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These are articles from the past that were reprinted due to popular request.

WCB employees paid to commit fraud.

From our archives, the most requested article ever to be returned, the most commented on article in our 18 years online. On Aug 2nd 2014 it had it has the most reads (18132) and the most comments. (57) since then it had an additional 44 more comments after we came back Read More

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Coney Dogs and Coney on Fries

Yes, I love food, music and many other things aside from politics, politics is a necessary evil, food is the opposite,  it is a necessary delight. Well nostalgia buffs my pallet says this is a perfect replication of the old drive in Dog n Suds and their famous coney dogs, Read More

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The Truth about Kevin Annett and Aboriginal Abuse

The following article brought back by popular request, it was originally posted on this website in February 18th 2013. We have made some minor updates for clarification purposes, but we feel the content is still as relevant today as it was in 2013 JLS. Read More

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Iglesia Ni Cristo aka INC

The following article is from our old archives, it was originally posted in 2011-02-03 it became our most read article of all time. Considering what is happening today, how the family (the owners of this corporation) are fighting, if not for the love of money, fighting over power and control. Read More

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