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“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

I really did not want to get involved in speaking on the current state of affairs in the Philippines, but for the love of justice, and love of country, and because of interference from outside of the Philippines by way of the United Nations and the United States of America, I feel obligated to speak up.

Most likely cause of death was his supplier's fear of getting caught by police.

Most likely cause of death was his supplier’s fear of getting caught by police.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

If your one of millions out there wondering why Filipinos are giving President Duterte the highest level of confidence rating in its history, while simultaneously be accused by United Nations, and Amnesty International of being complicit in a bloodbath of selective government endorsed killings, without a shred of evidence, maybe there is fire where there is smoke.

Could it be time to ask that dreaded question, “Who do drug lords not own, other than everyone who prospered under previous government administrations?” Are both the United Nations and Amnesty International catering to the drug cartels? There are hundreds of rumors outside of the Philippines that such is true, is this proof that it might indeed be true?

Why do people listen to interpretations of what Duterte says, if you have a brain, you don’t have to repeat what his opponents say, listen to what he says, the words out that came out of his mouth, fault him for what he says wrong, not for what others say he said was wrong. Are you able to listen and actually make an informed decision on your own? When you watch the video, was it fear, or cowardice on the part of the American journalist, when he set the stage by suggesting his question would get shut down?



What makes my stomach churn the most is that folks who are the most guilty of corruption under previous administrations are also the ones who are the first to scream words like dictator, and extrajudicial killings, trying desperately to get the public to brand Duterte with the cross of Marcos.

They are also the ones who remain loyal to keeping the Philippines enslaved to its master servant role to the United States of America. They are using the brutality of history, the legacy of Ferdinand Marcos to hang onto the drug empire the Philippines became under the subservience of the USA. Listen to what Duterte really says, don’t be a fool and crucify the very people God may be sending to save your country.

The single greatest threat against plundering the Philippines lies in keeping it corrupt! - JLS

Let’s get the facts on the table.

When you use the term “extrajudicial killings”, then you have “MUST” have credible evidence that the government and Duterte are complicit in illegal murder. Or your merely parroting hearsay propaganda.

There is NO other definition, your either going to use the rule of law (facts over hearsay evidence) or you are going to use propaganda, those are the only two swords in play, there are no other variables.

If the United Nations has any credibility at all, it should present evidence, or shut up, and stop making a fool out of the United Nations and everything it represents, the same goes for Amnesty International an organization I have strongly supported but as of now, I will never send a dime their way again unless they apologies for accusations made entirely out of line with justice and or truth.

I have been watch closely at what everyone has been saying, in particular the press and comments made by Filipino politicians. But unlike the media, I look at what they actually said vs what the media has been doing, reporting what they feel Duterte meant to have said.

It would be fair to say that the media who fought tooth and nail to prevent Duterte from winning the last election, and considering that an unprecedented 576,176 pusher-addicts have surrendered to police and barangay stations, and 150 officials were called out by name for alleged links to the drug trade, along with 18 mayors and 31 police officials. Its hard to believe the media themselves are not complicit with the drug trade rather than applauding how one man was able to produce so much positive change in less than 50 days in office.

I am sure Filipinos all over the world see how pathetic the media is when you read the comments under articles written by Inq7 or by Rappler, or any that media that allow comments, because they reflect what all Filipinos know, that when you allow criminals to run a country for the last 100 years, then it’s going to be a bloodbath when you cut their rights to power.

It makes me wonder when drug lords will give the order to media to remove comments, because the comments support President Duterte and what he is doing. The bloodbath is a result of those who bear arms against a just government, they would get same treatment in any western nation, they get shot for resisting arrest.

When you have millions that need to be arrested, is it any shock at all many will die fighting to insure they won’t go to jail? The United States claimed 2 years ago there may be as many as 3 million citizens  involved in the drug trade of the Philippines.  If there is a blood bath or cleansing blame it on the previous administrations for leave so much scum out on the streets!

Are the people in the media blind or committed to not see that drug lords will also wage a war of their own, on everyone who could testify against them, why won’t the media, or those who claim to care, take that into consideration?

The world needs to know that when you have  over half a million drug addicts out there, some will die in the effort to bring this country back from the grim situation it was in at the end of the last administrations term.

Everyone who lives here knows the entire system from president down to the lowest elected position all earn more in bribes than wages, likewise so were the police and damn never every government employee. Every Filipino I have ever met is unanimous in comments that the Philippines is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, they are sick of it, fed up with it, they simply refused to listen to the lies they have been fed for generations, its why the nation elected a man who was going to actually do something about it, now its time to step aside and let him do his job.

If the people who elected him want him out, only then should the media be there for the people, and stop being so subservient to those who want to destroy the Philippines.

The United Nations owes the Filipino people the right to determine their own future.

Aug 29th 2016 Update

I found this quote in a Japan Times Editorial today.

“Frustration is understandable. According to the U.N., the Philippines in 2012 had the highest rate of methamphetamine use in East Asia. The Philippine police chief estimates that there are 3.7 million drug users in his country. The drug trade in 2013 was reckoned to be worth $8.4 billion. Between 2010 and 2015, 623 government officials and employees were arrested for drug-related offenses, or about one person every two days. More than 6,000 anti-drug operations have been conducted nationwide.”

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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