The Sun House responds to the hostile land takeover by Adam Gagnon and Warner Naziel of the Owl House

Having watched this story since the days leading up to the Delgamuukw land claim, and watching two standout heroes of the case, Gisday’wa and Smogelgem. These two were the driving force behind the Wet’suwet’en land claims. I am sure both would be rolling over in their graves to see what is going on today. To see a group of grown men conspire steal to each others territory, invent Wet’suwet’en law, and demand the right to be like God, saying we do not need to write down what our laws are, like God we can change them on the fly. I watched and reported this game by con artists since the beginning, if only we could put them to the test in Supreme Court to back up all the BS that is coming out of the Office of the Wet’suwet’en. However in vain, as they would refuse the authority of the Supreme Court as they have already done so many times.


As for Adam’s claims about a historical village out there, what a load of fairy-tales, there is no archeological evidence they were there, Adam went ahead digging a foundation without doing any archaeological assessment. No history done by archeologists support his claim. None of the testimony given during Delgamuukw land claim supports Adam’s claim. Adam simply makes claims as easily as if he was writing children’s fiction novels and expects the press to gobble it up, and low and behold they do! If an Indian said it, it must be true right?

The real gut churning statement for me was Warner Naziel’s claim that Adam Gagnon (Chief Dsta’Hyl) had a sacred duty to protect Smogelgen, such a sickening comment by a pair of thief’s.

I feel so incredibly proud to share with you the words of lady who is actually a member and direct descendant of the genuine Smogelgem.

The following is circulating in Social Media, in the words of Candice George

I just watched a video of a man claiming Parrot Lake. Let me explain my thoughts and feelings.

Not so long ago, my dad and all his cousins grew up out there. He remembers when there was no roads to access Parrot Lake. He remembers having to walk out there as a child. All his years growing up on the land hunting, trapping and fishing with momma George and poppa George, NOT once did they see any of those guys out on the land.

Now look at them. Stealing other house chief names and claiming territory and asking for money from the public to build more.

Since my grandfather passed away, members of the Owl House stole the name Smogelgem, lay claim to the Sun House territory, build their home and welcome anyone to come and live there.

It sounds traumatically familiar, colonial mindsets and actions to gain power and territory.

They broke our Wet’suwet’en laws.

I have no respect for those who bully and steal names to gain power and territory.

Gloria George is the true matriarch of the Sun House. She is Smogelgem because she is actually born to the hereditary lineage.

Everyone deserves to know the real truth.

NOTE: We have included the video, but we also included another one as well to show you the dark side of the same man.


Watch how hot headed Adam gets. This is how we get treated in our own community, wow, and still make the claim the members of the band or residents of Witset support the behavior of the radical chiefs. The same radicals ran for chief and seats as counselors, Freda included and lost.



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Thanks for having taken the time to visit and read our articles. I had my say, feel free to post your thoughts as well, be part of making a difference.

2 thoughts on “The Sun House responds to the hostile land takeover by Adam Gagnon and Warner Naziel of the Owl House

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    January 25, 2020 at 9:48 am

    I use to work for witsuwit’en enterprise Cam Stevens was running it he had 12 too 15 first nation working some year around Adam gagnon was hurting for money I guess herb naziel said that he had work for Adam the work did not happen so he went to a lawyer and sued wetsuwetsin enterprise took the last 80 grand company went under workers went back on social welfare are EI company would most likely be still operating and thriving contracts were direct awarded or bid that’s a chief puts his people back in the poor house all the contractors should be able to sue them put them in the poor house they get away with it put a end too the BS take there funding away

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    January 26, 2020 at 11:09 pm

    They may have stolen someones right and they may be getting rich off of this, but they are winning as all the news operations have written fawning articles about how wonderful they are. It is only a matter of time before the political pressure will change John Horgan’s mind. Was reading an article by his partner in political marriage, Adam Olsen today, where he was stating that he believes that Coastal Gas Link and the RCMP should leave.

    If they win, people all over BC should be concerned. Already, the place where Megan and Harry stayed for 2 nights has been called “stolen land”. If I were anyone in BC I would feel uneasy as Canadian law unravels as anyone with a blanket and ceremonial looking robes states that all law is wrong except the ones that they have( or have made up). This will either lead to La’Moks and his gang getting rich or getting a $40 billion project killed. All of this, I predict, will happen before the summer of 2020


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