Unist’ot’en Hypocrisy - For the love of Oil and Gas

We are “taking back the land of our forefathers”, “to live off the land like they did”, “like they did since time immemorial”.

What a load of horse manure.

1. Time immemorial equals going back as far as we remember, that could be the 1960’s for most of the Hooligans out on the Morice River Roads. Time immemorial also equals the truth can be as rich as your imagination, because ZERO evidence exists to support the claim.
2. Your not taking it back from your forefathers, your taking it from your neighbors, who lived on that land, unlike you and your parents. (its called theft)
3. Live like your forefathers, not even a close second. You are 100% reliant on OIL and Gas pipelines, your as much in love with oil and gas, as are the investors in Alberta. These blockaders are more dependent on OIL and GAS to the point they owe their existence to OIL and GAS. The camp itself would not exist today but for THEIR use of OIL and GAS.

And then we have GO FUND ME. Who says being a radical does not pay well?

Unist’ot’en Camp Legal Fund    $363,592.83
Justice for Unis’tot’en Land Protectors  $76,751.00
Indigenous Life School Fundraiser $1,127.00
Wet’suwet’en Access Point on Gidimt’en Territory (Molly GoFundMe)  $230,378.00
Support the Likhts’amisyu spring build  $3,920.00
Tsayu Land Defenders  $1,024.00

For a total based on today’s date of   $676,792.83‬

In addition there are also many untracked or less traceable ways to make donations.


TOTALLY OIL AND GAS DEPENDENT the Unist’ot’en tell the rest of us they are blocking OIL and GAS to protect us, nothing could be further from the truth.

The very existence of Holligan’s Hotel could not exist without the use of fossil fuels.

All of the  people, ground support, the building materials, the trucks, roads, power generators, ATV’s, snowmobiles, chainsaws are all here due to the very energy they condemn. They want the rest of us to go green but they cannot exist without the very oil and gas they condemn.

They want you and me to stop using fossil fuels, but its perfectly fine that they use them. They call the place a healing center and the only track record they have is one they refuse to speak about, they have the dubious distinction of using an alcoholic for their fund raising, but let him slide back into the hole he was in before the blockade was renamed healing camp.

See for yourselves.

Freda Huson’s pride and joy, a gas powered truck.


Using OIL and GAS to monitor CGL, even if they have all the time in the world to walk there. Logged off area courtesy of aboriginal logging.
Freda enjoying the benefits of OIL and GAS in this gas guzzling boat.
Not to be outdone, Molly on a gas guzzling speedboat.
Living like our forefathers, how did they ever get their materials in? Wow, covered sheds for solar power campers? ATV’s ?  These damned colonizers sure brought us a lot of trash don’t you think?  OUR MOTTO say no to OIL and GAS.
Traditional aboriginal wedding without OIL and Gas


Protecting the environment by driving 130 km to buy our grocery’s in Smithers. But then we have the solar panels that “you” paid for.


Hard to imagine anyone would be here, other than by way of an oil or gas powered vehicle, does anyone know how to spell hypocrisy?


Protecting our forefathers way of life, with snowmobiles, rifles, and 4X4’s that by some amazing coincidence are on the CGL right of way.


Its winter out here, you did not expect us to walk when we can drive there in a new truck did you? As long as Raven Trust pays our gas bill who cares?


This is what grandfathers snowshoes looked like, we are here to live like he did.


Our favorite sport is mud bog racing, they run on green energy, so its ok by us.
More fuel efficient than an electric car, the new bus of Cody and Molly, to be used in their fight against the use of OIL and GAS


More fuel efficient than an electric car, the new bus of Cody and Molly, in their fight against the use of OIL and GAS
Like our forefathers we stay inside our new trucks to spy on CGL, after all the mosquitoes were brought here by the white settlers. I wonder if they will let us fuel up over there?


The sad truth is without OIL and GAS, we would be incapable of living here.


Standing in the way of OIL and GAS (at least till we get a bigger cut of that cash pie)


How can you improve on the natural habitat? By building on it and claiming you own it. Remember to say NO to OIL and GAS. (BTW we did not use any gas in this construction)


Celebrate Canada - Say NO to racist hooligans. There is no place in this world for selfish greed. United we can build the richest nation on earth.


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