Wet’suwet’en marked CMT (culturally modified tree)

Claim; A Wet’suwet’en marked CMT (culturally modified tree) with CGL right of way ribbon over top of it. CMTs generally mark heavily used traditional trails. This picture was taken deep in Tsayu territory.

Heavily used traditional trails, the only people using these trails in the last decade or so are local hikers, forestry technicians, and pipeline surveyors. There is nothing the proves the tree was culturally modified, someone, maybe with a chainsaw, cut off a branch, this could be a cut that is likely less than a decade old, and mostly likely done on a previous pipeline survey. Deep in Tsayu territory is also a stretch its only 8 kilometers from where you enter claimed Tsayu territory, to where they exit it outside of Wet’suwet’en claimed territory.

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