provincial Governments have been saving millions by forcing severely suffering workers into telemarketing jobs.

I can bet there are few telemarketing companies who do not throw investment money into political campaign funds.

Well enough is enough; there is something you can do. (I know because I have done it and it works perfectly at blocking “all” unwanted phone calls.



First you must have a computer that has a modem, the old kind, the 56k V.90 or even better the V.92 modem, and a phone that has Caller ID.

For those of you who want a modem free, try calling your local recycling depot, most do recycle old computers, so there are thousands of free modem available around the country.

The second thing you need is a program, and for all of you that cannot afford one, here is a link to the one I am using. (If you can afford it, please pay for the paid version, it is really cheap and this guy is doing us all a massive favor.) No one wants to work for free so if you can as I said earlier please give him something for this amazing tool.


Here is a screen capture I used to demonstrate the effective use of this program.


Below is a list of features claimed by the owner of this website, and having tested it agree with the claims.

NOTE: I do not know the owner of this website, nor visa versa, all I do know is that this program ended all my phone spam problems. Unsaid is that you can make your own custom messages that Telemarketers will get if you wish to, by adding your thoughts about their calls, into a wav file, and adding it to the proper file folder.

The most advanced call management software for your home line!

- Zap telemarketers and block unwanted calls.

- Stop computer dialers from calling your number.

- Reject anonymous and out-of-area calls.

- Automatically block thousands of known telemarketers and scammers.

Plus you get:


- Caller ID on your computer screen, so you can see who is calling before answering the call.


- Voice Caller ID: PhoneTray speaks caller’s name and number on incoming calls.


- Complete history of all your calls, with call notes and search.


- Advanced contact manager with one click dialing.


- Built-in voice mail with custom per-caller greetings.


- Do-not-disturb mode sends callers to voice mail during night time or when you are busy.

Wishing you all a good laugh every time one of those crooks gets Zapped with your unwelcome message.  

  JLS ……For What It’s Worth

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