Eco Terrorism in the Bulkley Valley

Coady Plamu Jipol setting fires using gasoline.

Let us begin with the subject of terrorism, most of us think of someone with a gun on a killing spree, but in fairness people who try destroy democracy, or the rule of law from the inside are equally guilty of terrorism. Those who hold our country hostage, by abusing our democracy, abusing their rights and freedoms, to deny other their rights and freedoms are indeed also elements of evil.

Those who mock our governments with the intent of destroying the elected process are also evil terrorists working from within, today we see so many hiding behind the skirts of aboriginals, or trying to shut down our nation in the name of aboriginals, when in fact they could not care less about aboriginals, but they fit the agenda.

Most members of the Gitdumden Clan support the LNG pipeline, as evidenced by the last band council elections. Then you have one primary shit disturber, who is more Caucasian than aboriginal along with her ¼ aboriginal husband who is not even Wet’suwet’en, who organized some deadbeats who were looking to express their race based hate by way of joining the blockaders. Then with the support of Tides Foundations infiltrated groups they use the “art of twisting truth” to get headlines like the “Gitdumden Blockade” to make the public assume that the entire clan supports the anarchist chief and his small band of very vocal followers. (for the sake of not turning an article into a book, I will leave out proving that the chief is not even a legitimate heir to chiefs position)

The above paragraph is referring to Molly Wickham, Cody Merriman, and Jeff Brown.


These ignorant selfish humans do not care how much harm the cause all Canadians, they do not care about the cost to civilization, but are the first to bitch and whine about their rights and to hell with everyone else rights. These people are justifiably labelled terrorists, they are a massive burden on society and are often the reason why we need more laws to protect the rest of society.

The USA would be doing low passes over Parliament Hill with stealth bombers if Canada had organizations like Tides undermining the economic security of the USA.

While many organizations come across as suit and tie respectable citizens, it’s amazing when you look at the fine print, they put financial and political support behind both Eco-terrorists and anti-government extremism aka anarchists.

Organizations like the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, Skeena Wild, Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research and Management, Friends of Morice-Bulkley and even the Office of Wet’suwet’en are all fronts for shutting down all mineral and resource extractions that compete with our southern neighbors. All of those mentioned are in one way or another connected to the Tides Foundation as well as to the NDP.

All of the above also support secretly support eco-terrorism, and using aboriginals to reach their objectives. Additionally they work hand in hand with the Sierra Club BC, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace Canada, The Nature Trust of BC, RAVEN Respecting Aboriginal Values & Environmental Needs, Wilderness Committee, Pacific Wild and the lists of groups are endless all backing each other, many funded by Tides, and or using taxpayer money by way of tax free donations, working with political parties like the NDP and Green Party.

Like incest most members belong to multiple groups to appear as larger numbers, despite actually being a MINORITY of BC Citizens, however being highly organized to intentionally appear to look like a majority.

These so call friends of our environment get help not only by way of funding,  the Tides Foundation also funds script writers, these writers “put the fear of God into you” in regards to the death of our planet, our salmon, or wildlife. The sky is falling fear campaigns, all part of the support eco-terrorists get while those who fund them (Americans)  are out of harms way.

Rich enough to drive electric cars, they tell all of us to get off fossil fuels while jet setting using more oil and gas than the average citizen. Most of us work for a living and could never afford to buy organic.

If I was not writing to protect our way of life in the Bulkley Valley, I today I would have been writing to you about protecting our barn swallows that are in serious danger. We still have our pristine lakes, rivers and forests, we still did not build even one pipeline, the protestors are still saying they need to protect our environment for our children, so by their standards, we do not have a problem. All of the swan songs about protection our environment and right under their noses species at risk disappear, they neither know nor care.

There is not a single organization listed above that is even aware of the plight of barn swallows, but they sure want us to give up oil, while they use it to drive everywhere to protest.

Barn swallows are disappearing, and doing so in massive numbers, but who gives a shit, because the subject matter is stopping pipeline. So unless we can use these birds as an excuse to stop the pipeline they do not care.

We could replace all use of coal with natural gas, making for much cleaner air for bugs and birds, but who cares, it’s all about the OIL the AMERICANS don’t want us put on the market.

The protestors that hit the streets have become the cover for something much worse and more dangerous, given the chance they resort to violent crimes. Everything is hidden behind two primary blinds to throw off the public, the one is aboriginals, the other is protecting nature or water, but they are coverups for real intentions, excuses to turn political protests into organized destruction or violence, all with the end goal of destroying the lives of Canadians by undermining our police and government.

In a nutshell, nothing about the environment, it is about protecting American oil from Canadian competition.. Have you ever seen a headline from any of these groups praising “Syncrude opens more pasture space for wood bison herd” Never, they do not give a damn about the environment, the goal is to crush the structure of our nation, a quest for anarchy.

Wood bison graze reclaimed land at Syncrude operations north of Fort McMurray on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018. Laura Beamish/Fort McMurray Today/Postmedia Network

They all hide behind aboriginal rights to get away with living 100% at the expense of the working Canadians, they contribute nothing other than deadbeat expenses to society. We need to pass laws to put these people in jail, we are being attacked from within and we have not written laws to protect us from these evil people.

Sadly the press are so afraid of being called racist, that they are often guilty of giving equal opportunity to push their propaganda, even without their verifying facts. All too often the press would prefer a fight to peace; it provides the headlines they need to sell their advertisements. The age old argument is their opinion is as important as the rest of ours.

People really need to read “Animal Farm by George Orwell. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  In this book Man is the only creature that consumes without producing just like environmentalists.


Like in the book Animal Farm, these protest groups want to have the most and contribute the least.

In reference to the title of this article, the people of the Bulkley Valley need to be aware there are some extremely unwelcome elements being drawn into our valley, and those guilty of this problem want the people of Smithers to respect them, they want us to support them, and play the roles of victims, but do nothing to keep terrorists out of our towns. I am referring to the Office of Wet’suwet’en and their band of illegitimate chiefs.

They secretly welcome, even to the point of funding, then close their eyes to bringing in known terrorists, as well as defend attacks on our local police, even if those police are First Nations by birthright, publicly cursing them, yelling at them, calling them pigs and every derogatory term they can get away with.

These chiefs who always want to command respect from our town councils, our politicians, from the general public, reward people like Molly, Freda, and their entourage, who encourage verbal assaults on police officers. They claim to be the victims, while on Facebook bragging about how they insult police. See our Uni-Hooligan Page (Unist’ot’en Hooligans) They did so in the lies they told to the United Nations, making not just the people of our community look bad but also our police.

The Office of Wet’suwet’en should have its permits revoked and be shut down unless it stops disrespecting our laws, our police and our courts. If these chiefs are going to endorse anarchy they should be rejected as criminal element in the Town of Smithers.

Respect must be a two way street, they cannot expect our respect if they in turn show no respect, and in the last year have shown considerable disrespect to both aboriginal elders as well as local elders, using derogatory terms to slander our pioneers, to date our town counsel did nothing to stand up for our community.

THIS is a problem that did not exist when they opened the office in Smithers, this problem did not exist under the chiefs who presented their claims to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Delgamuukw land claims case. Those chiefs were respectable, but the people that replaced them have some very serious moral and ethical problems.

These chiefs are using tax payer dollars to create this a racist problem, they intentionally incite racism, they lie, cheat, steal, plant false evidence, in order to get aboriginal support. They are doing their best to try undermine all aboriginal bands who want to improve the quality of life, because these chiefs thrive best under ignorance and poverty.


Terrorists like Coady Plamu Jipol, from Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia who is a Mi’kmaq indian coming here to stop the LNG pipeline, while his own people signed LNG contracts with Bear Head LNG in Nova Scotia.

Coady Plamu Jipol cutting down trees to obstruct justice, breaking laws, setting illegal fires between the two protestor camps.

Yet here we are, with so call locals who expect respect, sending funds to bring in criminals like this. He did not arrive on his own dime, this is thanks to the Office of Wet’suwet’en who endorsed all the actions of blockaders. The don’t care even care if you’re here from hard core prisons, your welcome on the blockade, and wonder why police come armed.

Then you have the Office of Wet’suwet’en crying to the press about militarized police.

Coady Plamu Jipol was one of the protestors at the illegal blockade at the 44 kilometer junction on the Morice Lake Forest Service Road south of Houston. He was one of the terrorists lighting fires and illegally cutting down trees on the road between this camp and the one at the Morice River Bridge. Aside from falling trees, he was intentionally obstructing justice a criminal offense. This guy as no connection to the Bulkley Valley at all, comes here to stop the benefits to the people here, while doing nothing about the LNG line his own people are approving.  Scumbags like him belong in jail, they are terrorists stealing the future of all Canadians by blocking the largest project Canada has ever seen.

This thug teaches others how to resist (break the law) how to defy police and or Canadian authority. He uses our democracy, our freedom of speech, to deny Canadians of their rights, and our society is stupid enough to allow him to speak at the Simon Frazer University, teaching students the art of breaking the law. Lying through his teeth when he is opposed to everything his own people are fighting for. He talks about his kids, another deadbeat dad playing the fiddle of caring dad. Somehow most of these protestors think getting a woman pregnant means they are a caring dad.

Capitol police officers take an anti-Trump protestor to the crowd before taking Anton Bueckert into custody during a clash between pro and anti-Trump supporters.

Another thug approved by the Office of Wet’suwet’en is Anton Bueckert, who was arrested for assaulting a police officer at the 44 kilometer junction (Gitdumden checkpoint) under the guidance of Molly Wickham. Remember the Office of Wet’suwet’en rewarded Molly who is not even Wet’suwet’en by birth with a new “title” in a recent ceremony.

Anton Bueckert is already a known terrorist, “They brought in pepper spray and tasers, and went after anyone with a Trump sign,” said Sandra Trater, a supporter of President Trump.

“A Minnesota State Trooper observing the crowd from the west staircase saw Bueckert spray several people with tear gas. Bueckert then ran up the stairs to the second floor. About 30 seconds later, the trooper saw Bueckert “run back down the stairs, pushing through the crowd and punching people at the bottom of the stairs.” The trooper grabbed Bueckert and placed him under arrest. Bueckert resisted the arrest and the trooper later discovered he suffered a broken thumb from the struggle.”

In yet another incident “Quebec judge compares pipeline protester’s mindset to terrorists in Paris

“Two years ago Brabant and Anton Bueckert chained themselves to a section of pipeline belonging to Enbridge’s Line 9 – a 40-year-old network of pipelines running crude from Ontario into Quebec.

This piece of human trash was also here on the dime of our local Office of Wet’suwet’en.

Office of Wet’suwet’en has used undesirable humans to do their dirty work for them, these people are a threat to our democracy, they are in their own way, terrorists trying to destroy our way of life. They have no respect for our government, no respect for our law, its high time the Office of Wet’suwet’en took responsibility for their actions, and if not they should be shown the door out of Smithers.

The list goes on and on, this is a list of scum the Office of Wet’suwet’en needs to take responsibility for. We only covered 2 out of this large contingent of terrorists.

The town of Smithers needs to serve its citizens, it cannot cater to the Office of Wet’suwet’en and close a blind eye to what they are doing. Sadly off record most of the town council supports these anarchists, as most of them have ties to the above mentioned so called environmental organizations who are all linked to Tides Canada, even out major was an activist working for the Sierra Club.

Almost every member of the BC Legislature is a member of one or more organizations trying to undermine or shut down all resource jobs in BC.


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