Eggs : Not All They’re Cracked Up To Be

To the editor,


Cracked Eggshell

I know this is not as important as most of the articles posted on this site, but my problem is not knowing who to complain to. I am not that rich I can afford to buy the most expensive eggs so I settle for the normal ones.

The problem I am having with eggs from both Foremost and Daybreak farms is that my family enjoys boiled eggs, but the shells are so thin that they often crack before they are boiled, or during the boiling process.

Even using them for baking is a nightmare as shells are so thin they break up too much, then you’re stuck removing all the broken pieces. There was a time when giving chickens supplemental calcium to insure shells were strong enough, is that rule gone now?

It seems as long as they make the sale, nobody cares anymore.
Please remove my name from this letter, and thank you if you post this.

Mrs. G

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