No violence occurred at Wet’suwet’en blockade

I am very disappointed in the mainstream press for failing or fearing to tell the truth, by simply not talking about what really did happen at the blockade. We are not taking the side of police or industry, we are taking the side of truth, that’s it, its only the truth that matters here.

Let’s take it from the top, from footage shot by one of their own blockaders and posted publicly on Facebook. We have seen numerous edited version created by self-professed anarchists, that get recirculated by supporters of the blockade.

After police liaison officers failed to get an agreement to allow removal of the blockade, officers very politely ask blockaders to stand back, watch the footage.

Sabina Dennis, not even a member of the Wet’suwet’en nation, screaming her lungs out, much louder and more vocal than local residents, who were verbally communicating with police officers. In the eyes of some it might make sense but I fear the average Canadian would shake their head at this ridiculous tirade.  Even more crazy is the locals that in a more subdued way followed her lead.


In the next segment from the same video, once again you see Sabina Dennis yelling and screaming as if this blockade belonged to her. Meanwhile police politely continue to work on the gate. You see locals asking police to stop, not yelling, but asking. Sabina Dennis is the one in the striped fur coat.

From another camera inside the blockade that show the normal procedure of attesting a person who resists arrest. The complete ordeal was over in a few minutes, those trying to stop police were taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Then watch the rest of the footage where police politely let the women chant, Molly leading,  and then walk away with two RCMP officers for refusing to obey the court order.
No violence, just a peaceful arrest.

From start to finish police this is the so  called violence that occurred, all in less than 2 minutes.

The so called elder that was arrested and later released was a caucasian woman by the name of Karmen, who was already working with the original protestors back in 2012.

Unis’tot’en protest outside of the Royal Bank, Karmen handing out information leaflets in 2012-11-27

All this talk about violence is by anarchists to whip up emotions to create more violence in the streets across Canada.

The good news is that the Hereditary chiefs had the good common sense to see that they were not going to win this round, that at the end of the day they would have to submit to the authority of the courts, and may I add, whether anyone likes it or not.

Some of the chiefs complained about the violence that occurred here, the truth is there is little they can do about the daily violence between clan members within Witest itself. It was not that long ago when one young Wet’suwet’en man was murdered by a fellow aboriginal in Smithers, violence is still the number one problem that aboriginals inflict on each other.

Getting arrested happens a whole lot more than the chiefs would like to admit to in Witset, but they never complain about the violence of police officers coming to their aid using the same method to deal with resisting arrest. To this day RCMP are still working on the death of Jessica Patrick, we still do not know why she is dead.

We need unity, but it won’t happen unless both sides start using respect for the others, and that does not mean you get everything your own way. Most of all we cannot allow outsiders to hijack what happens in our local communities, especially not known anarchists.


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