House Cats – The Cuddly Killer

If you think climate change is imminent, the loss of millions of birds is a daily reality already. Cats are the largest cause of bird mortality annually both in Canada and the USA, it’s a documented fact.

How many of you would dare to suggest anything about restricting cat freedoms, like to the inside of owners homes without risking some family or friends hating you for life by suggesting it, saying anything against cats ranks somewhere near gang rape based on the reactions of some cat owners. Politicians for decades and still do fear to tread into cat domain for fear of losing their votes.

Cat owners are among the world’s most radical defenders of these feline beasts, many could make religious fanatics look tame by comparison. Even if you knew how to end world hunger, or make world peace, you’re done if you cross cat owners.

So I will go where no man fears to tread!

I am not going to shy away from a much overdue conversation, its time cats were put back on a leash where they belong.

We are a nation full of hypocrites doing our war cries in defense of our environment, but close our eyes to cats.

We cry out at how much land is being taken from our environment, with no regard for wildlife or birds, but close our eyes to cats.

We demand dog owner leash their dogs (mussel some of them) and charge a license fee to keep them, but close our eyes to cats.

We do a song and dance every year called the annual bird count where we lament the loss of birds due to everything, but close our eyes to cats.

You might love growing flowers, planting bulbs and end up wasting your money because some people think their cats are entitled rip up your plants and bulbs to shit in your yard, so they won’t have to clean their kitty litter box.

“Responsible conservationists are urging owners to keep their cats inside, saying this could help save 200 million birds each year in Canada alone. That figure comes from a 2013 study published by Environment Canada scientists in the Avian Conservation and Ecology journal, which lists cats as the number one killer of birds in Canada.

In a social media site a woman was lamenting how drivers would not slow down for her cat on the road. When I asked this lady (aboriginal) why are you allowing your cat to leave your house, there was almost a jihad moment by her and her peers. It’s not just a problem in the so called colonial cities and towns, it’s also on the reserves where they often proclaim to be the leaders in environmental protection. In this case correct, they took the leadership role. (Dogs, cats on 3 B.C. reserves sterilized in feral fight) but that was a long time ago, and the numbers once again creep upwards.



Canada’s wild bird populations are estimated to have declined about 12 per cent in the last 40 years, with some populations decreasing by over 95 per cent. “

Or read this article Estimated Number of Birds Killed by House Cats in Canada

Blancher estimates that cats kill between 100 million and 350 million birds per year in Canada, 38% of those by pet cats, and the rest by feral cats. It is important to note that Blancher arrived at these figures by studying data from other countries, and that the number of feral cats is, in Blancher’s words, “very crudely estimated.” As he goes on to note, “Until data are available from well-designed studies representing various regions and rural/urban situations in Canada, it will be difficult to be much more definitive. Current estimates would be most improved with better knowledge of feral cat numbers and the prey they take. Data on predation rates by pet cats in Canada would also be very helpful.

Sum it all up and in a nutshell, its time we stopped treating cats like we were talking about the holy grail. Simple make cat owners face the truth about their predators, and make them all have a license as dogs do. Can you imagine the outcry if dogs killed as many birds as cats do?

Get over your obsession with cats, the are NOT more important than our bird population. Cats caught outside of a home should be euthanized if its not wearing a name tag with an owner’s phone number on it. And cats that are licensed and on the loose, their owners should get the same fine as you or I would for killing a song bird.

Ferrel cats should be humanly put down, we do not solve anything by allowing them to live, but we do extreme damage to nature. Domestic cats are not natural predators, they are unnatural killers.

End of rant…..


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