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Since July 1, the PNP has implemented ‘Oplan Tokhang’ and ‘Oplan Double Barrel’ as its ground components of the Duterte Administration’s campaign against drug abuse.

In 6 months, here are the numbers:

5,128,569 houses were visited.
38,193 raids or operations conducted,

Total number of drug users/pushers/gang members involved at 951,278 or about a MILLION drug-addled Filipinos.

Broken down further, the numbers are:

40,932 who were ARRESTED and are ALIVE
2,102 who were KILLED.

Repeat, out of the MILLION drug addicts targeted or identified, 2,102 were killed. For the sake of argument, let’s add the 4,000 who were killed by unknown assailants or vigilantes, or rogue elements. So the total kill list is at 6,102.

6,102 out of 951,278 is less than 1 percent (0.06)

99% are ALIVE!

Repeat, 99% of the drug addicts that were identified, targeted or involved in the anti-drug campaign ARE ALIVE!

We therefore wonder why is it that too much attention is given to the less than one percent, so much so that this country is being put to bad light by international media?

And don’t get me started with numbers of the previous administration. I will just give a hint — there is a STAGGERING DISPARITY between what was accomplished in 6 years versus what was done in 6 months!

As Sass Rogando Sasot mentioned earlier, Mar Roxas led drug seizures worth P7B in 3 years of his term as DILG. From July to September of this year, the admin seized drugs worth P12B.


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