Oct 022016

“JLS – Reporting from overseas”

As a foreigner watching the senate hearings I was stunned at one portion of the question where De Lima was what in most courtrooms is termed badgering the witness. De Lima has a history of having failed to bring a case against Duterte via the human rights organization years ago.

For those of you who might question the numbers I posted, please start watching this video at the 1 hour mark. I highly suggest you watch Senator Gordon’s speech, or exchange with Dela Rosa, start watching about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark, and listen to whats said. If fact if the whole hearing today is worth watching, it shows how damned stupid the media all over the world is, and how it unjustly is attacking the Philippines, not just Duterte.

I would like everyone to ask themselves, how stupid is the United Nation, and or, US Intelligence, or Obama, unless they are the same thing? These facts were available to the United Nations and the USA prior to their condemnation of the Duterte administration.

Before I write those numbers, everyone has to understand the definition of extrajudicial killings do not require any evidence that the government or government agency, or police are behind the killings, the UN definition is based on the issue of unsolved homicides.

Alan Peter Cayetano made one comment that I won’t quickly forget, namely the difference between the amounts of extrajudicial killings under the Aquino administration are so minimal, that the only reason anyone could go after Duterte about them is his mouth, not his war on drugs.

By United Nations definition, there were 12, 481 extrajudicial killings under then President  Benigno Aquino III in 2015.

By United Nations definition there were 13, 105 extrajudicial killings under then President Benigno Aquino III  in 2014.

By United Nations definition there were 16, 160 extrajudicial killings under then President Benigno Aquino III in 2013.

So seriously is the UN and USA stupid, or vindictive? Are they furious they do not have a puppet to control, or are they protecting the drug trade?

Now in regards to police intentionally murdering drug suspects, here are the actual statistics show only 5% of drug arrests where suspects fight back, is that any worse than any other country in the world, look at the United States statistics.

Out of 23,474 arrested drug suspects, only 1375 died as a result of refusing to surrender, compare that with US statistics, or that of any other country.

These numbers prove that the world’s media is not investigating facts, they simply echo what some ass in the UN says or likewise in the Whitehouse says.

Seriously people, let’s let facts dictate our efforts to defend human rights, let’s not allow human rights to be hijacked in the name of imperialism.

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