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Why the BC Government? In a nutshell they destroyed more agricultural land in their tenure than all previous governments combined, and who did they sell it too, the same real estate developers who fund all their elections. If we would have protected our food industry rather than allowing China and the USA to produce our food, we would not be having a food price crisis in British Columbia.

Sticker shock, is that how you would describe your last trip to the grocery store? You read it in the press, you say it on store shelves, but are you being had?

It would be fair to say that the press and the commercials they run all lead to it’s “still a bargain” and it’s not a big deal, it’s not even their fault that the prices are going up again.

Wow, as a society were allowing our media to brainwash us, unless you’re too stupid to remember that not long ago, going back in time, way way back to say 7 years ago, or less. Yeah I thought so, your memory does not go that far back right, or worse yet those who claim to be our community leaders are incapable of thinking that far back in the past.

Somehow the mainstream media has no ability to read back at what they told us only a few years ago.

“Gasoline prices were the main factor behind the climb in consumer prices from July 2007 to July 2008,” said Statistics Canada’s report. “Prices at the pump rose 28.6 per cent in the 12 months to July 2008.”

Stripping out gasoline, consumer prices increased by 2.1 per cent in the month, up from the 1.8 per cent 12-month rate of growth in June.

Higher food prices also fuelled inflation. Overall, Canadians experienced a 4.3 per cent rise in food prices. The biggest sticker shock, however, was in bakery products, where prices rose by 13.2 per cent. Prices for other grain-based products – such as breakfast cereal, rice, pasta and flour and flour-based mixes – also edged higher. reference form 2008

“With staples like gas and food prices going up, we expect to see the number of clients increase and we expect that those will be in the working poor area,” said Gail Nyberg, executive director of the Daily Bread Food Bank. “About 28 per cent of the people who use food banks, at least one person in the family is working.”


Wow, you could reprint that today and just switch the words rising gas prices to falling gas prices.

Yesterday they said “How Oil Prices Affect the Price of Food (2011)” meaning that the increased cost of transportation, all done with fuel is causing the price at the store to go up.

Remember this?

“The connection between food and oil is systemic, and the prices of both food and fuel have risen and fallen more or less in tandem in recent years (figure 1). Modern agriculture uses oil products to fuel farm machinery, to transport other inputs to the farm, and to transport farm output to the ultimate consumer. Oil is often also used as input in agricultural chemicals. Oil price increases therefore put pressure on all these aspects of commercial food systems.”

OK are you completely convinced now that rising oil prices are the reason for higher groceries costs?

Now bring in 2015-16 and what are they telling us?


My suggestion is that we switch from using chemical fertilizer and use media bullshit to fertilize all agricultural crops, we seem to have an ever increasing amount of that kind of fertilizer available today.

Today they tell us that due to the falling dollar, falling because of the low price of gas, falling down to where gas prices were in 2011, that its gas prices that are driving our dollar down. Funny how it did not drive the dollar down back then, but its driving our dollar down now.

Funny also that all the excuses they had for jacking up the prices, suddenly don’t even come into the picture with falling gas prices, suddenly the cost of hauling, the cost of fertilizers, have no effect of balancing out the falling dollars effect on groceries prices.

In 2011 the Canadian Dollar was almost par with the US Dollar, now were back down to the same price as OIL was as 2011, and you are blaming OIL prices for the value of the Canadian Dollar, and you’re gouging Canadians again by adding inflation?

This farce called the falling Canadian Dollar, is a way to rob Canadians by taking away their hard earned income and give it away to other nations, in this case to the USA to help pay for their war mongering ways.

It’s the latest rage in excuses to jack up your prices while leaving your income stagnant, even today they announced Wireless rates rise with hikes in internet, home phone ahead.

By the time they are done, our costs will be 30% up, and our incomes 30% down.

As you can see we can’t win, because our governments are not working for the people, they are in collaboration with the thieves who are robbing us.

The BC Liberals are making sure they cash in on us as well with increased charges for everything they can control, from Hydro, Medicare, and fees for every government service that we already own.

Part One - BC Medicare
Part Two - BC Hydro
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Part Four - BC Home Heating LNG

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