Feb 242017

For the most part I am really not a cellphone addict or even much of a cellphone user, but it seemed to me that while I am in the Philippines it would make more sense to support the local economy, and buy local so to speak. I did learn that this more affordable cellphone is very popular here in the Philippines, however after buying one for a local citizen I was shocked to learn it comes with a non stop set of full screen advertising.

More puzzling was that these ads were not targeting China, or the USA, but these were all ads for Philippine products sold here in the Philippines, so clearly there is collusion between these companies and Cherry Mobile.

The model we happened to buy was not even on their low end phones, but somewhere in the middle, it was a brand new unopened box Flare J5

We were considering bringing the phone back, however I wanted to know what was going on, obviously if you buy a phone outright, its fraud to include built in advertising without notice to a customer that its part of the deal.

I downloaded the following app and recommenced all Mobile Cherry users do the same thing. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile After running this app it found 8 built in Trojans, it deleted 4 of them, but the other 4 are protected by Cherry Mobile, in the end the best we could do was shut them down, and problem soved, no more ads almost every 15 minutes 24/7

How could anyone ever consider that this company has any integrity at all when it build Trojans into their cell phones?

Planted Trojans on Cherry Mobiles.

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