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It’s so hidden from the news at a time when gas prices are falling faster than a sinking ship, the BC Utilities Commission approves a rate hike of 1.8% for PNG. They are claiming their costs are going up by 14.5% and want to pass on that loss to the consumers. screenshot_147
This when at the same time they are saying, to you and me,

“Natural gas is a commodity traded on the open market like other commodities such as oil, coffee or lumber. As with most commodities, the price is dictated by supply and demand. When demand is high, the price rises. When supply is high, the price drops.

We buy gas on behalf of our customers and pass the cost of the commodity on without mark up. This means you pay what we pay. We charge for the delivery service, which is how we make our money.”




The LNG price dropped by 50%, so why is our government approving a rate increase?

The LNG price dropped by 50%, so why is our government approving a rate increase?

Considering the price of gas went down close to 50% in 2015 alone, who the hell are the BC Utilities Commission working for?

So now the BC Government is allowing gas companies to pass on their losses, as well as keep their profits from when prices were going through the roof!

It must be good to be a corporation in British Columbia, when you have a government that makes the public its whipping boy.

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