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“JLS - Reporting from overseas”


Crazy title right? Well it is my intention to draw your attention first of all to the fact many humans, citizens of the Philippines, get treated much worse than most dogs in the western or so called first world countries, so keep that in mind as I share my feelings with you about what I see here in the Philippines.

Walking, I don’t know about all of you readers, but I am at that age where I have to walk in order to keep my heart healthy and keep my blood circulating, and in doing so I see many things that range from making me cringe to making my blood boil.

Today on my walk with my own dogs, I met many other dog owners who also walk their dogs or the other way around. (As I do every day) However I could not help but cringe when I saw a lady maybe in her 50’s or 60’s walking two dogs, one walking almost sideways cowering to the ground every step it took, like it was off to the meat market to be butchered, it was very very scared, while she dragged it along holding a 6 foot long stick, probably used for beating the dog into a frenzy.

Speaking out to these people is not a very smart move if you value your life here, sad stamen of the condition of society when you have to admit that.

Walking my dogs has become something I loathe here, but need to keep it up to stay alive. I walk past houses that have raised steel cages and dogs in them, the dogs will lose all their food and water if they step on their dishes, and only God knows when they will get to eat and drink again. Most dogs have empty dishes bouncing around as the dogs go into a frenzy, every time they see people walking by.

One dog got loose and threatened to bite us one afternoon, the next time I will bring the bear mace if it ever tries that again, but really it’s the abuse dog owner that should be maced.

Many properties owned by rich people, people with way more money than I have, own pitbulls, dobermans and other purebred dogs that would be better off dead than suffering in the insane heat, covered in lice, and hardly ever experiencing the love of a dog owner, many are simply living alarm bells for their owner.

Then there are your dog owners who don’t want to clean up their dogs shit, so they let them loose to run around and shit in other people’s yards and in front of their homes, this morning I had such walking to within 6 feet of my door and shitting there, because it had short grass.

Let’s not end this without also putting in a special mention to all the expats who live here within the gated community I am staying, and there are a lot of them. It’s so nice that you can walk your dogs every morning, and let them shit in front of other people’s houses, piles double the size of human shit, and you just smile knowing it won’t have to be removed from your yard.

Maybe you won’t mind if residents here, pick up your dog shit and return it to your front yard?

Doggy poop bags here are as unknown as snowstorms and about as likely to happen here, poop is just someone else’s problem. Nobody care if children on their wat to school step or fall in it, were in a world where you don’t give a shit about your neighbors.

OK, time for another coffee, I feel better for having got that off my chest. I will not post photos that might identify where I am at any given time while I am in the Philippines, after all a human life sells for less the 100 dollars USD by some desperate people. No point in getting shot while you’re on holidays.

Thanks for having taken the time to read what I have shared with you,  
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