Pipeline Blockaders and the RCMP

Victims or Aggressors?


Playing both sides of the coin, many of the blockaders want both the money a gullible public only too willing to send to them, and sitting on the inside, negotiating with the province on matters of land claims. “Unist’ot’en not joining hereditary chiefs’ provincial reconciliation” Yet with 2 million dollars to spend in discussions both Freda and Warner Naziel will be paid for their attendance to attend something they told supporters they refuse to be part of.

For those who were in Prince George, this was likely your share of the 2 million dollars tax payers will be on the hook for, but you know who took the credit for picking up the tab.

The problem is in the real world, off camera these gentle loving protesters, who so desperately want to save humanity from extinction, are about as similar as Disney’s Bambi on camera, and an aggressive pack of wolves off camera.

It’s all about the money, years ago those who controlled the purse string in Moricetown, wanted nothing to do with off reserve Wet’suwet’en, inclusive of reserves not in Moricetown.

They stripped the aboriginal rights from the very people whose land they now want as their own.

So much so that they refused aboriginal rights to their own people, they stripped the Wet’suwet’en families who lived in Houston, and in the very places they now want to claim as theirs, the Morice watershed, they stippled their members of Wet’suwet’en status.

There are a number of wealthy logging operators, who hail out of Moricetown, made their fortunes, yet the families that lived in Houston never saw a dime of that money. It was the poverty that became a root cause of suicide, alcoholism, and drug addiction for many Wet’suwet’en, while others were able to take their kids to Disneyland.

This sounds more like colonial corporatism than a nation of people that watch out for each other. (Yet as chiefs it does not seem to matter)

These are the same people that the OWC are now catering to and pretending they care, all on the dime of the tax payers, something this NDP Government has yet to figure out is this will not buy them the next vote.

They used grants intended for the entire community, invested it in logging companies, and loaded families pockets instead of helping the community. Yes you can pretend you do it to provide jobs, but where did the lucrative dollars go? Just look who has the expensive trucks, quads, and houses.

People like Adam Gagnon who subcontracted to, the Office of Wet’suwet’en though a sideline company they created called WEL, that made millions of dollars from 2002 to 2005, it sure would be good to audit the books to see where the money somehow melted away like spring snows.

No wonder we have such a dire need to replace the Office of Wet’suwet’en with a new clean body like the Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition.

While camp blockaders up on the Morice condemn the settlers for all the logging that took place, then pretending to be gracious enough to allow logging to continue for local sawmills, never mentioned that the contractors were almost all from Moricetown, owned by Moricetown based Wet’suwet’en families.

Here they are parading the damage to pristine forests, blaming Caucasian settlers, while holding the contracts to log them off themselves.

Has anyone wondered why we are no longer seeing Warner Naziel side by side with Freda defending the bridge at the Morice River?

Hard to do when you have your arms around another woman from another province also a full time career shit disturber aka as a career protestor. I can only speculate that it does make sense to have the public pay for their honeymoon cabin at a new location via GoFundme.

People, people, people, its time to start asking question about where all your money is? Demand audited accounts, don’t stop unless you go back a full 50 years to see where all your money went. Look into what chiefs bought the Hereditary Status vs who the rightful family owner should be.

Look at your lineage charts, I am telling you they do NOT add up. You need to protect your families, know the system, or ask experts like the members of the Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition who are among the best experts in the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

That brings me to the next question, when you have leaders, should there not be a base standard for behavior in personal life? How can you be a leader if for example you’re a dead beat dad who jumps from one woman to another leaving kids behind, and not being there for them financially and or emotionally? How can they claim to care about your kids when you see how they treat their own kids?

Are blockades now a new means to avoid paying child support? I am not accusing anyone, I do not need to as all the local people already know what the truth is,  they know who the deadbeat dads are, with or without chiefs feathers, it’s the GoFundMe “DONATION BOX” that is clueless as to where they invest their money.

But hey, let’s not talk about what we see in the mirror; let’s only talk about settler mentality and brutal police that work for corporations to beat us into submission and the evils of CGL.  God forbid anyone check the character background of hooligans.

The RCMP should be commended on their ability to stay calm and collective while these impudent and rude hooligans do their best to harass the RCMP who are there simply to uphold civil law. It’s amazing how on cam they never get caught being belligerent, they simply have a happy hacker cut those segments out.

The footage below was edited by them for maximum fund raising.

RCMP Harassment in Unist'ot'en Territory

SHARE WIDELY – Since our territories were violently invaded by RCMP, Unist’ot’en people and our supporters have been the targets of sustained harassment and intimidation tactics by police and private security. Our vehicles are stopped daily. Our supporters are followed by police vehicles on logging roads and in the nearby town. Our vehicles are targeted, towed, and ticketed without legitimate cause. We are asked repeatedly for our identification without legal pretense or justification. We are threatened with arrest frequently under a variety of false pretenses and imaginary scenarios.Our trappers are blocked from entering or exiting the back country. Our archaeologists are not allowed to watch CGL work, as they bulldoze a site that our ancestors inhabited – where artifacts left by our ancestors have been stolen under RCMP escort. CGL faces no consequences for reckless driving, and police refuse to investigate or charge CGL drivers who film us as they go by. Police treat us as criminals on our own land, steal firewood from our territories, and “patrol” our lands daily, nightly, and without cause.This video depicts a small sample of the type of harassment that we face daily on our territory. This RCMP harassment continues the colonial violence our ancestors faced. RCMP continues to bully, harass, and force us off our territories and onto reservations at gunpoint. We have never given up our rights to these lands. These lands are unceded, sovereign, and Wet’suwet’en.We continue to live on our lands. We continue to drink water from the Wedzin Kwa. We continue to feed ourselves from these lands, to check our traplines, and to operate a healing center in the face of state violence. We continue to resist the daily violence of this illegal occupation. We will not allow our lands to be stolen and destroyed.#WETSUWETENSTRONG #UNISTOTEN #WEDZINKWA #NOTRESPASSSupporter toolkit: https://unistoten.camp/supportertoolkit/Donate to our legal fund: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/unistoten-camp-legal-fund/

Posted by Unist'ot'en Camp on Friday, April 12, 2019


They open with a statement that was a rookie mistake made under pressure, mosly out of duress caused by non stop verbal barrage by Freda, where the officer say “Ya must be frustrating” then using video edit to apply it to a different conversation.

They make every effort to try anger police into doing something they can use against the police, every word that spews out of their mouth are rehearsed they even have training sessions on how to harass the police, in most other nations like Europe, they would simply club them and throw them in jail, I am not saying its what we should do, but by the same token it should be a criminal offense to teach people to harass police officers.

What Freda refers to as criminal activity is road building, creating landings, as Wet’suwet’en contractors are doing for Houston Forest Products. Contracts held in cases by Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs.

The roads are public roads, paid for by BC Citizens, they are also maintained by BC taxpayers, they have always been under the protection of the RCMP as all other roads are. Its these protestors that are new to the territory. Freda talks about OUR land, she grew up in Moricetown and now is laying claim to lands that belong to Houston and area Wet’suwet’en. 90% or more of the members there are NOT Unist’ot’en, most of the time its only Freda, and not the nation, and most certainly not the Gil_seyhu unless you can ignore the rights and title of 99% of the clan.

The most staggering was the accusation of racial profiling against a First Nations RCMP officer. The clients were not clients, they are part of the team of trained hooligans playing major protest roles, and its amazing how smart some people look in other propaganda videos, and who look so sadly stupid when being questioned by police.

For many decades now there was no shortage of money among the Wet’suwet’en people, if it was divided up among all of the people, they problem is as its always been, it ends up in the hands of far too few. I am sure if you had someone who could account for every penny of that 2 million now in the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, most members would shout and scream if they knew how unevenly it gets spread around.

How can men with a history of abuse towards women, neglecting women, become chiefs having any rank at all? Have all the standards of decency been removed? No wonder we have so many women speaking up about the problems inside  the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

Having made that comment, the men that came forward defending them, those should be the leaders we admire among men.


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    All these protesters should be put in a shame feast with there make believe chiefs


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