Aug 122017

Reading recently about how Vancouver police intend to take this noise seriously, yeah right! What a joke “a ticket of $109, plus three points.”  Its easier to get busted for having a tiny dog on your lap than it is to see one of thousands of bikes and trucks busted, not only are they too loud, but they make an added effort to be even louder.

Police? Do they have shares in LOUD mufflers?

Is it a prerequisite for police to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to these perpetrators?

When you talk to these bikers they pass on the perpetrated myth that having a loud bike is what saves their lives. Pure bullshit because science has already proven that the only people who will hear it are the ones behind them in traffic, not those ahead. Just do a quick Google scan on the words “loud mufflers save lives” and you will quickly realize this myth really loves to get around.

The truth is these riders, both trucks, cars and motorbikes with bored out mufflers “illegal by the way” are not a lot different than those punks with hair painted looking like brightly corrode parts from the Amazon. They make noise in an effort to piss people off, its their middle finger saying listen to this, this is MEEEEEEE suck it up society.

Funny how the RCMP seem to love theses antics so much they never can see them or hear them, while home owners shake their heads, pay more taxes, for a service forum police they do not get.

Are you all that afraid of bikers and truckers that you don’t have the courage to act on these loud imbeciles? Would their rights be so severely violated if they rode quietly?

Seriously its time police got their heads out of the mothballs and do what they are paid to do, namely maintain law and order.

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