Social Media Terrorism

Today making hay with the pretext of helping First Nations, anarchists seduce First Nations with the very best technology and funding to get “their” message out there.

Eco Colonialism or “Red Washing” seeks to use First Nations to lead the way for their objectives, once that is done First Nations are left high and dry to solve the problems that were created. Most of the major players are front line in every protest Canada has, not to help First Nations but to undermine Canadian society they want to control.

It’s no wonder governments of the day have to ignore millions of screaming Canadians demonstrating against everything. It’s no longer a few very important issues, now it’s everything, and everything bad is someone else’s fault and the taxpayer must foot the costs of your protest.

The only solution is for goverment to ignore the screams of a loud minority, and proceed anyways.

The hoodlums are the same people who always come out to every protest and try turn it into a riot.

For decades I have been a strong environmentalist, fighting to save pristine wilderness, our wildlife, our natural songbirds, but the movements out there that claim to defend our environment really scare the hell out of me. Logic, reason, sanity, cool heads, decent conversations, all out the window for today’s screaming lunatics that want to bring the world to a screeching halt.

Social Media now is “Judge, Jury, and Hangman” all wrapped up in one, and even mainstream media spends more time listening to these hoodlums than doing independent homework. Even they are guilty as hell of headlining “He said She said” as opposed to digging for the truth.

Years ago colonialism was the primary factor that drove what we now call First Nations into poverty, today Eco-Colonialism hijacked almost every aboriginal protest group out there, and most are anarchists hijacking First Nations trying to get a civilized foothold in today’s economy.

“Chaos! Smoke, bombs, and screams of terror permeate the crowded street. The anarchists are at it again” is a line out of headline news in 1894, over 100 years ago, and when you read about First Nations in the press today, it looks like history coming full circle.

Everything is “red washed” meaning that to make it evil you find a way to make it anti aboriginal, be it women’s rights, gay rights, black lives, occupy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, marijuana, hydro power, building anything bigger than a house, roads, highways, gas prices, transit systems, hospitals, doctors, nurses, food costs, garbage disposal, plastic, clean water, and you name it, just made it look like it’s an attack on red skin “red washed” and you get a wave of sympathy intended as part of Canadian acceptance in regards to what First Nations have gone through.

Radicals under the guise of First Nations receive full page endorsements from the likes of miss anti everything Susan Sarrandon. She is so wealthy, but does she share any of her wealth with the poorest aboriginals?

It was social media that screamed about violence at the Gitumden blockade,  yet anyone who walks Eastside Vancouver would suggest it was more like a walk in Disneyworld compared to the violence that is a part of the normal life in Eastside.

In reality to be really accurate about the arrests at the blockade, they was less physical confrontation by police than there is in the average wrestling competition at a junior level. A few male aboriginals resisted arrest and were put on the ground to handcuff, a very minor incident.

Yet the talk today about how many members of the blockade are severely traumatized, the worst trauma they encountered was the cold weather.

Seriously after what they were posting online about how inept the RCMP are outside of their normal working conditions slipping and sliding in the snow, and now that they had to face our weather and roads you would show them down? You think the rest of the world cannot read what you were saying about the RCMP?

Is traumatized the new word for how embarrassed you were that you held the line for less than two minutes? I would not have said that but for the ridiculous comment about being traumatized.

Using lines like ““violence towards Indigenous peoples” is blatant lie, but then with anarchists, the truth is simply a casualty of war. If you want to be honest about violence, come live on the reserve for a while.

The truth was hijacked by a bunch of “shit disturbers, putting it in simple farm language”

Some of you do not get it, what our fathers and grandfathers have done and failed to do, and you want to repeat history. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Many of these ridiculous remarks were sucked up and reposted on Dini Ze Smogelgem Facebook page, that he closed due to glaring evidence, that he has no regard for truth or respect for the law.

Look at the comments made on the Unistoten Camp or their Facebook page, where it seems the only people that have a licence to make racist comments are their followers. It says a lot about backbone and character of these people.

Warner Naziel calls himself a Hereditary Chief, but never corrected a single instance of racist comments, by his own supporters. Many posts he made himself were linked to the Eco Colonialist anarchist online media and or online radicals.

Warner Naziel’s name does not even appear on list of  The Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs

Without question Warner Naziel is in large part the brainchild of the Unistoten camp, yet he does not even belong to that clan, he hijacked it for his own personal agenda. Warner Naziel is a co-founder of this protest camp and the healing center is justification to maintain the protest presence.

The Healing Center was not created by Wet’suwet’en  to help aboriginal people, it was not even the brain child of Unistoten elders, it was the brainchild of the principle protestors to legitimize the protest camp. Warner Naziel narrates how he was behind building it, and he is not even of the Unistoten clan.

It was only after he was named in a lawsuit that he made statements saying he was withdrawing from the protest group.

The above video was posted to YouTube on Jun 17, 2014, the two collaborators. “The province and the federal goverment is illegal.” “We are more skilled in the wilderness than they are” “Our numbers are quite high, indigenous people probably outnumber settler people, so you can gaurantee if there is an uprising in one community…..”

The facts however are in the 2016 census, Aboriginal peoples in Canada are only 4.9% of the national population.

The Unistoten Camp also has many links to anarchist support. It begs of asking the question of where is the leadership of aboriginal Hereditary Chiefs. Do they welcome behavior that is like delinquent children that we have to forgive due to so called justified anger?  Is the rest of society supposed to close our eyes to the poison being screamed out, and shoulder the blame for every problem they encounter?

Canadians wanting to build our nation have nothing to fear from most First Nations groups, what they do need to fear is First Nations selling out to Eco Terrorists from all over the world. Left mostly unsaid is its origin also happens to come from the USA where Canadians (aboriginals included) are about to compete with Americans for the natural gas market.

The Americans have good reason to help out Social Media Terrorists

I do hope Chief Namoks (John Ridsdale) who seems to be left publicly holding the bag on this Unist’ot’en vs Canada, as the spokesman for the Wet’suwet’en stops and looks at the bigger picture.

Is he willing to tear down decades of building trust with neighboring communities? And if so over what? The Office of the Wet’suwet’en got dragged into the Unist’ot’en agenda  as its clear they neither started or wanted to be part of it, will it become their Achilles heel?

If the definition of colonialism is the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically, then the demand to Decolonize is the opposite, taking all control of Canada away from anyone that is not aboriginal. That means dividing Canada into 634 nations with each clan heading its own goverment.

We know that cannot an will not happen, so we MUST agree on a compromise that creates everlasting peace inside our nation.

Recommended watch…. video on Facebook.

Thank You RCMP!

In a country like Canada, that's blessed to be counted as one of the most robust and respected democracies in the world, illegal blockades and economic terrorism are NEVER an appropriate response.The pipeline in question (natural gas) has been approved by the federal and provincial governments, a majority of First Nation bands along the pipeline route and the BC Supreme Court. Let's get this thing built!

Posted by Aaron Gunn on Saturday, January 12, 2019


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